The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 2 Daily Check-in

"Hahaha, what a licking dog!" Han Ziming laughed and kicked Wang Ye to the ground.

All around, there was a lively laughter.

Wang Ye, who was sitting paralyzed on the ground, had lost his soul.


Finally, at this moment, he stood up as if mad, punched out, and hit Han Ziming hard on the face.

"Dog men and women, if my mother has something to do, you come to the funeral!"

He roared and finished speaking, and rushed towards the end of the corridor. Behind him, there was a howl like a pig!

An hour later, Wang Ye, who was sweating profusely, sat in the corridor on the 20th floor of the Bingyue Garden Community, feeling lost!

He planned to sell the property to his mother for treatment, but he desperately discovered that his company, car, house, everything had already been secretly sold by Liu Feifei!

Keeping his final sanity, Wang Ye called relatives and friends one by one to borrow money.

What made him desperate was that everyone gave him exactly the same reply: no money!

The rich have distant relatives in the mountains, and the poor are in the downtown area without anyone asking!

The reality came so quickly and so cruel.

Wang Ye, whose heart was like a knife, buried his head in his knees, not knowing when he fell asleep.


Suddenly, the vibration of the phone woke him up.

Wang Ye grabbed the phone, thinking that someone was finally willing to lend him money. He seemed to have grasped the straw.

Unfortunately, there is no information on the phone.


It was the vibration from the phone left by the old lady.

Wang Ye took out the thick phone, his red and swollen eyes, and the dim light in the corridor made the screen a little dazzling.

"Daily check-in system!" He rubbed his eyes, thinking he was wrong.


Then, several messages popped up.

The screen shows a software called the Daily Check-in System and some system information that pops up.

Wang Ye swipes the screen of his phone. He is not interested in this boring software. He wants to find the contact information of the old lady's family.

Hope to borrow 800,000 from her!

It's not that Wang Ye is frantic, but that he is now driven to a dead end, but he will not give up any hope of borrowing money.

But the software could not be retired, Wang Ye could only click on the introduction information of the system one by one.

After reading it, he generally understood that this is a software that allows you to get corresponding rewards when you check in every day.

After clicking the system information, the final screen stays on a prompt dialog box: There are three minutes left before the end of today's check-in, whether to choose check-in?

Wang Ye casually clicked: Yes!

Immediately afterwards, the scene that caught his eye made Wang Ye jump into a thunder!

[Successfully check in for the first time, get system reward items: Ferrari 488!

[Please choose to withdraw or deposit in the warehouse.

For a Ferrari supercar that sells for 4.5 million, this system is given away for free?!


Wang Ye yelled, wishing to drop the phone. What he wants most now is money, but this software is like a plate of fake braised pork in front of a hungry person, and it smells of meat.

Everyone knows that there is no such thing as a pie in the sky!

But scolding, he still pressed the withdrawal option.

"If this is really true, the medical expenses will be enough if you resell it!" Wang Ye muttered to himself, laughing at himself after he said that, really thinking about money and crazy.

Withdraw successfully.

[The reward is being delivered and will be delivered immediately.

Quite a little bit of fun, Wang Ye was amused by the appearance of the system.

"Huh... cheer up! At this time, when you are obsessed! Trying to make up to 800,000 yuan to get your mother's kidney is the most important thing!"

Wang Ye got up to clear up his mood, as long as he didn't give up, there would always be a solution to the matter.

In his early twenties, he was able to build a company with one hand, not only by luck, but by his extraordinary mind and firm will.


After he got up, something fell to the ground.

Turning his head to look, Wang Ye was stunned!

It was a brand-new car key, and the horse standing on the key was the symbol of Ferrari.

Rubbing his eyes, Wang Ye was sure that he was right.

He picked up the car key with a trembling, and his hands were very textured.

"This..." Wang Ye looked at the mobile phone in a dull manner.

It shows: reward delivery success, delivery point at the gate of Bingyue Garden District.

Wang Ye couldn't understand, his first reaction after a moment of stunnedness was to run crazy downstairs in the community.

Although it was midnight, many people were still awake in the summer heat.

At this time, many people surrounded the gate of the community.

After rushing out of the gate of the community, through the gap of the crowd, Wang Ye saw a brand new red Ferrari at a glance.

Such a high-end car naturally attracted many onlookers.

Wang Ye almost held his breath at this moment, his fingers trembled, and he pressed the unlock button with difficulty.

The red Ferrari lights began to flash as the buttons were pressed.

"This is not a dream? Is it true?"

He twisted his arm fiercely!


Suddenly, a piercing pain came, making him grin, and at the same time he showed a crazy smile.

Almost rushing into the crowd, Wang Ye reached out to the door of the car under countless admiring eyes, and pulled it slightly.

The door opened!

He got into the car with one head, holding the steering wheel in both hands, for fear of losing all of this.

The leather feel and luxurious interiors confirm the authenticity of all this.

He who loves reading on weekdays is also very knowledgeable.

"Good people get good rewards! System, golden finger! Lao Tzu Wang Ye, finally going to change his fate!"

Wang Ye roared loudly in the car, venting the depression in his heart.

He took out the strange mobile phone again, and when it was opened, a prompt was displayed on it: There are 23 hours and 55 minutes left to check in and clock in today.Whether to choose to check in.

He couldn't wait to click the sign-in button, and then the system rewards after sign-in popped up on the screen.

[Continuous check-in and sign-in are successful, and all shares of Luochuan Hospital will be presented.Please choose to withdraw or deposit in the warehouse.

Wang Ye's heartbeat started to intensify, and with trembling fingers, he clicked on the withdrawal option.

Withdraw successfully.

[The reward is being delivered and will be delivered immediately.

Before he could react, a pile of documents suddenly appeared on the co-pilot's seat.

When Wang Ye opened the document, it was the contract for the purchase of the shares of Luochuan Hospital. The final signature was Wang Ye, even his ID number.


Wang Ye’s eyes burst with evil anger, and Luochuan Hospital now belongs to him, which is an asset worth billions.

The most important thing is that Han Ziming is now Wang Ye's wage earner!

Liu Feifei is now his Wang Ye's supplier.

"Huh! What a turnaround! Han Ziming, Liu Feifei! Wang Ye, I said, will make you pay!"

Look at the phone again, the sign-in system still has 23 hours and 50 minutes before the next sign-in.

Depressing and looking forward to it, Wang Ye put away the phone and rushed to the hospital with a kick.