The richest man in the magic city

The first [284] seems to be very fierce

However, this baldness is seemingly fierce, but there is no rising a fellowship, but it is a lot of work, because he just saw it, the brother who is related to his own skills, did not in this teenager, walk through one or two strokes.

He Yuming, why, is it, he saw that this strong man is just a good exquisite, and it is not easy to laugh.

Since you don't take the initiative, then I am coming!

Fang Xiaoyu's momentum is in the power of this strong man, and he is a flash of the strong man.

That strong man saw Fang Xiaoyu's boxing, did not dare to go, hurriedly wanted to defense, can I, I haven't waited for him to reach the opening of the fist, Fang Xiaoyu's fist, actually retract it back.

It turned out that this punch is actually a virtual trick!

And the real killing, is the legs of Fang Xiaoyu.

Seeing your own fist, you will move the nerve of this strongman.

All this is only between electric light, it is necessary to use a word to describe the movement of the filial piety, that is, it is difficult to react fast!

The world martial arts, no strong, only faster!

And the strong man is obviously too late to respond, Fang Xiaoyu swept the legs on this strong man. Plus Fang Xiaoyu is extremely unparalleled, so, at once, this strong man stepped away his brother's back, and it was overturned in the ground.

The man was knocked over, it became the fish on the board. This strong man was in the moment of falling place, and he was cold in the forehead. He sighed in his heart. It seems that his brother, today is really true. Didn't look at the yellow calendar, all planted!

It can be waited for a long time. It is expected that the same attack in the Chinese filial faucery has not arrived. When he moved the arm of the eye, he went to see the arm, and found that Fang Xiaoyu three people have already left.

And this strong man, the sound of faintly filial piety came: "If I let me see that you are not, it is not today, give me!"

For a time, in the heart of a strong man, feel more!


"Call, it seems that there is no explosion! The smoke is not, it should be thrown by the fire department!"

Fang Xiaoyu and Lua have gone, and found that the black smoke in the tanker is getting less and less.

"Gigle, then we continue to start to the destination! Various hall!"

Ena is a girl, is lively, although she has experienced an explosion, Fang Xiaoyu has played someone with people, but she still went to see those cute ocean animals.

"Well, let's go!"

After all, it is coming out, Fang Xiaoyu has to start with spirituality.

Soon, they came to the Valenti Museum.

It is very good to see, this regiment is very good, not only has a beautiful underwater, but also the open-air performance venues of marine animals. Various tour facilities are also available.

After a while in the Valenti Museum, even if the people of the old boy, the people of the old boy, the Holiday, Mengmeng Turtle, the appearance of Meng Meng and the fierce killer whale, and there is no way to do it. The feeling of the line is even more important to teenner.

Ena now, almost all hatefuls are not left here, the shutter of the camera in the hand is almost bullied by her.

Fang Xiaoyu three people, spent a morning, and finally the rough tour of a sea embassy, ​​very fast, time arrived at noon.

Fang Xiaoyu decided, after going out to eat, then go to the next attraction.

Although Ona won the cute ocean animals, I finally defeated the obedience, and got to the restaurant outside the Vair, she turned into a veritable food.

"Boss, we want to be icy sauce, braised squid, mix cucumber, bored prawn, purple egg soup, still ......."

This is not, I have entered the restaurant, she started to get a dish.

And Fang Xiaoyu saw that she didn't finish it, she didn't finish her face, hurriedly interrupted: "So much, you have eaten? How many stomach do you have?"

"Hey, can't you eat? Isn't there you? How is this?"

For eating, Ina is obviously inch soil.

what? Do you just give you some point?

Fang Xiaoyu smiled, so I had to sacrifice the killer: "Ou Na, eat too much, will become fat!"

"Ah !! Boss, I don't eat!"

In the restaurant, the faint smile came.

After a meal.

"Call, eat well!"

Ona covered some heavy stomachs, I was disappointing massage. She was pressed, and she looked at Fang Xiaoxiao, and I asked: "Filial, I really get fat?"

Hey, my big lady, have you already asked more than a dozen? Hey, is this that it is self-satisfactory? Why did you just say something about gaining fat?

Fang Xiaoyu couldn't help but once again.

Then, he calm down: "Rest assured, as long as you exercise more on weekdays, you will not get fat!"

"Even, I am also such a person! So, where is the next goal? Is there a cultural ancient city? Go!"

Ona listened, instantly recovered into a good girl who had just, a look that was ready to go, and took the lead in the past.


Fang Xiaoyu looked at the eunuch of eun, he had to smile again, hecked.

Entering ancient city, obviously another world.

Here, although there is only one wall separated from outside, it is like two worlds. In the ancient city, there is very little traffic, and there is no one in the skyscraper building inserted into the horizon. Everything seems to be slow.

Qing brick white wall, low in the roof, the flag is floating, a peaceful peace. The heart of people also faded into impetuousness and restlessness, regaining leisure.

At noon, it is already at noon. In the ancient city, in addition to some foreign tourists hanging around, local residents, mostly began to prepare for one day.

"Wow, it's good here!"

Ina is busy with the camera, while crazy photography, her face is not from the people who live here.

"If I am old, I can live here, just fine!"

When I said this sentence, Ina's bright scorpion, I don't feel filial to the side of the side.


Just when Fang Xiaoyu didn't know how to answer, the Osufei in the side was suddenly cough, obviously, he found his daughter's little eyes.

As a father, he felt that he had necessary to stop.

"Wow, someone taking pictures in front!"

Ina was a small face with an Ouhang flight, then she saw the booth of the scenic spot to help people photography, and hurriedly transferred the topic: "Dad, filial piety, let's take a photo!"