The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 1 Fatal Betrayal

At the entrance of Luochuan Hospital, Wang Ye held a thick black mobile phone in his hand and watched a cramped old lady go away.

"This thank you gift is too special."

Looking at Sifang Sizheng's cell phone without a brand name, Wang Ye laughed.

This is a gift from the old lady who was in the same ward with his mother when she was discharged from the hospital after taking care of him for three months.

Although it is not a brand-name mobile phone, it is also the heart of the old lady.

Wang Ye presses the power button and the phone screen lights up, and a line of text pops up: Please verify your identity.

"It's still encrypted." Wang Ye couldn't help laughing.

The old lady was getting older and her sanity had not been very good. He didn't think much about it, so he put the phone in his pocket.

But at this time, several messages popped up on the screen.

[Identity information is being entered...]

[Identity information authentication is successful.

[The binding is completed, the only user is Wang Ye.

The system has been activated, check in every day and receive corresponding rewards.

Unfortunately, Wang Ye didn't know the news on the screen.

"Wang Ye! The source of the kidney has been found, and the operation can be done immediately after payment."

At this time, a beautiful female nurse handed a bill for payment.

"Really?" Wang Ye's excited voice was shaking.

My mother had uremia and had been hospitalized for dialysis for half a year, and finally had a suitable kidney source for transplantation.

The female nurse smiled unnaturally, glanced at the payment slip, turned and left.

Eight hundred thousand!

The numbers on the payment slip made Wang Ye's smile gradually solidified.

"As long as Mom gets better, it's worth selling the company!"

Without hesitation, he dialed the phone of his girlfriend Liu Feifei.

"Feifei, the source of the kidney has finally been found. You can handle the mortgage company's affairs. I urgently need 800,000 yuan here..."

"I'll talk about it later when I meet." His girlfriend hung up the phone after she finished speaking.

Wang Ye returned to the ward excitedly.

Soon, a woman in her twenties with a fashionable dress and an extremely beautiful appearance walked into the ward. She glanced at the old man on the bed in disgust. Before Wang Ye could speak, she said with a cold tone: "Wang Ye , Come out with me, I have something to tell you."

Wang Ye felt something was wrong with Liu Feifei today, so she comforted the old man in the hospital bed and said, "Mom, you rest first, I'll go out."

As soon as he walked out of the ward, he heard a familiar voice.

"Feifei, did you have a showdown with your stupid boyfriend?"

Looking up, beside Liu Feifei outside the door, stood a man in a suit and leather shoes.

"Doctor Han?" Wang Ye looked puzzled.

This man is called Han Ziming, a doctor at Luochuan Hospital and his mother's attending doctor.

But at this moment, Liu Feifei naturally took Han Ziming's arms.

"Ziming, not a boyfriend, but an ex-boyfriend!"

"Oh, yes, yes!" Han Ziming squeezed Liu Feifei's face with a joke.

"What are you..." Watching the intimacy of the two, Wang Ye couldn't recover for a while.

Liu Feifei nestled on Han Ziming's shoulder with a sneer on her face, "Wang Ye, we have been together for five months. I am here to officially inform you that we are breaking up! From now on, we have nothing to do!"

Wang Yeru was struck by lightning and couldn't believe his ears.

The person who made every effort to love, betrayed himself?!

During the first month of her mother's hospitalization, Liu Feifei visited once, and hasn't been here since!That was her only chance to meet Han Ziming.

But my mother was hospitalized for only half a year, and they have been healed for five months...

"Why? Why!" Wang Ye screamed with his fists clenched, his voice squeezing out between his teeth.

He can hardly accept this fact!

"Wang Ye, you don't take a piss and take photos of yourself. Can your virtue be worthy of me now! Why? Because Ziming is more handsome than you, smarter than you, and the key is more sensual than you. Such a man To be worthy of me, Liu Feifei!"

Liu Feifei's words were very unfeeling, and her mocking eyes seemed to be looking at a fool.

Staggered, Wang Ye leaned on the wall with one hand and barely stood firm.

He almost exhausted his last strength and stretched out his hand, "Well, since we broke up! Please return my company to me!"

Liu Feifei was taken aback, and then she giggled, "Wang Ye, did you stupid in the hospital? Your company? Don't forget, now the legal person of the company is my Liu Feifei! The company and you, Wang Ye, are no longer there. It's half a dime!"

"You..." Wang Ye's eyes were bloodshot.

Tianlang Pharmaceutical was created by Wang Ye. Six months ago, in order to better take care of his mother in the hospital and facilitate business contacts, he transferred the legal person of the company to Liu Feifei, who had been with him for two years, out of trust.

Unexpectedly, she transferred everything in the past six months.

Selling the company is the only chance to save the mother.

He almost implored, "The company is valued at five million! You can take it, but you must give me 800,000. That is my mother's life-saving money."

"What does her life and death have to do with me!"

After Liu Feifei said, don't go too far.

"Liu Feifei! That's my mother's life-saving money!"

Wang Ye finally couldn't help but roar.

Han Ziming sneered, and stepped forward to seal Wang Ye's neckline, "She is my girlfriend now, talk to her politely!"

"You are a filial son, but you are too stupid!"

The words are full of sarcasm!

"I'm not afraid to tell you the truth. In fact, your mother's condition is still saved in the early stage of hospitalization! But if I save her, how can you stay in the hospital for the past six months? How can Feifei have a chance to transfer assets!"

"With my relationship, Tianlang Pharmaceutical has become the largest supplier of Luochuan Hospital, and its performance is enough to double in a year! Oh, yes, I almost forgot, no matter how much money you make, it has nothing to do with you."

After the talk, Han Ziming and Liu Feifei smiled brazenly.

Betrayed by the person he trusts most, entrapped by unscrupulous doctors!

conspiracy!A conspiracy to exterminate humanity for money!

But now Wang Ye, it was not that he was embarrassed, but that he lost his only chance to save his mother.

"Feifei, I'm begging you! For so many years of our relationship, I can do nothing, as long as you pay me 800,000 yuan, that is my mother's life-saving money, or she will die. Just treat it as me What is borrowed from you, is it okay to borrow from you! I will definitely repay it to you twice."

Wang Ye rushed forward and grabbed Liu Feifei by the wrist, almost kneeling down with a begging expression.

To my girlfriend, to my dignity!

In Wang Ye's view, as long as he can get money, saving his mother is more important than anything else.

This scene caused more and more people to watch in the corridor, and many people with unknown reasons quietly pointed at Wang Ye.

"Leave away!" Liu Feifei shook her arm, "Your mother is going to die, what does it have to do with me! Once! I babble! If you weren't looking at you as stupid as a dog and willing to spend money for your old lady, who would have been with you for two years? My mother kicked you early!"

"Look at my family, Ziming, you have a brain, you have a relationship! You idiot, get out of the way and stop disgusting me here!"

Han Ziming pushed Wang Ye away, "Poor! Feifei is my girlfriend, I have to ask me first to borrow money! I will say it if I agree!"

He said, kicking Zeng Liang's leather shoes, and mockingly said: "If you want to borrow money, come and lick my shoes clean, maybe I can think about it!"

The laughter of Han Ziming and Liu Feifei was like a sharp blade piercing Wang Ye's heart.

That hurts deeply!

But without money, my mother will die!

Wang Ye's mind went blank, he instinctively leaned down and leaned in with Han Ziming's leather shoes in one hand...