At midnight, at the entrance of Luochuan Hospital!

The red Ferrari roared and stopped abruptly at the entrance of Luochuan Hospital, attracting countless people to stop and watch.

"Luo A88888, awesome!"

"This is the elder brother of a wealthy family, too luxurious, too high-profile!"

When a group of people envied him, Wang Ye opened the car door and walked down.

Suddenly, there were a few exclamations in the crowd, but the exclamations were full of surprise.

"It's him, the man with the green hat seems to be called Wang Ye."

"That woman is really blind, why did she hook up with the doctor, if I were to be killed, I would have to hold his thigh tightly."

A nympho female nurse looked at Wang Ye with a look of admiration.

"What's the matter with the money? He beat Dr. Han, who was Dean Yang's proud protégé! Dr. Han has called the police, and the police are outside the ward. No matter how rich he is, he has to go to jail!"

Another older female nurse was a little disgusted with what the little nurse said, and she retorted something weirdly.


Wang Ye keenly caught the key point in the female nurse's words, his eyes drenched, and quickly walked towards the hospital.

At this time, the corridor on the second floor of the hospital was surrounded by a group of people, and Yang Guifang lying on the bed in the corridor was anxious.

"Doctor Han, if Ah Ye did something wrong, I will apologize to you, and explain to the police. Ah Ye is young and ignorant."

After Wang Ye went out for a while, Gui Fang was kicked out of the ward, and was watched like a monster.

"Apologize? He beat Lao Tzu and absconded in fear of sin. You are a dying person. That's it? Lao Tzu wants him to go to jail until he gets it through!"

Han Ziming's face was swollen like a pig's head, roaring fiercely.

Two policemen on the side were taking evidence from some nurses and patients around them, taking notes.

"Mom!" Wang Ye walked over quickly, his gaze swept away and everyone asked harshly, "Who allowed my mom to be placed here?"

"I...I'm fine, you quickly apologize to Dr. Han..."

Yang Guifang's eyes flickered, with a little anxiety on her face.

"It's him! It's him who made trouble!"

Seeing Wang Ye appearing, Han Ziming yelled at the policeman next to him, and randomly tested in a negative test: "You dare to come back, and I will not sue you this time!"

"Mr., please come with us." One of the police officers stepped forward and said.

Wang Ye didn't look back, stroking his mother's dry hand, poking a smile, "Mom, don't worry. I will take care of this matter, and I'm ready to give you the money for the operation."

Under Yang Guifang's questioning eyes, Wang Ye got up and looked at Han Ziming, but did not see Liu Feifei.

"What are you looking at? Why, do you still want to beat me? Wait for you to go to jail!"

With the presence of the police, Han Ziming was full of confidence at this time.

Wang Ye smiled lightly, "Can't I beat you!"

Now the entire Luochuan Hospital belongs to him, and he taught Han Ziming that at most it is improper internal management, which is not a medical trouble!

With the police around, Han Ziming is not at all empty. He straightened his chest and said, "If there is a kind, you will fight again! Come on..."


As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Ye slapped Han Ziming over with a slap, directly staggering Han Ziming.

After this slap, everyone was dumbfounded.

mad!This is too crazy!

Beating the doctor in front of the police, this...

"How dare you hit me..." After a while, Han Ziming recovered!


But then, Wang Ye slapped again.

"Medical trouble, I want you to go to jail..."


Bang bang ......

One by one slapped Han Ziming's face, Wang Ye felt very relieved.

"Are you so blind? Why are you police..."

A mouthful of blood spurted out, and two molars were knocked out, and Han Ziming glared at the two policemen.

Although Han Ziming disgusted the two police officers, one of them still stepped forward with official duties.

Before he could speak, Wang Ye said first: "Please come with me to the dean's office. I will naturally give you an explanation later."

"Dean Yang? That's my teacher! You think that if you intercede with him, he will be able to speak for you..."

Han Ziming held back the pain and looked at Wang Ye with disdain.

Isn't this guy a fool? Want to ask his teacher to clean up himself?

Really mentally retarded.

He wants to see how this guy set himself on fire today.


In the dean's office, Yang Huaien was staring at the computer intently. The door was suddenly pushed open from the outside. The old man raised his eyebrows and looked towards the door very uncomfortably.

