The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 49-Shui Yuexi's Invitation

Coming to the face is a delicately dressed Shui Yuexi in a black long dress. She twisted the waist of the water snake, and she was beautiful like a fascinating fairy.

"Chairman Su, it seems that my partner is not very welcome!"

Shui Yuexi smiled, but her eyes were staring at Wang Ye meaningfully.

Su Xiaomo is so smart, he can see the clues at a glance, and said with a blank expression: "It's not about joy or welcome. Since Chairman Shui is here, please go upstairs and sit down."

"No need! I'm here today, but to see you! But because... Wang Ye!"

"Chairman Shui, what's the matter with me?" Wang Ye pretended to be confused.

Shui Yuexi called him last night and said that he was asking him for dinner, but he did not expect that Shui Yuexi would come to Tianyu Group in person.

"Ah, so implicit, are you afraid that Chairman Su will be jealous?" Shui Yuexi finished speaking, giggling, "Isn't it just asking you to have a meal? Do you need to hide it? Besides, Chairman Su is an iceberg beauty Son, but you have never put any man in your eyes, Wang Ye, you don't think that Chairman Su will be jealous if you eat a meal with me?"

Wang Ye frowned tightly when Shui Yuexi said something.

This Shui Yuexi was obviously deliberate, her character was much more direct than Su Xiaomo, and if this goes on, Su Xiaomo is probably the only embarrassing person.

Thinking of this, Wang Ye shrugged, "Chairman Shui’s invitation, I am naturally honored. But now it’s working time, I have to accompany the chairman to the company first, for dinner..."

"It's not urgent to eat, noon! I'm still here waiting for you."

After Shui Yuexi finished speaking, she didn't forget to smile at Su Xiaomo, then turned and walked to the car.

Until the driver drove and left the underground garage, Su Xiaomo looked back, his face extremely gloomy.

"When did your relationship become so good?" Su Xiaomo asked questioning eyes.

"All right?" Wang Ye spread his hands.

"Not good?" Su Xiaomo asked rhetorically.

His eyes met, and after a while, Su Xiaomo laughed at herself, "I think it's simple! I underestimated you Wang Ye."

"No wonder, Shui Yuexi has been reluctant to sell the Shuiyue Garden for all these years! But it happened to be sold to you. Have you already met? It's no wonder that you are so proactive in the contract with Shuiyue Group, and very Signed it easily, it seems to be confident."

Not only did Su Xiaomo get more and more angry, but the questioning expression in those eyes became more and more intense.

"Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding!" Wang Ye hurriedly explained, "I have never heard of Shui Yuexi before! I bought the villa with money, not by relationship. As for the contract..."

"Okay! You don't have to explain! I can't manage to participate in the dinner, but I have to work at ease during working hours!"

After Su Xiaomo finished speaking, he walked towards the elevator, Wang Ye followed with a wry smile.

Walking into the elevator, Wang Ye wanted to explain again, but the phone rang and it was an unfamiliar number.

"Who is it?" he asked grimly.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and a woman's voice came. The voice should be young, "Are you Wang Ye, Mr. Wang?"

"Yes, who are you?"



Before finishing talking, the phone hung up.

"Shui Yuexi called you?" Su Xiaomo asked.

Raising the phone, Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "No, I don't know who it is, a woman, she hung up before she finished speaking."

"You are a pretty good woman!"

Upon hearing Su Xiaomo's sarcasm, and seeing her seemingly jealous on the surface, Wang Ye Cancan smiled and didn't bother to explain.

Su Xiaomo's jealousy shows that she has gradually accepted herself, which is a good thing.

But it is a terrible thing for a woman to become jealous.

As the secretary to the chairman of the board of directors in the company, Wang Ye is so idle!

But today, since the moment I walked into the company, it has been one after another, with a steady stream of work after another.

Early in the morning, Wang Yema ran non-stop among the major departments of the company, either spreading words or passing documents.


Looking at his watch, he finally got off work at noon, and Wang Ye sat on the stool with a tired butt.

"Why do you have so much work! Su Xiaomo is obviously taking revenge on me!"

He is bitter, but knowing that, what can he do!

Ding Ding Ding... the phone rang again, another strange number.

This time, before he spoke, there was a very low voice on the phone.

"Wang, sir, my name is Xiaoyu, my second sister, let me call you..."

On the other end of the phone, the voice was also called by a young girl, but the girl couldn't pronounce her words clearly, and she spoke every meal.

Mentally retarded!

This was the first impression that person gave Wang Ye.

"Speak slowly, do you have anything to do with me?" Wang Ye asked patiently.

On the other end of the phone, the stuttering and illegible voice rang again, "Second sister, let you help, help older sister..."

"Who is the second sister? Who is the elder sister?" Wang Ye was confused.

But when the other party called and knew his name, it didn't look like a prank.

"The second sister is called Mengmeng, and the eldest sister is called Meng... Butterfly..."

"Jiang Mengdie?" Wang Ye suddenly stood up, "What happened to Jiang Mengdie?"

His voice was very high, and after a burst of noise on the other end of the phone, he hung up.

No one answered any more calls. After a few calls, the number was turned off.

An ominous premonition surged in his mind, and Wang Ye paced back and forth in the office.

Yesterday Jiang Mengdie left a note saying that his mother was sick and was returning to his hometown to take care of him. At first, Wang Ye made a few phone calls but no one answered him, so he didn't care.

But now, someone called and asked him to save Jiang Mengdie. What happened?

"The number you have dial can not be reached……"

Jiang Mengdie's phone was turned off and could not be reached temporarily.

"Xiao Chen, I am Wang Ye, now immediately, send me the detailed address of Jiang Mengdie in the group company level!"

Wang Ye called Xiao Chen, the assistant of Jiang Mengdie of the Amano Group, and soon Xiao Chen sent the address of Jiang Mengdie's hometown to Wang Ye's mobile phone.

"Pingyuan City, Guanbian County."

Looking at the address on the phone, Wang Ye was anxious. The city of Pingyuan is more than 400 kilometers away. It is remote. Could it be that Jiang Mengdie encountered some accident on the way back to his hometown?

But now the phone cannot be reached and her location cannot be determined.

Just as Wang Ye was desperate, Su Xiaomo pushed open the door, "Wang Ye, work overtime at noon!"

After she finished speaking, seeing Wang Ye did not respond, she repeated: "Have you heard? There is a document to be processed at noon, so I have to work overtime, and lunch will be delivered!"

Wang Ye knew very well that Su Xiaomo did this deliberately. She didn't want him to attend the dinner invited by Shui Yuexi, so she found this reason.

But now he is really not thinking, just nodded casually.

"Why, you look very upset. Did you delay your date with Shui Yuexi? Then I'm sorry." Su Xiaomo walked in slowly.

"You misunderstood, someone called just now and said..."

"Chairman Shui, please wait in the lounge, and I will notify Chairman Su."

At this moment, an anxious voice came from outside the room, interrupting Wang Ye's next words.