The richest man in the magic city


Seeing Li Jian's state of expression, Fang Xiaoyu knows that we should know, start your own plan.

The command sent all the big and small churches, and some small heads, but until noon, some of the chitious people did not come on time, from the proportion of people, probably one-third no one Come on time.

Li Jian saw that there were so many people who were absent, and the face was a little ugly. These people who did not come, they showed that they would like to rebel.

Fang Xiaoyu has no intact, just watching the table on his hand. Then when you arrive, immediately command the door to close the door of the conference hall.

After the door closed, Fang Xiaoyu swept the venue and said: "Other people don't have to come, let's start the meeting."

At this time, the door began to become turned up. There were some people until now, they arrived late. They got into the headquarters of the gang, and found that the door was closed, and they couldn't come out.

It may be relatively loose for their management before Li Jian. Therefore, what is late, they have become habits, they don't think this is wrong, so now I can't come, I will have a fire, they are some The small head of the church, usually make a good blessing, now let them eat closed door, how can they get it?

The more people outside the door, the more you squeeze, and some will reach out of the door, between the time, and noisy.

Fang Xiaoyu saw the shape, the eyebrow wrinkled, and then gave a command, noisy and patted the door outside, all pulled out.

Ordered, many people were forced to drag out the venue, when they came back, every one is full of eyes.

This, no one dares to let it go, those who are being closed outside the door have also become silent.

Fang Xiaoyu swept the entire venue and asked: "You still don't take advantage of it, even though it can be said."

"Good!" The people in the audience said in concert.

"Since everyone is in good luck, then, now the meeting now!" Fang Xiaoyu continued.

After this meeting, the church of the churches in the black bureau, no one was not a filial piety, and no one had any objection to his black gang boss.

After the snake, Fang Xiaoyu has explained these owners and little heads, and then left the black headquarters and went home.

Today, solve the problem of finishing inside, he is still very happy, at least knowing that he is loyal to him in the gang, who is dissatisfied with him, this way, he will have a problem in the future.

Although he is not intended to be expected in the gang, this location has day or later to give Li Jian, but since he is in the gang boss, he will let him serve him under his hand, Otherwise, his boss is not white.

Instead, he wants to be a gang boss, it is better to say that he wants to exercise his will by this boss. If you can take these gangmen, you can serve the post, I believe that there will be any big company in the future, and I don't expect.

On the way home, he opened the Porsche and placed music.

The passionate music flows out from the player, let him suddenly become blood, and the whole body moved his head with the rhythm of the music, temporarily forgot the troubles in the world.

So he often feels that music seems soft, but it is full of strength.

At this time, he suddenly found himself to come to a familiar place, take a closer look, I didn't know how to open the car.

Since the college entrance examination, Fang Xiaoyu has not been here again. Now I will see the school, suddenly feel kind, I really want to go in to see a few eyes, after all, the high school time in three years is a lot of memories.

Of course, there is still a reason, maybe few people know that Fang Xiaoyu is actually the chairman of this school, accounting for 50% of this school, Fang Xiaoyu has always been very low, knowing that this person will never More than five.

With a fifty-one shares, Fang Xiaoyu is the veritable corporate director of this school, as a school-oriented, he certainly wants to take a look in his own school. After all, this school is part of his personal assets.

After the college entrance examination, most of the students in the school had a holiday, so it becomes extra quiet in the campus. The playground is empty, I have seen those students who are lively and lovely, and the words of the in-day classroom, this is also uncomfortable at this moment, the whole school, a sudden appearance is several times.

Although I haven't long been long after leaving the school, Fang Xiaoyu has begun to feel a little thoughts, see everything familiar with you, thinking of every place you have arrived, now there is a good memory and warmth.

However, since Fang Xiaoyu is the chairman of this school, when he wants to come back, it is not necessary to sigh, so sigh.

Although he has already placed a summer vacation, he found that there is still an individual class in the class. When he passed the class of the class, it saw that the students were in class, and they were serious, just like the year, the heart is faintly I feel very touched.

In the same year, why not like them, under the guidance of the teacher, grow up every day? Seeing them, Fang Xiaoyu seems to be in their body, but also saw his shadow, so standing outside the classroom, between the time, actually got a long time, forgot to leave.

When he came to the classroom, he did not expect the school security to pay attention.

The school security saw him appeared, his face was sad, a laughter, just like a madman, took the electric baton to him.

"Hey, what are you doing?" The school security guard came over and asked soon.

"I didn't do anything, just came to see." Fang Xiaoyu is lazy to explain him.

The school security is listening, and it is even more feel that the filial piety is an unemployed visitors. It is not necessary to sneak into the school, it is intended to steal the way

"Are you registered at the door? If you don't register, you can't come in." The school security eyes stared at Fang Xiaoxi.

"When I came in, I didn't see someone in the duty room, so I came in." Fang Xiaoyu did not want to conflict with the school security, try to make her tone soft.

"Then go out now," the security brow wrinkled, and sent a warning to Fang Xiaoyu: "Our school is leisurely, etc., can not come in."