The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 43 Agreements and Promises

"Are you in a hurry?"

The silence in the car was broken by Wang Ye's irrelevant words.

Su Xiaomo retracted his gaze and asked, "What do you mean?"

"If you are not in a hurry to go home, I would like to ask you to accompany me, then go to the top of the ring road and watch the sunset."

His voice was very calm, and Bingxue and smart Su Xiaomo had already guessed that Wang Ye had something to say to him, and the things he had to say were heavy.

It's just that she didn't guess what Wang Ye was going to say.

"Don't worry!" She also faintly replied.

In one direction, the car went straight to Huanshan Road.

Compared with the previous time, Wang Ye drove the car very smoothly this time and parked on the mountain top road, a long time before sunset.

With the car window open, the wind on the top of the mountain blew over, blowing Su Xiaomo's long hair, and also the hesitation on Wang Ye's face.

"Can you say it?" Su Xiaomo spoke first after a long silence.

Wang Ye got out of the car and sat on the hood, looking out over the West Mountain. There was still a high blazing sun, and the dazzling sunlight made his eyes narrow.

"You are too tired to live, right?"

"What?" Su Xiaomo in the car didn't hear clearly, she opened the car door and went on.

Also imitating Wang Ye, sitting on the hood.

"What are you playing with? Just say something."

"Su Xiaomo, I mean! Don't you think that you are too tired to live?" Wang Ye turned his head and looked at her solemnly.

That look made Su Xiaomo's heart tremble slightly, don't turn her head, she concealed, "If you are alive, don't you feel tired! Aren't you tired?"

"You know what I mean! Uncle has been gone for two years, no matter how he died, now you should live for yourself and consider yourself..."

"Stop talking!" Su Xiaomo sternly shouted, "Wang Ye! Do you really think of me as your girlfriend? I don't have to worry about my business."

"Hahaha, does this touch your sore spots?" Wang Ye smiled sadly.

Just mentioning this, Su Xiaomo was sitting on pins and needles, her heart knot was far stronger than she thought.

"Yes! I am indeed pursuing you, and I am pursuing with all my strength! But what I am pursuing is Su Xiaomo who fell into the ditch with me after sitting on a bicycle that night! Not a face of pretense, in the company Su Xiaomo is extremely cold!"

"In the company……"

"You don't have to argue so much, cold and harsh! It is a means of managing the company, but it cannot conceal your inner pain and the fact that you cannot face life!"

Wang Ye was merciless, and didn't get the least bit muddled while speaking.

"Su Xiaomo! If your father is alive in the sky, he would not want to see his daughter, because of things that cannot be changed, he lives in pain and memories!"

"You have no right to rebuke my life! You have no right to rebuke my goal!"

Su Xiaomo was really angry, so he walked to the car.

"I have been secretly investigating the cause of my uncle's death, and I have made great progress!"

"What?" Su Xiaomo's footsteps stopped abruptly, and Huo Ran turned to look at Wang Ye.

After a moment of daze, she quickly stepped forward, grabbed Wang Ye's wrist, and asked, "Tell me, what did you find?"

"I can tell you, but not now!"

When Su Xiaomo was about to let go of his wrist, Wang Ye grabbed Su Xiaomo's hand backhand.

"Please believe me, I will find out what the matter is! But also please promise me that no matter what the truth is, you have to accept it with pleasure and give everything back!"

Looking at Wang Ye's firm gaze, Su Xiaomo frowned.

"Give it back?"

"Yes! The truth of the matter, the death of uncle! You are now cold on the surface, and your heart is decadent, and everything is returned to the past! Let's start from the beginning!"

Seeing Wang Ye's eyes, Su Xiaomo opened her mouth and stopped talking.

The man in front of him, although he has known each other not long ago, he knows himself too well!

Years ago, she was a pure, lovely, cheerful and lively girl. When her mother fell ill and left, she became taciturn.

Two years ago, her father also passed away due to illness. There were many doubts in it, which caused her to change her personality almost overnight and became a glamorous woman.

In the past two years, she has given everyone the feeling that she is aloof and indifferent.

But only during this period of time with Wang Ye's solitude, did she seem to have returned to the innocent, somewhat two-dimensional her back then.

"Promise me, okay?" Wang Ye asked.

Su Xiaomo's lips trembled slightly, and after a while she nodded heavily, "Wang Ye! I, Su Xiaomo, promise you! As long as you find out the truth about his father's death, as long as the bad guys pay the price they deserve! I Su Xiao Mo, is willing to abandon all pretense, accept her future happily, and... also accept you, my love!"

Wang Ye, with a solemn expression, finally smiled after hearing these words.

Behind the cause of Su Tianyu's death, there must be a heavy story, and that story will definitely make it difficult for Su Xiaomo to accept.

But having this "vaccination" has her promise, it should be better by then.

"A word is definite!" Wang Ye smiled, and looked towards Xishan, only the setting sun was left.

Ding Ding Ding...

The phone rang.

"Zhou Tao?"

Looking at the phone, Wang Ye put the phone in his pocket.

Once the mountains and rivers were exhausted, Liu Feifei had all the money. In order to raise money for his mother, he called all his relatives and friends, but he did not borrow the last dime.

Seeing the warmth and coldness of the people, Wang Ye had planned to delete those people from the address book, but no one had ever called him, so he also forgot about it.

In the most impoverished period, it was almost isolated from the world!

"Go ahead, maybe someone is looking for you for something." Su Xiaomo raised his head and pointed to the phone that rang in his pocket again.

"A bunch of snobs!"

Wang Ye did not answer, but the phone rang again after a while.

Depressed Wang Ye, this is the answer to the call.

"Something?" He said calmly.

"Wang Ye, why don't I call you several times! It's really not easy to find you. Fortunately, I had the phone number of your secretary Jiang Mengdie, but I found your mobile phone number after several laps..."

"It's okay, I'm hanging up!" Wang Ye laughed to himself, because he had already deleted his phone number.

The former classmate relationship is not as good as the phone number of a strange, beautiful girl, which was kept in Zhou Tao's phone for a long time.

"Why are you in a hurry? I didn't borrow money from you, because I was afraid of you." On the other end of the phone, Zhou Tao joked: "I heard, you are up again. Good thing, brothers have not seen you for a long time, Da Liang is organizing classmate reunion……"

Zhou Tao said that Da Liang, whose original name was Li Daliang, was a man who was more realistic than Zhou Tao.

Wang Ye was not interested in listening to him at all, and he was not interested in attending any class reunion, but when he was about to hang up, Zhou Tao mentioned one person and asked him to put the phone in his ear again.