The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 25-I Want to Chase You

With Wang Ye's guidance, Su Tianao successfully resolved the matter.

With a gloomy expression on his crutches, the old man Su walked out of the villa with Su Xiaomo's support without saying more.

"Wang Ye! Do you have to force me Liu Feifei to have nowhere?" Liu Feifei suddenly got up, roaring ferociously.

Wang Ye looked solemn and nodded heavily.

"You are right! I just want to make you Liu Feifei nowhere to go!"

"You don't remember any feelings between us at the beginning..."

"Enough!" Wang Ye scolded angrily, "Emotional? Ridiculous!"

"Do you know! My mother is still in the intensive care unit of the hospital and hasn't woken up! At first, you wanted to leave me and cheat me of my money. Why did you join Han Ziming to make my mother more and more ill? After half a year of pain in the hospital, who will be responsible? Huh, love! For you, there is no love to talk about."

Liu Feifei looked desperate and fell limp again.

Su Tianao was not interested in listening to them and said, "Wang Ye, you promised me, I hope you can keep the secret! Otherwise, even if Su Tianao loses everything, I have to hold you back."

Wang Ye just nodded heavily, but he became more curious about Hongfeng Trading.

"Come here, drag her out for me and drive her out of Su's house!"

"Mr. Wang, please go back!"

Liu Feifei, who was so desperate, was dragged out of Su's villa by two security guards. Wang Ye turned and walked to the parking lot.

Sitting in the car, he let out a long sigh of relief, without the slightest pity in his heart.

All this is Liu Feifei deserved!


Someone tapped the car window.

Wang Ye lowered the car glass, and it was Su Xiaomo and Bai Guangcheng who stood outside.

"Mr. Wang doesn't seem surprised to see me here?" Su Xiaomo asked with a smile.

At this moment, she is not like she was in the villa yesterday. The two dimples are very beautiful with a smile, a little careless, straightforward girl, and now she just has the charm of a domineering president.

Wang Ye nodded, "It is indeed a bit unexpected. I didn't expect you, the dimple, to be a big man."

"I didn't expect Mr. Wang to be able to play the whole thing like this. The shell company, playing around with two real estate companies, came to Su's villa alone to force Su Yuanhang to divorce his wife. I admire and admire him."

Little vixen, he has clearly figured out my details, and he is still playing with me here!

Wang Ye wore a wicked smile, "That is thanks to your praise."

"Don't don't don't, I have to thank you this time, otherwise I'm at Su's house, but I won't have a foothold!" Su Xiaomo bent over and smiled.

"The two don't have to praise each other anymore!" Bai Guangcheng smiled bitterly and shook his head, "It seems that it is me, who has been kept in the dark."

"Formally introduce it, Su Xiaomo." Su Xiaomo stretched out a boneless hand.

Wang Ye stretched out his hand out of the window and shook her, "Wang Ye."

"I am both a partner and a neighbor. It coincides with Mr. Wang's help today. Why not go to my house as a guest and have a casual meal together."

"I can't ask for it!" Wang Ye agreed with one bite.

Su Xiaomo sat on the Maybach next door, and Wang Ye drove his Ferrari towards the outside of the Su family villas.

Outside the Su family villas, on the side of the wide road, Liu Feifei sat desperately on the ground with hollow eyes.

Two luxury cars passed by, Wang Ye just glanced at her without stopping at all.

In the second villa of Shuiyue Garden, there is a table of sumptuous meals.

Wang Yeduan sat there with a glass of red wine in his hand.


Bai Guangcheng was among them, and the three raised their glasses.

"Mr. Wang, about Hongfeng Trading..." Su Xiaomo asked in a tentative tone.

"I don't know." Wang Ye replied casually.


Su Xiaomo and Bai Guangcheng looked at each other, and from their expressions, they obviously didn't believe Wang Ye.

"I really don't know anything." Wang Ye explained: "I just know that Su Tianao seems to be very taboo about this, so I fooled it."

"Hahaha, you really are there."

It didn't look like he was joking, Su Xiaomo smiled and shook his head.

After drinking and eating for three times, Su Xiaomo put down the red wine glass and looked at Wang Ye with solemn expression.

"Mr. Wang, if you can buy a villa, you should also be a person of identity! But I am curious, what is your purpose of approaching me?"

She only uses the word'should' because the investigation has clearly revealed Wang Ye's details. The Amano Group is just an empty shell, but a villa is truly authentic.

Wang Ye narrowed his smile and said seriously: "In the beginning it was just doing business."

"What about now?" Su Xiaomo asked.

"Now, I want to chase you!" Wang Ye looked serious, staring straight at Su Xiaomo.


Su Xiaomo was stunned, and Bai Guangcheng was also shocked.

Wouldn't this guy be tactful?

That shell company only needs to cover other people's money, this is so shameless that it has risen to this point, and the face is not blush after speaking!

"Chasing me? It's not easy to chase." Su Xiaomo smiled after a while.

But in my heart, it did mean something to Wang Ye.

This interesting man has a bold personality, distinct likes and hats, and no impurities.

Otherwise, after breakfast that day, I am afraid he has already taken the opportunity to do something extraordinary.

But if you want to say you like it, Su Xiaomo doesn't believe in love at first sight.

"I want to say, love you at first sight, do you believe it?"

Wang Ye's words were in his arms, Su Xiaomo shook his head without hesitation.

"Don't believe me, then I can't help it!"

"Ah, um, let's not have a glass of wine again?" Bai Guangcheng asked with a light cough, thinking that this guy treats me like air, right.

"No need to!"

But Wang Ye and Su Xiaomo replied in unison.


Bai Guangcheng was embarrassed and couldn't speak directly.

At this dining table, Su Xiaomo stared at Wang Ye, Wang Ye stared at her without evasiveness, looking at each other.

"I think Ms. Jiang Mengdie is pretty good." Su Xiaomo spoke first.

"She is really good."

"Then you should chase her! She treats you meticulously."

"But I fell in love with you at first sight."

"But there are really a lot of people who chase me, they are all rich and powerful."

"I'm not bad!"

"Their family status is enough to help me and get the power of the Su family."

"I can too! Go to your company to work tomorrow."


Su Xiaomo almost squirted out a sip of wine. If he didn't know Wang Ye quite well, he would definitely think it was a puff of help if he listened to his short answer.

"You are also the chairman of the Amano Group anyway. It's not appropriate to work for me."

"The driver or the secretary are fine."

There is no way to talk this day.

Su Xiaomo shook the glass, and said no more, she just shook her head with a wry smile.

After eating a meal, Bai Guangcheng was almost euphemistically drove away, and Wang Ye left the villa.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Bai Guangcheng looked at his back and said depressed: "This guy's villa, wouldn't it be that way?"

"Uncle Bai, what do you think of him?" Su Xiaomo stood with her hands behind her, looking at Wang Ye's back.

"You don't really like him, do you?" After Bai Guangcheng finished speaking, when Su Xiaomo was silent, he continued: "What I give him is that he is a very individual rascal!"

"I can't see it!"

Su Xiaomo shook his head, "I really like his direct and refreshing energy. Let's see, maybe he can really help us."