Can't hold Wang Ye, everyone yelled at him and Su Kehong to the Yushan Building.

More than a dozen cars were parked outside the Yushan Building. All the senior executives of Tianyu Group were present, and there were nearly 30 people in total.

"Wang Ye!"

Su Xiaomo and Wang Ye were at the forefront, and she reminded in a low voice: "Don't be fooling around! You must make an appointment in advance for meals at Yushanlou. This has been the rule for many years! No matter who you are, there is no exception for treatment! You are so rash! Go, eating closed doors will only make everyone laugh at you!"

She kindly reminded that she pouted angrily when she saw Wang Ye's indifferent appearance.

At the beginning of its establishment, Yushanlou was a joint venture of the three major catering giants in Luochuan. At first, it was not open to the outside world and was only used for internal use by the three major catering giants.

But then I discovered that the effect of hunger marketing is huge. Only five tables of guests are accepted every day, and reservations must be made in advance. Even if there is no table of guests sometimes, the temporary guests refuse to eat.

Therefore, for so many years, it has made Yushanlou's reputation so much. The cost of a meal is all sky-high, and both the reputation and the market value are soaring.

Wang Ye held up his chest, confident, raised his head and looked at the Yushan Building, and couldn't help but smack his lips.

The location is excellent. From the outside, the Yushan Building reveals the style of the ancient royal family, and it has only five floors.

As soon as he walked into the Yushan Building, Wang Ye was dumbfounded by the luxurious decorations. Everyone behind him came here for the first time except for Su Xiaomo, and they burst into sorrows as they looked strange.

This is a restaurant, it's a palace!

"Hello, welcome to Yushanlou, do you have an appointment in advance?"

A waiter at the front desk walked over quickly and asked respectfully.

"No!" Wang Ye directly made Su Xiaomo glared at him with dissatisfaction.

"Then I'm sorry, sir, you need to make a reservation in advance for meals at Yushanlou. You can wait until the next reservation is made." The male waiter was very polite.

Wang Ye leaned closer, pulled the corner of the waiter's clothes, gestured to clean up, "Can it work?"

"Sorry sir, we don't allow tipping here, and I don't have the right to allow people who have not made a reservation to eat here." The upright waiter has a steady voice without the slightest concealment.

A group of people in Tianyu Group can hear clearly.

"My God, Secretary Wang, this is too much a copycat! How about taking a tip here to tempt the waiter?"

"I signed the contract yesterday. It was not because of this idiot energy that the blind cat met a dead mouse!"

"A person here who takes money to buy a waiter is completely possible!"

In the hearts of everyone, the tall image that was established collapsed into ruins at this moment, and a group of colleagues looked at Wang Ye with a look of stupidity.

Su Xiaomo really couldn't listen anymore, she stepped forward and dragged Wang Ye, and tried to restrain herself: "Can you be more reliable? Go, exchange for Huixin Hotel!"

"Wait!" Wang Ye motioned to her not to worry, and then said to the waiter: "You can't be the master, call your manager."

If it hadn't been for Su Xiaomo's frequent visitor here, the waiter would have seen her know her well and gave her face.

"The manager is receiving guests, please come back, sir!"

"Can you give me a call?" Wang Ye asked, with a feeling of despair.

In fact, he was also panicked in his heart. Yushanlou is now his Wangye's property. As the chairman of this place, he can't even see the manager.

Just as he was fighting with the waiter, a man in a suit and leather shoes with brightly combed hair walked over.

"Chairman Su, you..." The man looked at the group of people behind Su Xiaomo and smiled bitterly: "Your company has a dinner?"

Su Xiaomo was a little embarrassed, but everyone in the group was here, so I couldn't say that he came to fight.

She nodded and said: "Mr. Guo, you are busy with you, don't have to greet me."

The man's name is Guo Huai, and he is also a well-known entrepreneur in Luochuan.

Guo Huai made an inviting gesture, "I have already booked the Yushan Building today. If Chairman Su appreciates his face, he can have a meal together. I will introduce you to an entrepreneur from the magic city."

Su Xiaomo was waiting to refuse, and Wang Ye said carelessly: "The feeling is good, anyway, the Royal Restaurant is so big, we can choose the first floor later."

When he said these words, Su Xiaomo wanted to find a place to get in.

On weekdays, Wang Ye is quite normal, how can he become a stunner when there are too many people!

Su Xiaomo regretted it and went out to eat with him.

At this time, Guo Huai had shown a sarcasm smile and stretched out one hand to block Wang Ye who was about to enter.

"Excuse me! I invited Chairman Su, who are you?"

"Oh, I am Chairman Su's secretary and driver." Wang Ye smiled and stretched out his hand.

But Guo Huai glanced at him and ignored him, and with a look of disgust, he turned to Su Xiaomo, "If Chairman Su is in urgent need of a driver, I can recommend a person who is very knowledgeable and knowledgeable, and has a car skill. Very nice person, that kind of person fits your identity as Chairman Su."

The contempt, ridicule, and even the feeling of looking at Wang Ye more than once would make his eyes dirty.

Guo Huai's words made all the executives of Tianyu Group smile bitterly, and Wang Ye was really an idiot without knowledge.

"Don't bother!" Su Xiaomo said calmly, before Guo Huai's face, he grabbed Wang Ye's wrist, "Let's go."

"wait a minute……"

"What are you waiting for? Waiting for others to laugh at you! Waiting for others to see your jokes!" Su Xiaomo restrained.

But Wang Ye was heartless, hehe smiled and said, "I care about me! I remember someone said, why care about others' eyes."

"Sir, you don't care about my vision, but please leave." The waiter said, without forgetting to add, "Please don't disturb our VIP dining."

Wang Ye smiled coldly and watched the waiter honestly. He didn't expect that the kung fu of slapping horses was quite good.

"I really got on the bar today! I have to eat here, and it's a private room!"

Hearing what Wang Ye said, the waiter smiled helplessly, Guo Huai looked contemptuous, and the colleagues also cast ridiculous glances.

At this moment, Su Xiaomo couldn't bear it anymore, "Wang Ye, which muscle did you have today, why do you have to eat here."

"Because you like to eat, the jade jade dragon soup made by the chef here."

Wang Ye's answer made Su Xiaomo stunned, and a strong touch of emotion quickly appeared in his eyes. It turned out that Wang Ye did all this for her!

"Hello Mr. Guo, everything is ready." At this moment, Manager Chen of Yushanlou walked over quickly.

He glanced at Wang Ye and the group of people, frowned, "What's the matter?"


Before the waiter spoke, Wang Ye walked over, "Are you the manager here?"

"I am, may I ask you who?" Manager Chen asked tentatively.

Wang Ye's face sank, and he scolded, "Why, I have to make an appointment to eat here? You manager don't want to do it!"

"Everyone is the same, you have to make an appointment!" Manager Chen also sinked, and said to the waiter: "What are you doing in a daze, call the security guard!"

"Did Wang Ye threaten people just now?"

"Could it be that I signed the contract and lost my mind?"

"This is not to invite everyone to dinner, this is to witness his stupid new limit!"

A group of colleagues whispered that Benima is ashamed here!Even they felt that their faces had nothing to do, and they wanted to kick Wang Ye up.