I wanted to reprimand, but saw the man let the two policemen at the door, closed the door with his backhand and walked over.

"Are you?" Yang Huaien asked with a cold expression.

"My name is Wang Ye."

"Wang Ye?"

Yang Huain's expression was startled, he glanced at Wang Ye, then hurriedly looked at the file on the computer screen.

There was an equity purchase contract, and the purchaser was Wang Ye.


In shock, Yang Huaien slowly stood up from his chair, and couldn't help but look at Wang Ye a few more times. He never thought that Luochuan Hospital's assets worth billions of dollars would be acquired by such a young man. Up.

"Dean Yang don't be surprised." Wang Ye waved his hand to motion him to sit down, and told him: "I am a low-key person, so I ask Dean Yang to keep my identity secret for the time being."

"This old man can guarantee."

Yang Huai'en replied, and then he drank a mouthful of water and was overwhelmed by his shock. He was a person who was used to seeing the changing situation, and he did not expect that a hospital with a value of billions was suddenly acquired, and the person who acquired it was still so young.

"Also, I hit someone."

Wang Ye said that it was an understatement, but Yang Huaien was taken aback, and then said: "As long as it's not serious, it's okay, it can be cured."

"It's our doctor!"

Yang Huaien's heart trembled, and when he saw the guy opposite, squinting and waiting for him to express his attitude, he gritted his teeth and said, "Pay some medical expenses privately, it shouldn't be a big problem."

"The problem is big!"

Wang Ye got up and corrected: "The person I hit is your student, called Han Ziming!"


This time, Yang Huaien also stood up, looking ugly.

At any rate, he is also an authoritative expert in certain aspects of the country. As the saying goes, hitting a dog depends on the owner.The other party directly hit his disciple, which is somewhat of a shame on him.

"Lao Yang, don't worry."

Wang Ye waved his hand, and then recounted all of Han Ziming's evil deeds, quietly looking at Yang Huaien.

He was waiting for an answer from the other party.

"This kind of person with no moral bottom line is not worthy to stay in the hospital."

Finally, Yang Huaien gave his attitude, and Wang Ye nodded in satisfaction. This answer was obviously what he wanted to see.

If Yang Huaien chooses to protect his disciples, even if he is authoritative, Wang Ye wouldn't mind clearing them out of Luochuan Hospital together.

Without medical ethics, how can we talk about kindness?


"Teacher, this kid is making trouble in the hospital. Look at what you beat me into."

Seeing Wang Ye and Yang Huai'en opening the door and walking out, Han Ziming hurried forward and pointed to his forehead to complain.

But who ever thought that his voice just fell, slapped heavily on his face.

Han Ziming was startled, his face full of surprise.

Things-it seems to be different from what I imagined!

Han Ziming was stunned.

The two police officers were dumbfounded.

The other people present were also confused.


Yang Huaien told the police what happened. Han Ziming sat on the ground in fright, then knelt down in front of Yang Huaien, begging bitterly: "Teacher, I was wrong, I was really wrong, please give me more Let me have one chance."

"Give you a chance?" Yang Huai'en snorted coldly, "Give you a chance to harm others? If you beg for mercy, please tell the two police officers later."

Han Ziming's face was gray and his mind was blank. He didn't know what method Wang Ye used to get the respected teacher to speak for him in person.

Deliberately creating a medical accident, this is a felony!

That's it!

At this moment, everyone present knew that Han Ziming's doctoral career would be completely over.

"Wang Ye, Ye brother, Ye Ye, please be kind and let me go. Liu Feifei is the fault of this matter. It was her idea..."

Han Ziming was not reconciled, and knelt at Wang Ye again.

But Wang Ye never looked at him more and turned around and walked into the office. At this time, he hadn't fallen into trouble. He was already very kind.

Yang Huaien shook his head helplessly, hurriedly followed, and closed the door with his backhand.

"Wang Dong, are you satisfied with this matter?"

Seeing Wang Ye nodded, he said again: "I will arrange the operation immediately and use the best team in the hospital to perform the operation on your mother."

"Then there will be Dean Lao Yang! Also, notify the purchasing department to completely terminate all cooperation with Tianlang Pharmaceutical."

A sneer appeared at the corner of Wang Ye's mouth.

What belongs to him, he wants to let the other party give back a little bit, and eventually he will be ruined, and there will never be a day to turn back.