"Who? You say it again." Wang Ye asked calmly.

"I know you! That bitch Liu Feifei is just blind, and it is easy to get back to life with your potential. If there are noble people to help, then the distance will not be far away. I am afraid that Liu Feifei will see you succeed in time. Looks like a dog and will crawl back again..."

Wang Ye poked a sneer at the corner of his mouth. After being trapped by Liu Feifei not long ago, he kicked it!That was not what Zhou Tao said at that time.

Not only did he turn a deaf ear to borrowing money, but he also laughed at him for being a fool and being tricked by a woman.

But now?

I learned from Jiang Mengdie that after Wang Ye founded the Tianye Group, Zhou Tao's tone seemed to have changed.

"I'm asking you, just said who would go to the party?" Wang Ye interrupted Zhou Tao's words.

"Oh, it's Da Liang's cousin, Guo Huai." On the other end of the phone, Zhou Tao flaunted: "This time, we have the opportunity for small entrepreneurs! I heard that Guo Huai is a famous big entrepreneur in Luochuan. , This time I brought a mysterious figure to form a business alliance. If we can climb that level of relationship, our company..."

"Time, place?" Wang Ye didn't want to listen to the nonsense behind him.

If it hadn't been for Guo Huai and that mysterious person would attend, Wang Ye would not have the slightest interest in this class reunion.

"I'm really impatient, don't worry, my brother will not forget you for the chance to get rich. The time is set at 8 o'clock in the evening tonight, and the location is chosen by the big entrepreneur Guo Huai, in the Yushanlou..."


After listening to Wang Ye, he hung up.

"Who makes you so interested? I'm sure you won't participate in any class reunions, but I didn't expect you to go there!"

In the sunset, Su Xiaomo, who was sitting on the hood, turned her head and asked, her mentality adjusted very quickly, and she looked like nothing had happened at the moment.

Wang Ye secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but with a calm face on his face, he joked: "It's okay to have a class reunion. It's a couple to split up! This is a good thing, can I not go?"

"Take me." Su Xiaomo said with a smile.

"No!" Wang Ye rebuffed.

"Why? With my appearance, is it embarrassing to you?" After that, Su Xiaomo was pulling Wang Ye's arms and shaking, with a face of coquetry.

This is what Wang Ye likes, the most real Su Xiaomo, but after all, this time of classmates meeting, Guo Huai, and the mysterious person beside him will also participate. I don’t know why I saw that person for the first time. Wang Ye has a feeling.

That person is not easy!

Moreover, Wang Ye felt that the look in Su Xiaomo's eyes was even more difficult when the person looked at Su Xiaomo.

"No! You haven't agreed to be my girlfriend yet! Classmates will be a good opportunity for me to find a spare tire! With you, wouldn't it be a mess for me!"

Wang Ye pulled her back to the side of the car, opened the door and pushed her in.

"send you home!"

After Wang Ye got in the car, regardless of Su Xiaomo's muttering words, he kicked the accelerator and went straight to the Shuiyue Garden Villa.

Although complaining in his mouth, Wang Ye and Su Xiaomo were just talking, and if she was really asked to go, she would definitely push it.

After sending Su Xiaomo home, Wang Ye went straight to the Yushan Building.

It was only seven o'clock in the evening when they arrived, and the classmates had not arrived yet, and after a round of inspections in the Yushan Building, chef Yang Guangkun had been expelled according to his wishes.

"Manager Chen, I have invited this meal today."

"Wang Dong, Guo Huai yesterday..." Manager Chen was a little surprised and didn't understand Wang Ye's intention.

Yesterday, after Guo Huai was driven away, Yushanlou almost pulled him to the blacklist. This time it was a private room named Li Daliang, who had reserved a private room here in his name. Originally, Manager Chen planned to give Guo Huai an offense. It's also good to pat the horses of the new chairman.

Fortunately, Wang Ye had to pay for it.

Seeing what Manager Chen was thinking, Wang Ye smiled and said, "In this world, there are no permanent enemies! Just do it, time is almost up, I'll go and see if they are here."

Manager Chen nodded hurriedly, turned around and walked towards the back kitchen. If Wang Ye wants to entertain the people, he naturally wants to give the back kitchen an order to cook every dish carefully.

When I left the Yushan Building, I just walked out the door, and I saw a few small cars coming down from a distance.

"Yeah, who's Ferrari, it's really fucking cool."

"It must be a shareholder of Yushanlou. This time Guo Huai personally came here. I think the shareholders of Yushanlou must come and toast him. Say yes, Brother Liang!"

"Of course, this business alliance, I heard that it is a huge momentum."

Under the praise of a group of people, Li Daliang smiled braggingly. Without him, these little bosses would have no chance to come to such a big occasion.

"Everyone is almost here, the private room is already..." Wang Ye greeted him with a smile, but before he could finish his words, the old classmates who came to face him laughed playfully.

"Yeah, isn't this Mr. Wang! Brother Liang, did you invite him this time?"

"Wang Ye, are you still alive? I thought, what was your name, Liu Feifei's, yes, it was swept away from the world!"

"Today, you can respect your brother a few more and let him take you and help you."

The words of a group of people were full of mockery. Li Daliang walked slowly and glanced at Wang Ye playfully.

"Don't worry, they are all old classmates. If I have a bite of meat, you will need a bite of soup, but you kid can be smart."

Upon hearing the words, Wang Ye smiled faintly and made a gesture of please.

These dogs saw people's low words, as early as he expected.

Li Daliang swaggered past Wang Ye, and the few people behind him also left with mocking faces.

Zhou Tao, who was walking at the end, walked over quickly. When those people walked away, he patted Wang Ye on the shoulder.

"Brother, don't feel bad in my heart, this is the reality, you have to accept it! Who told you that you were accidentally cheated by Liu Feifei when you made friends! Otherwise, you are now a person with tens of millions of assets, and this is definitely not the treatment."

"Yes, you are right! It is true that I made friends accidentally!"

Wang Ye smiled and nodded. He looked around and didn't see Guo Huai and the mysterious person.

"Let's go! Yushanlou is not a place that can be entered casually. Later, Brother Liang and the others entered, we did not follow. If the waiter blocked us, he would have to trouble him to come out. Otherwise, in our capacity, No one can get in."

Zhou Tao patted Wang Ye on the shoulder and walked towards the Yushan Building.

Looking at these college students and listening to the mocking words, Wang Ye autonomously blocked all of this.

Coming here today is not about reminiscing about the past, let alone listening to their ridicule and looking at their faces.

I came here today with only one purpose, to meet the mysterious person next to Guo Huai.

He followed everyone behind him, and arrived in the box on the third floor of the Yushan Building.

"Wang Ye! No wonder you kid, getting worse and worse as he gets worse, he doesn't wink at all. You are pouring tea for Brother Liang, so what are you doing in a daze!"

At the dinner table, a man shouted loudly, and Li Daliang also cast a disgusting look at this moment.

Manager Chen of the Yushanlou stood aside, hearing the words, waiting to speak, Wang Ye stopped him.

With a faint smile, he stepped forward and picked up the teapot.