The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 29 The Power of Shadowless Shoes

Jiang Mengdie was about to reach into the footbath, but was hurriedly stopped by Wang Ye.

"It's okay, I can just bubble."

"Boss, you can see that you have walked a lot, pressing your feet to soothe your muscles and invigorate the blood. I used to be in my hometown, and I often pressed my parents' feet, and they all said that I have a good technique."

Jiang Mengdie persisted, stuffing his hands into the footbath, holding Wang Ye's hands and pressing them.

I have to say that Jiang Mengdie's skills are skillful, and it is particularly comfortable to hold.

Leaning on the seat and looking at Jiang Mengdie who was serious, Wang Ye felt a little stupid.

Such a gentle, kind, and versatile woman cared for herself in every way, but she didn't even feel about her. She fell in love with a "lunatic" Su Xiaomo who had a dual personality. She really doubted whether she had a tendency to self-abuse.

"Mengdie, things are going well with the group recently?" Wang Ye asked softly.

"It's very smooth. The boss has opened up the relationship, and the rest is much simpler. The construction of the new campus of Luochuan Hospital has begun."

"In the future, don't be too active." Wang Ye smiled with concern: "Amano Group is just an ideal I have always wanted to start a business and become bigger and stronger. In fact, I am not very interested in money. Don't be too much. Tired, just tell the employees to do something."

"That's your ideal, boss, and mine. It's a pleasure to do it myself."

But Wang Ye didn't say much about Jiang Mengdie, and he went upstairs after dinner.

Lying on the bed, although his feet no longer hurt, the soreness of his legs made him unable to sleep.

Nearly eleven o'clock, Wang Ye, who was a little sleepy, looked at the time again. He was less than an hour before signing in, so he endured and continued to survive until the early morning.

Call out the phone, click to sign in, Wang Ye's eyes lit up.

Successfully check in and sign in, get system reward: Wuying Shoes.

Looking at the function introduction, Wang Ye was overjoyed.

Function introduction of shadowless shoes: fashionable upper design, comfortable and easy to put on, and will greatly increase the speed of movement, as fast as light and shadow.

"Send charcoal in the snow!"

Wang Ye almost burst into tears of joy, and clicked to extract. With these shadowless shoes, it would be much easier to climb the stairs if he was targeted again.

Soon a pair of sneakers without a brand name appeared on Wang Ye's bed.

Even though his legs were sore, he still put them on and tried them. The size of the shadowless shoes was just right. They started like the wind and moved as fast as lightning. They could hardly be seen.

"Not bad!" Standing on the balcony, Wang Ye smiled happily.

He gradually figured out the laws of this magical system.

On the first two days of the week, the gifts given by the system after signing in are some assets or antiques, which belong to the category of money.

On three days of the week, the system gives away pills with different effects.

In the last two days, the system gave out some weird treasures.For example, invisibility cloak and these shadowless shoes.

However, whether this law is really true remains to be verified.

Wang Ye turned to enter the bedroom, turned off the light and went to sleep. He never noticed that Su Xiaomo was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the opposite room, looking at his bedroom from a distance.

Early the next morning, the ringing of the phone woke up Wang Ye.

"Mr. Wang, are you planning to leave?" Su Xiaomo's voice came over the phone.

"Late? I'll get up now."

"I haven't gotten up yet. Don't be late for the second day of work! I have sent Uncle Bai to the company. If you don't leave your job, you can drive to the company by yourself." Su Xiaomo hung up the phone after speaking. .

Turning over and getting up, after a brief wash, Wang Ye rushed downstairs.

"Boss, so early?" Jiang Mengdie poked her head out in the kitchen.

"In a hurry to go to work, I will be late."

Regarding the matter of going to work in Tianyu Group, Wang Ye had already told Jiang Mengdie that Wang Ye had the right to lurk in.

"It's less than seven o'clock!"

Listening to Jiang Mengdie's words, Wang Ye looked at his watch and it was only 6:40.

"Then Su Xiaomo is crazy!" From nine to five, it's still early to nine!

After the depressed Wang Ye finished his breakfast, he went out with Jiang Mengdie and asked her to buy a car for the company, but Jiang Mengdie just refused to buy it.

So Wang Ye sent her downstairs to the company, which is to go to Tianyu Group.

The roar of Ferrari echoed in the underground parking lot of Tianyu Group. After finding a parking space, Wang Ye stopped.

Just getting out of the car, a pair of hot eyes stared at him.

"Wang Ye?!"

"Dead fat man!" Wang Ye glanced at Bai Chi who was walking quickly, and muttered in a low voice.

After going around Ferrari, Bai Chi asked, "Su A88888, oh! The chairman bought a new car?"

Pointing to the Maybach next to him, Wang Ye said casually: "That's your chairman's car! This is mine!"

After speaking, he walked to the elevator entrance.

"Now the driver and secretary, is the salary so high? Are all Ferraris driven?"

Wang Ye who walked into the elevator heard Bai Chi's astonished murmur.

Soon, Wang Ye found that many people in the company were looking at him with strange eyes and were whispering secretly.

And strangely enough, no one called him this morning.

Stepping on the shadowless shoes on his feet, Wang Ye is a little uncomfortable!

"Wang Ye! Go to the eighth floor and bring up the information of Shuiyue Group. It is all the information! Hurry up."

Finally in his expectation, Su Kehong opened the door.

"Wait!" Wang Ye got up, rubbed his hands and walked towards the elevator.

Unsurprisingly, the four elevators are still the old method and are still occupied, and Wang Ye walked towards the corridor with some excitement.

Lifting his leg slightly harder, everything in front of him seemed to be slow motion, and he went from the twentieth floor to the eighth floor in just a few breaths.

He stroked the blown hair with his hands, and Wang Ye smiled beautifully.

After playing for a long time on the eighth floor, he quickly returned to the twentieth floor, with shadowless shoes not only as fast as lightning, but also effortless.

A thick pile of materials was placed on the desk of the project department. Wang Ye was about to turn around to leave, and Bai Chi called to him.

"Wang Ye." She lowered her voice, "Are you offending Manager Su?"

"So what?" Wang Ye asked.

Bai Chi beckoned, "Su Kehong is a very careful person. Yesterday, you were his attention. He is a fake tiger and deceives others. I will give you a trick to ensure that he will not dare to cheat you in the future."

"Oh?" Wang Ye asked with interest: "Let's listen to it."

"You just need to show the car key to Su Kehong. He sees that the chairman has bought you a car, and he understands your position in the chairman's heart! I'm sure he won't bully you again."

Listening to Baichi's words, Wang Ye suddenly realized, no wonder Su Xiaomo left so early this morning, because Su Xiaomo had already supported him with this trick.

This society is realistic, and honest and poor people are the easiest to be bullied.

But in the company, Su Xiaomo is the chairman of the board. A woman who wants to convince the public must be resolute and domineering, so Su Xiaomo was so indifferent yesterday to let people know that the company has a company system.

No matter how good the nepotism is, it must strictly obey the company's control.

But the side-knock is different. When everyone mistakenly thought that Wang Ye was loved by the chairman and presented him with a Ferrari, all of them were in jealousy and did not dare to make things difficult for him!

"I've become the boss of the company in recent years!" Wang Ye smiled bitterly.

"What are you talking about? Boss?" Bai Chi thought he had heard it wrong.

"It's nothing." Wang Ye waved his hand and smiled slyly: "I have a better trick than yours. During lunch time, do you want to see?"