The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 23-I don't agree

The security guard with a big waist and a round waist walked quickly, especially the one who had been slapped earlier, and even found the baton around his waist.

I thought Wang Ye was a big man, but he didn't expect to be a brain-dead who came to find fault.

"Master, don't worry, I'll get that kid out!" Rubbing his face, the security guard walked over with eyes.

"Are you sure, don't plan to divorce your wife?" Wang Ye asked calmly, turning a blind eye to the security guards approaching.

"Hugh you ancestor! You are so crazy! Interrupt your dog legs later, see if you dare to be bold! Haha..."

Su Yuanhang stared at Wang Ye and laughed like a fool.

Suddenly, his laughter stopped abruptly, and a huge slap suddenly magnified in his eyes.


Wang Ye slapped Su Yuanhang's face with a slap, and immediately slapped him around in a circle.

Liu Yan shuddered, and the security guards were also very scared.

Wang Ye clasped Su Yuanhang's wrist, twisted it hard, and put his foot on his leg. Su Yuanhang screamed and knelt down.

With a heavy slap on the back of his head, Wang Ye said coldly, "Idiot!"

"Wang Ye, how dare you hit me? I'll do..."

"Don't talk nonsense again, crippling you!" Wang Ye's cold words made Su Yuanhang's face suddenly changed.

He had no doubt that this lunatic would indeed do such a thing.

"Let go of Master!" The security guard raised his baton.

"Dare to mess, I can't guarantee whether he will live or not!" Wang Ye sneered, grabbed Su Yuanhang, and strangled his throat.

The three big-waisted security guards did not dare to approach.

Pushing and shoving, Wang Ye took Su Yuanhang directly and walked towards the villa.

The three security guards did not dare to act rashly and could only keep their distance and follow Wang Ye.

In the living room on the first floor of the villa, Mr. Su smiled.

Su Tianao was very happy to see him, glanced at Su Xiaomo proudly, and walked quickly to the side of the old man.

"Dad, I blame Yuanhang guy, he is young and energetic to do this kind of thing. For the face of the Su family, the wedding did not go too far, even after the marriage, he did not receive it, but first took Liu Feifei to live in. Family, after all, you have to be responsible for others."

"Responsible, you must be responsible!" Elder Su smiled: "Moreover, this wedding is going to be a big deal, please invite most of the decent people in Luochuan to attend! Feifei, since you have entered our Su family, you must not be wronged. , The most urgent thing is to have a good fetus and give my Su family a fat boy."

Liu Feifei smiled upon hearing this, "Don't worry, father, this little guy in my stomach is more important than my life."

"Hahaha, sensible, sensible, really sensible child." Old man Su laughed.

Su Tianao saw this, struck the iron while it was hot, and said, "Father, you think this good thing is going to happen, and the voyage is about to have heirs. Should the Su family's property be handed over to the younger generation?"

Hearing this, the smile on Elder Su's face gradually faded.

He glanced at Su Xiaomo who had nothing to do, and his old eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

With one hand sticking the dragon head cane, he was obviously thinking.

I have to say that among the four sons of the Su family, only Su Tianyu has the most business acumen. Unfortunately, two years ago, Su Xiaomo died of an illness. Among his grandchildren, Su Xiaomo inherited his father's fine genes.

Regardless of her young age, she is calm and wise in the business arena.

It's just a pity that she is a generation of women, and patriarchy is deeply ingrained in Father Su's heart. Sooner or later, Su Xiaomo will marry. If the Su family property is handed over to her, the Su family will change their name sooner or later.

Thinking of this, looking at Liu Feifei's deliberately bulging belly, Old Su slammed his crutches and said, "Since Yuanhang has taken over the Su family's inheritance, then do what you said."

Su Tianao was trembling with joy.

"I disagree!"

At this moment, a strange sound came from the entrance of the hall, and Wang Ye strangled Su Yuanhang's neck and walked in.

Hearing this familiar voice, Su Xiaomo looked up with a smile on his lips.

As for Liu Feifei, she was stiff, and her face looked extremely pale.

"Who are you? Dare to come to my Su's house and make trouble!" Su Tianao yelled in breath when seeing this.

Wang Ye ignored him, but looked at Su Xiaomo with a smile.

Eyes are facing each other, tacit understanding.

"You came."

"Well, here it is!"

After a brief conversation, Wang Ye kicked Su Yuanhang to the ground.

"Give me! Catch him!" Su Tianao shouted, and several security guards were ready to step forward.

"Wait!" Su Xiaomo stood up and walked to the side of Old Su. "Grandpa, this is Wang Ye. He is currently a partner of Tianyu Group and the chairman of Tianye Group."

"Amano Group, I have never heard of it! No matter who he is, he dare to come to Su's house to make trouble, and even hurt the voyage. Today's matter is endless!" Su Tianao said first.

Elder Su also had a gloomy face, not to mention that he hadn't heard of the Tianye Group, even if it was a well-known company in Luochuan, he would not dare to act recklessly here.

"Wang Ye, right?" Elder Su asked in a deep voice.

"Junior Wang Ye, I have seen the old man." Wang Ye arched his hands politely.

"This is?" The old man pointed to Su Yuanhang who had just got up.

"That's how it is!" Wang Ye calmly sat down, regardless of everyone's eyes.

"It's true that this girl Liu Feifei is actually my ex-girlfriend of Wang Ye. It's a bit presumptuous to come today, but I'm afraid it won't make sense if I don't come. Su Yuanhang is so bold and robs my woman..."

"Wang Ye, you talk nonsense! We broke up a long time ago, and I have nothing to do with you, Liu Feifei." Liu Feifei was anxious and roared.

Wang Ye turned his head and pointed to her belly, "Breaking up is breaking up, but how do I count my kind?"

"You fart!" Liu Feifei couldn't help but explode, "I didn't have sex with you half a year ago. How could it be your kind."

"Then whose? Han Ziming's?" Wang Ye grinned.

"You..." Liu Feifei was speechless angrily.

After finally climbing up to the Su family, the days of the wealthy and wealthy are coming, but Wang Ye is still lingering and will not leave her Liu Feifei a little bit of life.

Hearing this, Old Su's face was already pale.

"Is this true?" He pestered his crutches heavily and coughed violently.

That's it for Xidangpa, and almost left the Su family's tens of billions of assets to a wild species!How can Father Su be angry.

"Dad, don't listen to this kid's nonsense!"

"Grandpa, this madman is slanderous, don't take it seriously!"

Su Tianao and his son were sweating profusely, and the fat on their lips seemed to be flying.

Liu Feifei also fell on her knees, "Grandpa, this Wang Ye is just a poppi helpless, don't believe what he said. I can guarantee that this is the child of the voyage. If you don't believe it, you can do a paternity test!"

"Early pregnancy, the puncture paternity test will have a great impact on the fetus." Su Xiaomo finally said, "Or just put it aside for a few months before doing the test."

Seeing Liu Feifei's vows and confidence, Su Xiaomo could only say so. Now that he can resolve the crisis and open up for Wang Ye, it is the best of both worlds.


But at this moment, Wang Ye and Liu Feifei said almost in unison.