The richest man in the magic city

No. [273] people who do not look at the situation

So now I have heard someone playing basketball, his footsteps will not be blindly walked over, anyway, there is nothing now, look at these school brothers to play basketball, maybe itch is itchy, I will take it with them. Tricks are also very good. .

When you think of this, Fang Xiaoyu went to the basketball court.

Just a close to the basketball court, suddenly "", heard a surprise, and then had a heavy thing to quickly lighten the lightning.

Fang Xiaoyu heard the wind, and the next second has already felt that the heavy object has been approached her face. He doesn't think about it, and he is rushing to pick up the weight.

Because suddenly attacked, Fang Xiaoyu did not see what is attacking himself, so it is very strong, and I put the thing in the hand in the hand.


Fang Xiaoyu used a strong, and that day, when he was blown up, he settled his eyes and found that it was a basketball.

However, who is to attack himself, but also so embarrassed?

When Fang Xiaoyu thought about it, he heard that someone had begun to squat.

"Who is this guy, actually put our basketball?"

"Is it very powerful? What is it cool in front of us?"

"Is our school? Why haven't you seen him?"

"What kind of school is, first, he will say it!"

Fang Xiaoyu was not angry with the ball, but heard these high school students, but almost spyned, the quality of these students is too bad, how do you want to be surrounded? This kind of quality, if one day, the society is going to, it will never lead to himself.

Fang Xiaoyu is angry and thinking, suddenly heard a few times of "", there are several basketball, if the meteor greets his face, it seems that he wants to smash him. That's only.

Fang Xiaoyu, certainly won't let these little fart, see the basketball, the arm, the arm is stretching, and I caught one. After catching the middle, I gently knead it. These basketballs will be the same as the previous one, all is pinched. Burst open.

" !"

These basketballs turned into a bunch of garbage, lying on the ground, and Fang Xiaoyu did not hurt the ground.

Those who want to attack the filial piety are both surprised and angry. They don't dare to be filial, and they are standing on the side, and they are loudly of the filial piety.

"You this bastard, you can make our basketball, you will lose our basketball!"

"Yes, if you don't pay, we have passed you, do you believe it?"

"What is the matter of breaking someone else's basketball, I have a kind of to play with us, see who is powerful?"

I heard these, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly burned in anger, obviously they took basketball, now put a palladium, leaving themselves to break their basketball, if they don't teach these small rabbits today, they really think they are the motherland. Small flowers, no one dares to do it!

Fang Xiaoyu took a voyeng and got the past, and then fell these high school students. I also asked which class they were, directly dragged you to the classroom, shouting their class teacher .

Their class teacher saw that Fang Xiaoyu dragged his students, each is a green seoul, I don't know what happened.

Asked by one of the students, I know that things have passed.

That class teacher also felt that his own student is wrong, let his students apologize to Fang Xiaoyu, unnecess, Fang Xiaoyu is angry, anger: "What is the gift, what apologize, Direct!"

That class teacher, the face is difficult, and the students are expelled, and he may not have this power.

At this time, the principal of Chen just came over, and the squad leader asked for his opinion.

One of the presidents listened and looked at the eyes: "Listen to his, immediately."

"Is it horses me now?" Fang Xiaoyu disdainfully looked at the three expected students, really unknown highland thick, think of people with more people? A class, the young master is not afraid, Fang Xiaoyu thinks so, look at the three distant students.

"You ..." The three students looked so arrogant, and they also brought them away, and they burned in anger, but they had three games, but they can only leave the school, how do they touch? I got on such a big figure, but I shake my head, I can only let this.

"Let's go, don't wait for the guard to play you?" Fang Xiaoyu looked at these three students. He looked very disdain. Good students did not study well in the classroom. Learn to hooligches the group, they still have no strength, so weak I can only lose money.

This also blames the fellow films to expel them, who makes them almost kicking basketball to their heads, still don't pay attention to yourself, as a student, a little courtesy, do not understand, do not know respect teacher, In this case, it is not as good as going home, and it is also a disaster in this school.

"Sliced, you will wait, we will come back!" The three students did not have the ability, they can't be filial, only the prestige of the mouth, and thought about it, they became enough to be strong, come back and then pack the filial piety After that, step by step and moved to the school gate.

"Hey -" The three people sigh at the same time, they are now worried, not only doing you now, I don't know how to explain my parents. If the truth is true, tell the parents, I will have the reason why the group is Once, it will definitely be killed by the parents.

"OK, I am waiting for you here, just in this school!" Fang Xiaoyu looked at these three students left and said with himself, ridicule.

After removing these students, Fang Xiaoyu is ready to go to the back of the school often go to play, while walking while complaining: "Hey, this day is all trouble."

When I arrived in the mountain, Fang Xiaoyu was surprised to find that Hiss Mountain is actually construction, so I asked before: "What are you doing?"

The construction personnel look at Fang Xiaoyu, it is a student, so I don't even have it: "Leisons, a student is going back to class, what is the latter mountain? What is the so many curiosity of the whole day? Do you have any relationship with you? "

"Care, I really have, I am not the student of this school, but the big shareholder of this school, how? I didn't expect it!" Fang Xiaoyu looked at this construction staff soothered, so he said.