At Villa No. 1 in the center of Shuiyue Garden, the muddy Su Xiaomo stopped in front of the door, watching everything in front of him, his lips squirming, and his mood was extremely complicated.Here, I once had my own memory!

Seeing that Su Xiaomo was in a bad mood, Wang Ye thought that he might have never seen such a luxurious villa. He was shocked and didn't take it seriously.Opening the door of the villa and stepping into the hall, Su Xiaomo could no longer control, a drop of tears rolled quietly.

It's just that Wang Ye hadn't noticed this scene. At this time, he stared at Jiang Mengdie in the living room blankly.

Holding a baseball bat in his hand, Jiang Mengdie asked nervously, "Who are you?"

Just now she accidentally watched the monitor, and there were two sneaky shadows in the screen, all dirty and black, and their behavior was very suspicious. What's more, she opened the door of the villa and walked in.

Jiang Mengdie could only be bold enough to find a baseball bat to defend himself.

"Mengdie, it's me!"

Wang Ye was a little bit dumbfounded, and said aloud.


Jiang Mengdie yelled softly, and his tears rolled down instantly when he was excited, rushing over Wang Ye's muddy body and clinging to Wang Ye.As for Su Xiaomo, she ignored it directly.

"Boss, it's all my fault. You are being bullied. They actually made you like this. I'll call the police and I must give you this bad breath."

The way Wang Ye is now makes Jiang Mengdie feel deeply self-blame.

"A bunch of rubbish, it can't help me, don't call the police."

With that said, Wang Ye patted Jiang Mengdie on the shoulder and signaled that her hug was over. After all, there was one person standing at the door.

"Then this is..."

"Uh, thanks to her, I rode into the ditch by bike." Wang Ye smiled bitterly, and pointed to Su Xiaomo aside.

"I don't know the real name, just call her dimple."


Su Xiaomo has the urge to kill this guy. Is there such a casual introduction to others, let alone such a beautiful and outstanding beauty.

"Hello, are you Wang Ye's wife?"

Su Xiaomo was depressed, stepped forward and glanced at Jiang Mengdie, knowingly asking.

"No, he is my boss."

Jiang Mengdie's face flushed, and he explained with shame, he didn't forget to glance at Wang Ye with his left light.


Can you really become the boss's wife someday in the future?

The two of them exuded a sour smell. After Jiang Mengdie led Su Xiaomo to the big bathroom, he took the clothes to change, knocked on the door, and opened the bathroom door. "This is mine. Clothes, if you don’t dislike it, you can wear them first. Your clothes need to be washed..."

Before he finished speaking, Su Xiaomo in the bathroom grabbed Jiang Mengdie's wrist and pulled it in without any explanation.

Unprepared Jiang Mengdie exclaimed, and when he saw Su Xiaomo's proud figure, his face blushed, and some did not dare to look directly.

"Hehe, young lady still knows to be shy."

Su Xiaomo smiled slyly: "Everyone is a woman, what's so embarrassing, the guy outside, even if he is a man, doesn't have the courage to break in."

"Oh, my sister has nice skin."

"Not as good as yours."

"Hee hee, sister is so pretty!"


Hearing the rogue words coming from the big bathroom, Wang Ye was completely defeated.

The woman actually regarded herself as transparent, not talking about her subordinates, and provoking him to have no courage.

Think of two women taking a bath together and applying shower gel to each other...

The picture is simply not too beautiful!

Wang Ye was mad, and almost didn't vomit it when he smelled the smell on his body.

Smelly, too smelly!

Looking at the two girls who were looming through the glass again, she took a deep breath and went to the bathroom on the second floor.


After taking a bath, Su Xiaomo, who was wrapped in a bath towel, picked up the clothing that Jiang Mengdie had sent.

"Sister Mengdie, you are really conservative, you wear boxer shorts!"

Holding a pair of boxer shorts in her hand, she smiled and looked at Jiang Mengdie.

"You little girl, you will make fun of me! My figure is not as good as you, can't it work!"

Jiang Mengdie didn't expect that the other party looked quite quiet and innocent, but she was a full-fledged female middle-aged hooligan. Every time she talked about it, her ears turned red and she didn't know how to continue.

"My sister's figure is not bad. She is slender and dignified. I am just a little precocious and too plump."

"Okay, okay, go on."

Jiang Mengdie also seemed helpless for such a female hooligan.

Su Xiaomo seems to be fighting with Jiang Mengdie, but in fact she has been observing secretly. From the initial trial of entering the door to the deliberate ridicule now, Jiang Mengdie’s shyness and conservativeness have confirmed her statement. It seems that she and Wang Ye It is indeed innocent.

Isn't that kid really not that it's Liu Xiahui, who is not in a mess?

In the lobby on the first floor, Wang Ye was lying on the sofa mechanically, and he did not remember the content.

The two girls in the big bathroom were happily playing, and laughter broke out from time to time, and words that were too plump, precocious, and quick to wear drifted into his ears from time to time. He is a big living person with normal physiology, which Still have energy to read the content on Douyin.

The frolics disappeared, and when Su Xiaomo came out wearing tight size clothes, Wang Ye couldn't help swallowing secretly.

The original plump figure, set off by clothes of one size, is even more lumpy and very attractive!

"Let's go, I'll take you home."

Wang Ye took a deep breath and got up from the sofa.

If he continues to keep her here, he is afraid that he will not be able to resist the temptation of the other party and do things that are not as good as animals.

"Come back home?"

"How about it?"

The smile on Su Xiaomo's face solidified, and she looked at Wang Ye in surprise.Pointing to the sky outside, and pursing his lips, the meaning couldn't be more obvious.

"Boss, it's getting late and her clothes haven't dried yet, or let...she live here tonight."

Speaking of this, Jiang Mengdie also felt something wrong, she didn't even know the other party's real name.

"Whatever, there are many rooms anyway."

Wang Ye looked at Su Xiaomo heavily, then got up on the third floor.

He always felt that this little dimple was not simple, everything seemed natural, but when he thought about it, he felt that something was wrong.


Wang Ye lay on the bed in the bedroom with his hands behind his head, recalling everything that happened in the nightclub in his mind.

In the past ten days or so, what kind of relationship did Liu Feifei, who was already ruined and heavily in debt, climbed up to the Su Family Young Master?

Su Yuanhang's attitude towards her is not respectful in the eyes of ordinary people, but genuine fear. What is the reason for this?

Could it be that Su Yuanhang did some shameful things, and Liu Feifei got the evidence?

If this is the case, it is obviously impossible for Su Yuanhang to divorce Liu Feifei within three days.

What else can I do?

He lay quietly, pondering silently, unknowingly it was already past 12 o'clock in the morning.

Call out the phone, click on the system, and it prompts to sign in.

Wang Ye clicked it casually.

[Congratulations to the host, continuous check-in and check-in success, the system presents reward: Xiaoyaosan.


Wang Ye frowned and looked at the effect description: the user's spirit is doubled and the vitality is unlimited.

The explanation was very simple, with only a few hasty words, Wang Ye chose to withdraw, and soon a glass bottle appeared in front of him.

The so-called Xiaoyao San, in the form of small white granules, looks like sugar at first glance.

Wang Ye watched for a long time, and couldn't help but spit out: "This thing-what is it?"