The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 12: Selling or Not Selling

In the villa, after a brief digestion, Jiang Mengdie walked quickly to Wang Ye's side and reached out to touch his forehead.

"Boss, don't you have a fever?"

Wang Ye told her that she wanted to make a comeback and want to do real estate. The real estate has high risks and high profits, and she has made a profit that is similar to that of a hospital. All of these are okay for her.

The problem is-the boss actually borrowed money from her.

Jiang Mengdie is simple, but not stupid.

How could the owner of a core villa here pit her eight million.

It's just that the real estate needs a lot of funds for support in the early stage, and all her money invested in it is just a drop in the bucket.


Wang Ye looked embarrassed.

"No fever, how can I talk nonsense!"

Jiang Mengdie was very puzzled: "This commission was originally the same as the one for nothing. I will return it to you without any problem, let alone borrow it. It is just the boss. Although Tianlang Pharmaceutical is bankrupt, Dongshan is not in a hurry to get up again. For a while, I am willing to start small with my boss and gradually grow bigger."

"Eight million is enough for us to rebuild a small business! Wait for three to five years to make a profit, and then gradually switch to real estate. After all, the initial investment in real estate is too large, and the capital chain takes a long time."

Speaking of market analysis and company operations, Jiang Mengdie is unambiguous at all. This is why Wang Ye values ​​her.

It's just that Jiang Mengdie didn't know that Wang Ye now has another identity, that is, the chairman of Luochuan Hospital.

When my own hospital built a new complex, this piece of cake completely fell into the mouth of others. After experiencing the poverty and despair of life before, Wang Ye, how could he watch this piece of Tang monk meat fall into the mouth of others.

But this matter is not convenient to mention to Jiang Mengdie.

"I have considered what you said! Indeed, eight million is a bit less! But I am confident that I can make a lot of money in a short time."

Saying this, Wang Ye didn't have much confidence.

The check-in system is indeed magical, but it is uncontrollable. Maybe I will bring you a villa today, and what kind of charm pill or strong body pill will be the next continuous reward.

That's really cheating!

"Boss, I have been with you for more than a year. You have taken care of me in every possible way. Jiang Mengdie dare not forget. This money, plus my deposit, and the sale of the property, should be able to make up 10 million.

Looking at Jiang Mengdie's clear eyes, Wang Ye was moved in his heart, this little Nizi believed him too much.

"For money matters, let me figure out a solution! You just need to go through the registration of company qualifications and related procedures for only those 8 million!"

It really doesn't work, he can only get funds from Luochuan Hospital.

Or by collateralizing hospital loans from banks to solve the problem of early capital turnover.

Regardless of which type, it was extremely risky in Wang Ye's eyes. Once the project does not go smoothly, it will be a bottomless pit that is difficult to fill, and it is impossible for him to return to the pre-liberation period.

Ding Dong...

At this moment, the doorbell rang.


Wang Ye is worrying about money now, so how can he care about others?But Jiang Mengdie quickly walked towards the door.

"you are?"

Opening the door to see a middle-aged man standing there, Jiang Mengdie said in confusion.

"Oh, I'm the head of the opposite household. Seeing that this villa is occupied, I thought about the neighbors coming and walking around. You belong to this house...?"

Bai Guangcheng asked with a tentative smile.

"I just resigned..."

Hearing this, Bai Guangcheng felt even more disappointed and contemptuous in his heart.

With the money, directly support a female salesman.

For money, quit his job and be willing to be taken care of.

Just a couple of dogs and men!

"Because I met the previous boss, I resigned. Now I am the boss's secretary."


It seems...I made a mistake and misunderstood others.

Jiang Mengdie led people to Wang Ye,

"Hello, I am the neighbor next door, and my name is Bai Guangcheng."

"Hello, Wang Ye." Wang Ye smiled faintly.

"When you meet for the first time, you accept this gift.

Bai Guangcheng handed over the gift box in his hand.

