The richest man in the magic city

The [270] go, let's go home

That tattoo man heard the movement, immediately turned around, Fang Xiaoyu saw that this man is the boss of the boss of Heshui Street.

"Fang Xiaoyu, it turned out to be you." Song Dang name laughed and smiled: "Do you want to drink a cup with me."

"Change the day, I have no time today." Fang Xiaoyu smiled faintly.

"Then you come to my headquarters today, what does it mean?" Song Duo named laughed with the name.

"Come to you, bastard!" Fang Xiaoyu said the last word, his body has been moving, and the Song Gong is famous.

The Song Dian name has not responded yet, and he was accomplished by Fang Xiaoyu. He called the mother, and a little boss was also angry.

The younger brother who waited outside heard the movement of the inside, and ran over and supported it. Like their boss, they were unbelful and poor.

Fang Xiaoyu is on the head of Song Duo, I'm asked: "Now you said, who is the boss?"

"You, you are a boss!" Song Dian named and asked: "You are our boss!"

"I still have to be in the conference hall, do you have to work?" Fang Xiaoyu continued.

"I don't dare, I don't dare, I will never dare." Song Dian's name is like a shake tail.

I heard the Song Dian name so swearing, Fang Xiaoyu was satisfied with him, and then turned out to go outside.

Fang Xiaoyu is so anxious, of course, is rushing to run back to the tea shop, because he is guaranteed with Liu Mengya, it is necessary to catch back in ten minutes.

When he was angry, he ran to the milk tea shop, and saw Liu Mengya still sat there, and a heart was put down.

"How long have I leave, Liu Teacher?" He asked while sweating.

"There are not many, just ten minutes." Liu Mengya teacher smiled.

After drinking milk tea, Fang Xiaoyu sent Liu Mengya back home, to the door, Liu Mengya teacher said, "Thank you, the small party, I am very happy today."

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and smiled: "Liu Teacher, I am also."

"So when, let's come out again." Liu Mengya teachers looked at the filial piety and suddenly recommended.

"Well," Fang Xiaoyu immediately agreed: "I also like to play with the teacher."

"That is said," Liu Mengya said, laughing, and then turned into his home.

Fang Xiaoyu sent Liu Mengya teacher to go in, until she was a hunting figure disappeared after the door, she did not leave.

Today, I will play with Liu Mengya. I have a lot of opportunities. I can't make a lot of bad things in the group of black water street. I think of it. Fang Xiaoyu has a resentment, decided to pay this account, and find black water in the future. The boss of the street Song Dong is the name.

Playing a day, he also felt slightly tired, so he opened his Porsche, go home directly.

Just on the road, he still feels some faint feelings, but when you go home, I don't know how, I have become so awake.

Since I haven't slept, I will find things to do it.

He suddenly thought of a few days ago, the id, I was your father's guy and he was in the capital of Beijing, and challenged him.

The result is sad, Fang Xiaoyu uses his own Shenhao system, searches his family address, directly appearing in front of him, put him, take the video, then upload the shark TV, let the ID I am Your father's guy is almost no face.

However, after he has not taken this, I don't know how to comment on the netizens on the Internet. Now I have time, just can check it online. After all, he felt that this is still very funny. He wants to know that netizens' smiles are not the same.

Open the computer, enter the shark TV review area, let him unexpected, although this thing has been in the past few days, the heat is still not reduced, and I have seen the above comments, there are more hundreds of thousands, such a heat, You can search on the list.

Seeing your own masterpiece is so popular, Fang Xiaoyu is not complacent, and his face is full of smile.

He aimed at these comments, and he was all overfall in satirical ID. I was your father. Before this, this guy is so causing, and the result is sentimental by Fang Xiaoyu, appearing in front of him. , I believe that this guy is not so arrogant after this lesson.

Of course, there are still many filial piety, and Fang Xiaoyu is originally the shark TV's fried chicken. After this incident, his ID is less in the hearts of these netizens, but also with God. Generally lofty.

Although these comments appear to have some screaming meat, but Fang Xiaoyu likes to have a blow to him, because he does have this qualification, if you have this qualification, you don't admit it, then it is called hypocrisy.

When Fang Xiaoyu looked at it, laughed, until the middle of the night, was willing to turn off the computer, then go to bed.

The next day, after Fang Xiaoyu, decided to go to a gang headquarters.

Just now, he is very unpleasant. He knows that he must rectify it in the gang, you must let these churches in the gang, know that he is the boss of the gang, that is, he must establish an authority in the gang, Standing in the root, if there is anyone who is not convinced in these people, they will clear them from the gangster.

He felt that he had a gentle handheld, these processing methods were full of bloody black, and he had no way, he had to deal with these people, so that he became some of the iron wrist, and even dictators.

When I came to the black headquarters, he immediately issued a message immediately, and must be completed at noon, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.

The command sent it, he was waiting for the headquarters of the gang, in fact, he wanted to pass this test today, how many people in the black gang were in her own efforts, obviously, those who have been reported on time is to In contrast, if not, it is not satisfied.

These were dissatisfied with him. He felt that there was no use in the black gang to him, so he will clear them in one by one, and it will never be in love.

Before the schedule started, he solved the opinions of Li Jian. After all, there were many people who were Li Jian's old courtes, and set up a lot of sweat work for Li Jian.

He is worried that he does this will let Li Jian are not happy.

I didn't expect him to tell Li Jian, Li Jian did not have any objection, but smiled and said: "You are now a gang boss, these things are what you said, do you want to ask me. "