The richest man in the magic city

What kind of teammate!

The middle hair is still three or seven points, wearing a detective Conan t-shirt, trousers, flip, gently, and very naive.

The last one, this is OK, the face is more show, the hair is slightly. Nike's tethale, black sports pants, Converse shoes. However, in the uncomfortable beauty is that Nike's logo has split, it is obviously fake. This is a hypocritical person.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at them about three after three.

Chen Li has made a brongent to give a statement, which is the king square, a tint, and Wang Tian.

They are all glory kings. They feel that they can achieve this stage is very great, so they have some no one.

During the conversation, Fang Xiaoyu found that these three human nature are very proud. From beginning to end, I don't want to make people like it.

The rightmost person, that is, the king finally couldn't stand, it was impatient.

"What is good, what is the national champion, just take it, like this small official league, it is not in the eyes, all the spikes are directly champion!"

The king side seems to have the tail, and the whole process will not look at the emilings and Chen Li.

Wang Tian also felt that he was very powerful. He looked at the king. "When the bonus is all our brother, then let you make two white and white."

Fang Xiaoyu was very angry after hearing, but this is in Chen Lijia, and it is temporarily pressed.

I didn't expect the third one, I like to say that it is a big thing, it is really not too big. The most deadly is that he thinks there is a lot of money.

"Okay, time has been over for a long time, it has been delayed for a lot of time, don't work together."

I have to say that three people are a play, all of them are drama.

Fang Xiaoyu is in a hurry, if it is so powerful, can you find it? It's a joke.

Fang Xiaoyu did not say that he was too powerful. They didn't finish it, and I didn't know where Chen Li came from the three people.

In fact, when he didn't enter the room, he heard these three people were talking about it, saying that it was that the bonus is all of their brother, and it is barely to let Fang Xiaoyu earn a good name.

I didn't expect Fang Xiaoyu, I just listened to this, and now I listened to the second time. I suddenly took it from the toe to my head. Fang Xiaoyu can't finish it.

This is, it is not an Chen Li's home, and it is not renovated to Chen Li.

No matter how the filial piety must have this breath.

Fang Xiaoyu is going to be a fight, punching, there will be three sideways. It is estimated that they have not responded yet.

"Give me! I have a few pounds of a few two don't know, don't force it, hurry!" They three can be filled with fellow, and Fang Xiaoyu directly lets these three rolls.

Chen Li was shocked by the scene in front of him.

"Big brother, what are you doing, this is a helping, how do you say it?"

Chen Li was angry, but he did not dare to make a small shunt of each other. After that, Chen Li took the bow of beer in the refrigerator.

Fang Xiaoyu felt nothing, like this three silk don't want it.

Besides, with the people who have filial piety, I am afraid that I can't find a good teammate, Fang Xiaoyu said that she was speechless. He didn't want to play together with three silk.

"You will be willing to insult you like this? You didn't hear how they said! Bonus them, you only have a name!"

"What is your life, don't take the championship! You don't know my strength, a fight 5 absolutely no problem."

Fang Xiaoyue said, the more angry, and went to the refrigerator to take the beer.

Instead of having such a teammate, Fang Xiaoying is willing to be a one-handed five, and he is not willing to join these three.

I don't know why, I saw these people's appearance, and Fang Xiaoyu's heart is a bit of fire, these hearts are more high guys, in his eyes, the fart is not ...

He has never boasted with a fight, even in the national competition, in the face of so many technical high opponents, he didn't have a while, but it was still able to take a powerfulness.

What's more, this time, in the face of the opponent, it is not weak, but it may not be very good, maybe in the eyes of others, they are also big gods, but in his eyes, there is no more deterrent.

The opponent is still so unbearable, what is he afraid?

If the three teammates who have been looking for, he can accept it, everyone and the game have a game, there is nothing.

It can be all three people, that one of the world is the first, no one dares to call the second madness, which is very disgusted ...

This game, there is no such a teammate, Fang Xiaoyu is impossible to lose, if he lost, unless he is willing to lose, otherwise, who can have this, let him defeat!

Fang Xiaoyu is a bad face, Chen Li also saw it, don't say that it is a favorite of Fang Xiaoyu, that is, he is listening to the three people from a high-spirited, and some are somewhat uncomfortable.

Who is Fang Xiaoyu? That is a person who is steadily sitting in the national competition. It is like this, the three people, I am afraid it just jump out of the row of rookie ...

Every time I and Fang Xiaoyu, Chen Li has been abused very miserable, no matter what tactics he makes it, it is difficult to win the wins.

In his eyes, Fang Xiaoyu's technology has reached the point where the god is entered, and it is more than a five, and it is more than enough ...

Under the hand of Fang Xiaoyu, Chen Liyi has not won, not his technology too, but Fang Xiaoyu is really too strong!

In the face of such a strong inexplicable opponent, don't say that Chen Li, even those game gods who have known as many consecutive victories, in the hands of Fang Xiaoyu, I am afraid it can't be beneficial ...

Again again, Chen Li sat on the sofa, very obvious, he ended again ...

"Practice technology ..." smiled, Fang Xiaoyu took Chen Li's shoulder, whispered: "I will go home first."

After that, Fang Xiaoyu has not stopped, and it will drive home.

Half hour later ...

I heard the sound of the door, sitting on the sofa to watch TV, turned, looking at the push door, whispering: "Fang Xiaoyu, I haven't dinked it yet ..."

Wen said, Fang Xiaoyu, all this, she didn't eat yet, but she said this, what does it mean?

"What do you want to eat, I will buy it." Fang Xiaoyu replied.

As a bodyguard, take care of the big lady, it is also the category of the mission. Since people have not eaten, then he is nothing to buy, and there is an employer, but he has never let him feel.