The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 14: A Gift Worth Over 100 Million Yuan

Wang Ye was taken aback when he saw him as if he had been evil.

"Mr. Bai, what's wrong?"

Bai Guangcheng didn't speak, but the hand holding the dagger trembled more violently.

"This is a gift that I carefully selected, because the bronze dagger is not only of collection value, but also mentioned in Feng Shui. The bronze dagger has the effect of a town house, so it was given away! But I didn't expect..."

Wang Ye scratched his head helplessly, the expression on his face somewhat embarrassed.

"Mr. Wang is serious!" Bai Guangcheng's voice trembled.

He reluctantly put down the bronze dagger, and immediately looked at Wang Ye with extremely hot eyes.

Isn't it the function of the charm pill?

Bai Guangcheng's expression made Wang Ye somewhat unnatural.

"Mr. Wang, really want to give this dagger to Bai?"

Bai Guangcheng asked solemnly.

Wang Ye was startled when he heard this, and then smiled and said, "Of course."

"It's really Bai Guangcheng's clumsy eyes, I actually refuted Mr. Wang's face at first, and only valued it at 2 million! Sorry, sorry! It was Bai Guangcheng who had eyes but didn't know Mount Tai!"

He said, pointing to the end of the dagger, and the word'Xu' was faintly visible in those vague writings.

"I dare to guess that this dagger was not only from the Qin and Han Dynasties, but also from a master swordsmith!"

Wang Ye didn't know much about Antiques. He was confused at the moment, but he still had a faint smile on his face.

"This was the weapon used by Jing Ke when he assassinated Qin! It was forged by the master of swordsmith Mrs. Xu. From the hilt of the sword, I carved the character'Xu' with a small editor, and I can conclude that this is a fish bowel sword! Am I right?"

Wang Ye Machinery nodded.

He knows Mrs. Xu, and he knows Yuchangjian.

But he couldn't tell the truth.if it is ture……

It is difficult to estimate the specific value, but the value is definitely not cheap!

"Since it is a fish-intestine sword, it must be at least a hundredfold!"

A hundred times?!

Isn't that two billion?

Did I give out two hundred million as a damn gift?

Wang Ye had the urge to give a few big mouths, but at this point he could only force a smile.

Now think about it again. I am afraid that none of the things presented by the check-in system are cheap. Thinking back to the past few days after taking the strong body pill, the body is obviously much stronger, and Wang Ye feels a kind of pain.

"Mr. Wang, generous, big picture!" Bai Guangcheng praised.

"Cough!" With a light cough, concealing the embarrassment in his heart, Wang Ye smiled and said: "It's only a matter of courtesy. Please also Mr. Bai to accept it."

"Then I will respect my fate!"

Holding the fish-gut sword, he turned and walked to the Bogu shelf, placing it carefully in it.


Wang Ye squeezed himself fiercely, then stood up.

"Mr. Bai, then I won't bother too much, let's leave first."

"Mr. Wang, I have been talking about this fish intestine sword just now. I forgot to order people to pour tea for you. I am neglecting, neglecting. Why are you sitting there?"

Bai Guangcheng gained the Yuchang Sword, and he admired Wang Ye's handwork more and more.

"There's still something to do later, let's get another day."

Wang Ye tactfully refused, let alone drinking tea, even if he invites him to drink Yulu now, he can't make up for his hurting heart at the moment.

Bai Guangcheng sent Wang Ye to the outside of the villa, and asked casually: "Excuse me for my clumsy eyes, Mr. Wang is very face-to-face, he is a newcomer to Luochuan, what kind of business do you do? More cooperation."

finally come!

Wang Ye was determined in his heart. Lao Tzu gave a gift of 200 million yuan, and you are waiting for this sentence.

However, he calmly said, "Actually, I am a local, but I have rarely been in Luochuan in these years! I am a real estate company, and the branch has just been established in Luochuan, called Amano Group. If you can cooperate with Mr. Bai , That's my honor."

"it is good!"

Bai Guangcheng's good word seemed resolute, but in fact his attitude was ambiguous. Wang Ye cursed the old fox secretly and went back to his villa.



When Bai Guangcheng returned, Su Xiaomo, dressed in white, was already sitting on the sofa in the living room, tasting a glass of red wine in his hand.


Bai Guangcheng brought the Yuchang Sword and said, "Fortunately, I went there yesterday. Otherwise, I really misunderstood that the kid is a playboy! And this kid is also generous in his shots. Yesterday, the calligraphy and painting were only 200,000 yuan. I gave my two Yide fish intestine swords as a gift."

"Oh." Su Xiaomo smiled playfully, shaking the wine glass, "A fish intestine sword, is this completely buying Uncle Bai?"

"The lady joked. If it is a fish-intestine sword, but only two hundred million, although the old slave is satisfied, it will not change my impression of a person, but I think this kid is very interesting, not bad, and worthy of socializing. Well, maybe we still need him in the future. Also, he is also a real estate agent."

Who is Bai Guangcheng?Has long been a human spirit.

Wang Ye thinks that no matter how well he hides it, how can he escape his vicious eyes.Obviously, Wang Ye didn't know the true value of Yuchang Sword before, but to his satisfaction, after knowing the value of Yuchang Sword.

Although the kid felt a little painful, he still gave it to him.

If you change to someone else, after learning that the fish bowel sword is less than 200 million yuan, he might find a reason to go back, but the other party would rather eat it by himself instead of doing so.

This-is the real successor.

"Have you ever mentioned our identity to him?" Su Xiaomo asked.

Bai Guangcheng shook his head, "No, now the family is in turmoil, and the big heirs are fighting openly and secretly. Our Tianyu Group has been silent for nearly a year, just waiting for the storm to pass. If not, I would rather be in favor of cooperating with Wang Ye."

Hearing this, Su Xiaomo stood up and walked quietly to the French window, looking at the villa opposite.

"The Su family is not peaceful! You and I have been alone for more than a year! If this continues, the Su family will probably forget our existence! Uncle Bai."

"What's your order, Miss?" Bai Guangcheng stepped forward respectfully.

"Investigate Wang Ye! Give me his details!"

Su Xiaomo drank the red wine in the glass.

In the dark night, his eyes are like knives.


When Wang Ye returned to the villa, he patted his face fiercely.

"It's stupid! Why didn't I send it through without investigating clearly! Two hundred million, I took my life!"

A wailing came from the villa!

Wang Ye’s adoptive mother’s family was originally ordinary. When he was a student, he had always been tight-fitting. Even after he founded Tianlang Pharmaceutical, he never spent money lavishly when he had money. He lived too many poor lives. Know the importance of money.

Moreover, not long ago, he was also desperate because of money, and he almost watched his mother leave him.

Therefore, the concept of money is carved into Wang Ye's bones. No matter how rich he is now or in the future, he will not be able to spend money like earth.

"No loss, no loss!"

After the wailing, Wang Ye finally calmed down.

Although 200 million were sent, the future return may be ten times, one hundred times!

Next, it depends on Jiang Mengdie's acting skills!

A huge plan to infiltrate the Su family and use its wealth to build its own business empire has kicked off with Wang Ye's sending out 200 million yuan.