The richest man in the magic city

Section [264] prepare birthday party

They have certain secrets between them, and this secret can not let Ona have discovered. In order to fly the next day, it has been prepared for a long time in advance, and I also ran a lot of places to buy a gift, and the cake. This is a surprise, and of course it can't let Dai are so easy to find.

The key to the success of Oufu Fei and Fang Xiaoyu plans is how to deceive Ona to the hotel, but will not let mear.

Just when Fang Xiaoyu is still thinking about this idea, Ozheng flying has been shouting upstairs, saying that she will come back soon, let her follow her filial piety to the hotel to get rid of the hotel.

Oufu is coming back from abroad. As his baby daughter, Luai flying to her father. It is also possible to say that it is a seamless. That is, I will not let me feel that I don't have anything wrong with the hotel, or I can take the Ona to the place where I celebrate.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the European flight that took the newspaper and took the newspaper. He couldn't hit the dark thought, ginger is old! Yeah, if there is no two brushes, how can it be such a fierce city, how can the European group have actually operated.

Ona listened to his father, Ou Fei fate, so quickly changed a slightly official dress, repurchant light makeup, happy to follow the European flying fellowship.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at Ona showed this look, he knew that they succeeded, and the success of Lua went out, and did not cause her suspicion. And ea seems to have forgotten today is her birthday, thinking that today is just simple to flush the wind dust.

Fengdu Hotel, its luxurious, unbearable hotel.

Today, Europe is flying back to China. It is natural to meet, in order to let the face go, in the choice of the hotel, naturally, we must not be slaak.

And Fengdu Grand Hotel is the choice of not bidding to Oufu Fei, no matter which one aspect, this hotel is all selected ...

Today's Fengdu Hotel has been contracted by Fang Xiaoyu. He doesn't want this to welcome it will be split, because today is not only the days of Europe to fly back, but also ea's birthday.

For this and gas-cute girl, in Fang Xiaoyu, it is very good. This is his mission, I'm going to have a birthday for the first time, he wants to give her a memorable birthday party ...

Perhaps in the future, his task will end. He is with her, maybe there is no intersection, but at least some beautiful memories ...

I didn't see my daughter for a long time. In order to make up for the ea, Ozheng flew her into the fitting room, ready to let her daughter dressed up.

Ona and Oufu were away, and the guests of the guests naturally fell on the head of Fang Xiaoyu ...

In this regard, he can only have helpless booth, ready to welcome guests.

When I was flying in Dana and Oufu, I was sitting on the chair, waiting for the guests quietly ...

He knows that people come today is certain that there are many people, and there is a wide range of people from Europe. This is unquestionable, and I am friends and relatives, and students, no longer.

Today's party, destined to light scenery ...

For the perfect end of this party, Fang Xiaoyu is not allowed to have anyone in this party, no matter who it is, what is the identity, as long as he is a heart, he will go out without licking!

Others may have no such discouragement, but he is full of filial piety, it is completely relied!

Just when Fang Xiaoyu was quietly relying on the chair, he suddenly heard the footsteps, looked up, and only three young men came in.

Standing up, Fang Xiaoyu is ready to meet, but that is the young saying that he just raised his ass, sitting again ...

"Waiter, give me a VIP package ..." The youth, the big voice.

Fang Xiaoyui still thought it was Oufu flight or Na's friend. However, after hearing this young man, he was reacted, this three people were not eae or Oufu flight.

Since it is not, he will naturally not get up.

Fengdu Grand Hotel has been packaged, and today's other customers, they will not receive, and the announcement of this hotel is also displayed on the electronic screen.

I glanced at the eyes of the young man, the latter's eyes, and it also appeared to Fang Xiaoyu ...

The two eyes govern momentary, and they changed their own, but Fang Xiaoyu from this young man's eyes, but he saw a proud and disdainful meaning ...

For the disdain of young men, Fang Xiaoyu is getting careful, the former disdains him, he is not disdainful to this young man, why not disdain?

There are several clear big characters on the display, which have already been clearly covered, but these three people are generally in general, clearly, but they have not seen it.

"Sir, the hotel has been packaged in advance, no longer picking up, please also ask three forgivement ..." A waitress saw a guest coming in, and directly open the door to say a VIP package, and immediately Tao.

There are always some rich gods brothers don't grow, and I have already said that the Fengdu Hotel has been contracted, but they still come in ...

If you have a few money, you will walk in a place where you have a place, and you will not let your eyes go up.

"I have to fall sooner or later ..." I have been encountering this kind of people who have a high-spirited person, and Fang Xiaoyu is cold and ridiculous.

He is in the sky, and it is not too proud of the heaven, he doesn't want, why do these people arrogantly?

If only the money is only relying on money, Fang Xiaoyu believes that he uses money, and it can give these people into idiots.

When I heard a woman, the young man headed, and he didn't think of it. Today, it was happened today!

He also counts the rich aristocrat. Nature knows how expensive, how expensive, although he can pack it, but the money, even if he, you have to have a good life. amount ...

Although this hotel is being covered, he has come in, can't you go to the government again?

If so, then where his face is still put!

"I don't care, today I have to eat here, I will open it up." The young man is cold.

Wen said, the face of the waitress became a bit bitter, and they were most afraid of encounter such a hard-working person.