The richest man in the magic city

Section [263] Are you not very cow?

Although it is impossible, but in the heart, I feel that the silk is bored, I always feel that it is wrong. It seems that there seems to have a pair of eyes peeking with you in the dark.

The man really stood up and checked.

However, there is no. It should be too angry that can lead to sensitivity.

The man re-sits down, igniting a high-grade cigarette, breathing spit with his emotions.

The door of the door came to a snow-white cat, screamed on the man's thigh, turned a few laps, and found a comfortable position. The man stroked the cat's head, the cat is comfortable.

"Snow, what do you say, what is the length of this party?" The man speaks for the cat. The cat named Snow smashed his eyes and called his owner.

Men look at the high-rise building outside the window, think about it, reopen the computer, open a secret system start search.

He is in the information of the man's meat. This system can find the privacy of the government's senior personnel. But search, Fang Xiaolu's information is only a short word, how to see is just an ordinary person. There should be no problem? Small young installation.

Thinking of people here are more peaceful.

Fang Xiaoxuan closed his eyes, began to meditate "Tiandi opened, Shenlong is now, system, out!"

The Shenhao system shows in front of Fangfu. Fang Xiaoyu glanced over again: "Map, I is your father, positioning."

The system responds rapidly, and the screen is flipped, starting from an ID, and after a few seconds.

A blank, then a high-definition picture, a man sitting in a luxury office stroking white cat, and the top has an accurate address.

Fang Xiaoxuan quickly wrote down the address, and the clothes were went out, and the taxi came to an empty.

Fang Xiaoyu is very angry about my father, your father is facing his provocation, so I didn't say that he didn't say his airship, and he opened his airship to fly in the direction of your father's ID address.

Fang Xiaoyu won the game, the person who was allowed to be registered according to the game, the ten slaps of the other party, Fang Xiaoyu is just the implementation of the agreement, I can't think of the other party, I will come out on the Internet. Such a shameless person, Fang Xiaoyu can easily let him.

Fang Xiaoyu according to me is your father's ID address, lock the target in a building in Kyoto. But there are so many floors in this building, there are so many rooms in the floor, I am the exact location of your father, where is your father? This is a general position that it may be difficult to find for a while, but this other party is simply a dish. This can only be regarded as a unlucky, touched the strong opponent like the Fang Xiaoyu.

Under the simple positioning system of Fang Xiaoyu, the airship quickly determined the target in a small room in the first hundred and two of the building. After the target lock, Fang Xiaoyu plus horsepower, breaking the window, seeing it, I is your father.

"You ... you ..." I am your father who has been brought by the glass from the window from the window. It hasn't been to the glass, who hasn't come, and ask who is the filial piety. What to do, it is flying to the fast Falling in the ground.

"You are not very cow? I will see it to Laozi." Look at Fang Xiaoyu doesn't talk.

Fang Xiaoyu did not have time to pay with this person, and he did not want to have a lot of mouth tongue with this person. If you have finished, are you not very cattle? The cattle will give it to the Laozi. If I gave me, I gave me your father, I didn't give me a chance to answer any questions.

After playing a slap, filial piety stopped, I remembered that people who gave birth to the last lost, they were going to be ten pairs of palms, and the video being hit was also placed on the website. Fang Xiaoyu immediately took out the mobile phone from the pocket and prepared the video. Who knows that I am your father, I don't pay attention to the filial piety, and I also took a good news from the work desk.

"", Put the mobile phone after placing the mobile phone, seeing that I am your father, I have to take the ashtray, I am standing up, standing is a foot, one foot, I am your father, you are very far away. , Then I am a heavy fall in the corner of your father.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the corner, I am a distant, and I will not fight. Mom, I don't have to come out, I'm losing, since I lose, I will be willing to gamble! Also, I am coming to me, I think you are alive.

Fang Xiaoyu rushed over and gave me your father, then I was walking in the direction of your father. I hit my mobile phone and slammed me is your father nine big slap. Yes, nine big slaps, I am your father is not a man, he is filial.

Since the slap is hit, the video is also taken, and those who are now filing in the end, the video is sent to the Internet.

Is this going to pass the video? Do you have this video to go to the web like this? This is afraid that the impact of the other party is not very good. Fang Xiaoyu also thought of this, he didn't want to break the way because of this, and then cause a storm on the network. Therefore, Fang Xiaoyu finally felt still to play his own face to mosaic. After handling the video, Fang Xiaoyu immediately uploaded to the shark space you have registered.

When Fang Xiaoyu handles video and uploading video, I am a very honest, nothing, no new pattern. Also, if he still wants any new tricks, I am afraid that I don't want to stay in this little life to see the sun.

The slap is also hit, the video is also passed, this matter is like this. So Fang Xiaoyou did not return, just flew away from his airship.

The city where Kyoto leaves is not very close, but Fang Xiaoyu sometimes has a fast amazing airship, and it is also a minute.

After returning, Fang Xiaoyu did not have a thing he was uploaded to the video of the shark space. He is doing something else today.

After Fang Xiaoyu went back, he opened his airship into the garage of the I Oda. Of course, Fang Xiaoyu opened in that it is impossible to be a can flying airship, so too conspicuous, so Fang Xiaoyu hides the wings of the airship, turned into a formal car, and entered the garage of the European home.

Shortly after returning to the European home, Oufu flying downstairs, walked to the living room in diameter, and exchanged the gods on the sofa to play games, as if they had a secret between them.