The richest man in the magic city

No. [274] Construction personnel

The construction personnel don't believe that the Fang Xiaoyu said, seeing his dress, not like a rich person, and it is still so young, it is impossible to be the shareholder of this school, said: "You can pull it, lie There must be a basis, as you are like this, or a big shareholder of the school, who is believed? "

At this time, there was a teacher who had passed by it. The teacher saw the Fang Xiaoyu, just knowing that Fang Xiaoyu is the principal, so come over and say hello: "Square principal, you come to this Hushan supervision project, you can really serious."

Fang Xiaoyu saw a person who proved his identity, so he told the teacher: "Yeah, let me see how it makes it. By the way, I will breathe fresh air, the teacher, you are going to class go with?"

"Yeah, then I will go first." The teacher gone.

Fang Xiaoyu returned to a sentence: "You are busy first."

At this time, the construction staff looked at it, and quickly began to be flattened: "You are really principal, that principal, small mouth does not know Taishan, please ask the principal to forgive, we now have to build some recreational facilities."

"Recreational facilities? After the school is approved?" Fang Xiaoyu asked.

"Principal, see if you said, if we don't have to apply for projects, how do we? How? Do you not a big shareholder? Don't know this?" The construction staff looked into a big shareholder, actually didn't know This, I asked strangely.

Fang Xiaoyu brows, looked at the construction team on the back of the mountain, suddenly shocked, this school said that he also has shares, and it is also a major shareholder. It is also a big event in the school, and there is no one to discuss it with himself. No one asks yourself, this gang leader is really not putting himself in the eyes.

"Come on your head!" Fang Xiaoyu is a bit angry, the expression is very serious.

The construction personnel came to see the principal and quickly called the leadership of the construction team, and then they went to work.

Fang Xiaoyu came to see the leader, hurriedly asked: "You are the leader of this construction. Which school leader is your project?"

That leader, this is the wild child, actually talking to himself, directly impatiently: "What are you doing, are you asking me here?"

Fang Xiaoyu heard that he was so welcome, just want to hit him, change it, it is important to know the original committee of this matter, so he didn't have a hand, turn around, go to the principal office.

After entering the principal, the principal inside is working, and there is no directly asking why the construction does not have their own consent, but the construction is knocking on the side, I don't know this thing, so he asked: "Chen Principal, do you know that houshan is working? It seems to be to build any entertainment facilities, is this really true? "

Chen President listened to the words of Fang Xiaoyu, said: "Yes, there is such a situation, and our school's hills do to build some recreational facilities. I am also just known soon."

Fang Xiaoyu listens, the old man knows that after the construction of the entertainment facilities, then it seems that this thing does not know , Fang Xiaoyu is not playing, and said directly to Chen President. "You So why didn't you ask my opinion? I am also the big shareholder of this school, no approval, who allows hills to build entertainment facilities? "

When the principal, the principal glanced so angry, and even quickly explained: "The principal, you eliminate the gas, I don't want this, just ..."

Chen President wants to say, Fang Xiaoyu is on the air, ask: "What is it?"

The principal of Chen continued: "This is an additional vice president, I don't know in advance, and later notified."

"Vice President? Which vice president? Why don't I know?" After listening to the speech of Chen, Fang Xiaoyu asked.

"That is the vice president of Wang, Wang Wang said that this construction of entertainment facilities is for students to entertain, but the fact is that the father of Wang's vice president is going to school, so the vice president has arranged the construction team, this is not Mountain is ready to build entertainment facilities. "Chen's principal sighed, while talking.

Looking at Fang Xiaoyu is not a prosperous master, Chen President, the news of all the princes of the king know all the news, the news of the entertainment facilities, and this is indeed because the vice president is greedy, wants to protect your private, So these recreational facilities were built.

"The vice president of you said is Wang Fu?" After hearing Chen President's explanation, Fang Xiaoyu asked.

"Yes, it is him." Chen President said firmly, it seems that Chen President also didn't see the vice president of the king, but he could not say it directly, but the heart is still uncomfortable.

"Why did he convene a resolution of the shareholders 'meeting?" Fang Xiaoyu, how can such a big thing not to convene an shareholders' meeting, let him build an entertainment facility, to protect your private, destroy the hills, this is no one? ? If you don't see it today, I am afraid that I have been in the drum.

"The other shareholders in the school have been bought by the vice president of Wang, even if they convene a shareholder meeting, they are not used. They have received Wang Fu's benefits, and they will definitely help him do things." Chen President helpless explained.

"What about you? Have you bought?" Fang Xiaoyu is very serious, and the tone asked with hezoars asked him in front of the president.

"The Vice President of Tie Wang came to my office, gave me some gifts and gave me 10,000 yuan, that is, I agree to build a recreational facility in hunshan, but I think it is necessary to build entertainment facilities in the hill, not only destroying the environment The students will not go there, so I think this matter is not correct, I have not promised him. "Chen President looked at Fang Xiaoyu seems to be misunderstood, so to explain to Fang Xiaoyu.

"I didn't expect you to think about the school. You are a good principal." Fang Xiaoyu listened to Chen President, believed in him, Chen President is an old man, usually his behavior is filial, he is a school Development, for schools and students considered.

"These are what I should do, just even if I don't agree, there is no use, Wang Vice President bought other shareholders, and other shareholders agreed to build entertainment facilities in Houshan, saying that the students exercise, class Lower entertainment is good, and the vice president said that there is no need to convene an Shareholders 'meeting. Other shareholders have agreed, even if the results of the convening shareholders' meeting are the same. "Chen President's painful memories, the vice president of the day, said, I feel self-blaming this time, but it is very helpless.