Wang Ye especially noticed that Bai Guangcheng carried a string of Buddhist beads on his wrist. The beads were antiques for some years.

"What a shame."

Wang Ye smiled, saying no, but he took it honestly, turned and handed it to Jiang Mengdie.

"Fluttershy, make tea!"

After the guest and host were seated, Wang Ye told Jiang Mengdie.

"no need."

Bai Guangcheng waved his hand to stop, and then said: "I came this time, firstly, the neighborhood was walking around, and secondly, I took the liberty to ask, how much did Mr. Wang cost to buy this villa?"

This just stopped Wang Ye, and he signed in to the system as a gift. As for how much money, he really didn't look at the contract carefully.

Seeing Wang Ye did not answer, Bai Guangcheng scolded the little fox, but he smiled and said, "Actually, I have a relative who has taken a fancy to this villa! She really likes it. I know that Mr. Wang is not short of money, but he took the liberty of it. Just ask, if Mr. Wang is willing, my relative is willing to spend one billion to buy your villa."

Damn it!

How many?!


Wang Ye's small heart almost didn't pop out.

He did not agree, but also did not refuse. Since the other party can quote a price of one billion, the value of this villa will definitely not be less than one billion.

"I just moved in today! I don't know if I'm used to living. If your relative really likes it, and I'm not used to it, then I might as well be an adult."

"That's great! Mr. Wang, I'm in that villa. You can come and sit when you have time."

Bai Guangcheng didn't worry about whether the villa was sold or not, and then turned and left.

"One billion! This Nima is almost catching up with a Luochuan hospital!"

Wang Ye forced his excitement and quickly closed the door of the villa, rushed into the living room for the first time, opened the contract and read it carefully.

When he saw the purchase price, his eyes were straight: 1.5 billion!

Oh my God……

Wang Ye felt dizzy. This villa was worth 1.5 billion yuan. Fortunately, it was sold to Na Bai Guangcheng without a promise.

If Bai Guangcheng knew that this villa was bought at a price of 1.5 billion, then why the Shuiyue Group, which they had previously wondered, had not sold it, and finally someone moved in, it would make sense.

Sell ​​or not?this is a problem!

With the contract, Wang Ye is hard to choose!

With business experience, Wang Ye is very accurate in doing business. If he sells it at a contract price of 1.5 billion, Bai Guangcheng will definitely buy it!

Moreover, this amount of money is enough to be used as the start-up capital of the real estate company, and the whole project of Luochuan Hospital may be doubled.

Isn't it just a house?Where is living?

Wang Ye gritted his teeth and made up his mind to sell!Must be sold!

The 1.5 billion income can make him make a comeback. Even the name of the real estate company, Wang Ye has thought about, is called Amano Group!

He suddenly stood up, holding the contract as he prepared to go out.

At this juncture when worrying about money, some people ask for the price and want to buy a house. That is undoubtedly a good thing to give away charcoal in the snow. Moreover, as long as the project of the new campus of Luochuan Hospital is completed, money can make a net profit of more than one billion yuan. Instead of.

Just when Wang Ye was determined to sell the villa, and thunder couldn't move, Jiang Mengdie's exclamation made him stop.

"My God, Splendid Rivers and Mountains! This is the work of contemporary masters. The current market share price should be around 200,000 yuan!"


Wang Ye hurriedly turned his head to look. The calligraphy and painting that Bai Guangcheng sent was not only fifty centimeters wide and about one meter long, with the four characters Jinxiuheshan written vigorously on it.

"Isn't it a fake?" Wang Ye asked casually.

He has just experienced the life of a wealthy man, so he doesn't believe in neighbors giving gifts, which can cost hundreds of thousands.

Jiang Mengdie shook his head and said, "Although I don't understand calligraphy and painting, I can be sure that this thing cannot be faked!"

As she said, she handed her mobile phone to Wang Ye. Looking at the Baidu Baike on the screen, Wang Ye took the real estate certificate on the table.

"This room! Not for sale!"