The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 54 The Liang Family Wedding

This earthen house is old, although it is afternoon, but the house is very dim.

Wang Ye searched the room with his gaze, and he was surprised to find that after taking Xiaolong Pill, not only his skills were as strong as Bruce Lee, but his five senses were also much sharper.

In the inner room, the faint muffled sound came into his ears clearly.

He walked over quickly, opened the curtain, and Wang Ye saw a girl who was tied to an imperial chair by five flowers.

"Jiang Mengmeng?"

Wang Ye had a calm face, suddenly cloudy.

Jiang Mengmeng seemed to be only eleven or twelve years old, but Liang Hu actually planned to ruin her.

What a beast!

Wang Ye cursed secretly, and quickly stepped forward, first removing the strip of cloth stuck in Jiang Mengmeng's mouth.

"Don't, don't hurt me..." Jiang Mengmeng's scared lips trembled, and a line of tears burst out.

Looking at her up close, she looks a lot like Jiang Mengdie. Although she is not very old, she is obviously a beautiful woman. It's just that her perennial malnutrition has caused her to lose weight.

"Don't be afraid, my name is Wang Ye, I'm here to save you and your sister."

Wang Ye said as he untied Jiang Mengmeng's rope.

"Are you Wang Ye?" As soon as he was relieved, Jiang Mengmeng suddenly turned over, crawled to the corner to the side, and stared at Wang Ye vigilantly.

"Don't be afraid, I am Wang Ye! I am your sister's partner, the chairman of Amano Group! I think your sister should have told you this."

After hearing Wang Ye mentioned these things, Jiang Mengmeng's defenses relaxed.

"Mr. Wang..."

Jiang Mengmeng couldn't hold it anymore, and finally couldn't help crying.

"My parents sold my sister to the Liang family for 300,000 yuan. You must save her."

"Three hundred thousand!" Wang Ye said coldly: "Just Jiang Mengdie, in my Amano Group's shares, she is worth hundreds of millions! A mere three hundred thousand, she sold her daughter."

"My sister told me that he followed a good guy and made a lot of money, but I was not allowed to tell my parents. She said that even if she died, she would not give her parents a cent, and she would use her own Blood, to awaken the conscience of parents!"

Wang Ye clenched his fist secretly, unexpectedly Jiang Mengdie was so strong in his bones!

"This kind of person is not worthy of being a parent!"

"They are not my sister and my biological parents. They picked it up when we were young." Jiang Mengmeng said with tears.

No wonder the parents are so cruel, they weren't biological!After all, the tiger poison does not eat children, even if the parents are devoid of conscience, I am afraid they will not treat their own flesh and blood like this.

"Mr. Wang, please save my sister."

Wang Ye rubbed Jiang Mengmeng's head and said softly: "Don't worry, I will definitely rescue her, and then take your sisters and leave here!"

"Do you know the same origin car repair shop?"

Jiang Mengmeng couldn't help nodding when she heard the words, "I know, where Xiaoyu often picks up ragged pieces."

"Okay! Wait for me at the same-source repair shop!"

Jiang Mengmeng nodded obediently, and walked out of the house with Wang Ye.

The yard was already empty, and Yang Fan and others had helped Liang Hu and Chen Shuo to escape.

Wang Ye drove and sent Jiang Mengmeng to the same source repair shop. Regardless of Dazhu's father's strong opposition, Jiang Mengmeng stayed here, and then went straight to the Liang family villa.

Although Guanbian County is large, Liang’s Villa is easy to find and is one of the iconic buildings here.

A row of magnificent villas belonged to the Liang family, and the parking lot in front of the villa was full of luxury cars.

When Wang Ye parked the van, it looked quite dazzling.

The Liang family is generous. The wedding hall is large enough to hold hundreds of people. And today is the day of Liang Long’s wedding. It not only invited celebrities from Guanbian County and even Pingyuan City, but also left the border. The people of the county, come here to eat and drink.

However, because of this, this huge hall was divided into two very obvious areas, one for the poor and the other for the rich.

Outside the hall, although there were more than a dozen security guards, no one stopped him, Wang Ye in a suit swaggered in.

In the magnificent auditorium, the layout is extravagant, and the Liang family's wealth is everywhere.

Wealth is pressing.

"Handsome guy, what do you call it?"

As soon as she walked into the auditorium, Chen Jiaojiao walked over with a red wine glass.

She wore a long tube top dress, painted very delicate makeup, and looked very charming with her waist and hips.

She was attracted by Wang Ye at a glance. This handsome man with a height of one meter and eighth stood out in this auditorium.

Standing in front of Wang Ye, she stared at the man in front of her, she was a little bit excited, and she was even all over.

She had dated many handsome guys, and it was the first time she met such a charming man. Chen Jiaojiao said that with her appearance, she would surely make him a minister of her own skirt.

But Wang Ye seemed to turn a deaf ear, as if he had never seen a big living person in front of him, and he was searching in the lobby with his eyes.

Did not see Jiang Mengdie's figure!

"Hey, I'm talking to you! Are you deaf?"

Chen Jiaojiao stared at Wang Ye domineeringly, a little angry. With her family background and beauty, she was always held up everywhere, and now condescending and condescending to speak up, she was ignored!

But the more so, the more she has a desire to conquer.

"Do you know who I am? I am the daughter of the Chen family, and my dad is a famous entrepreneur in Guanbian County! I now order you to apologize for your rudeness just now!"

She shook the red wine glass, showing arrogance, with a straightforward look.

In her opinion, everyone in Guanbian County and even Pingyuan City must give her face!

Moreover, Chen Jiaojiao had even guessed that the other party nodded and flattered after learning her identity.

But Wang Ye's eyes never fell on her from the beginning to the end, and he kept searching in the crowd.

Seeing the man in front of him, she still ignored herself, and Chen Jiaojiao was about to explode.

"Are you deaf or stupid!"

She shouted sharply, and immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Wang Ye finally retracted his gaze and glanced at Chen Jiaojiao, who was pretentious, just spit out a word.


"What are you talking about, let me go?" Chen Jiaojiao asked in amazement.

After the words, she slammed the wine glass to the ground, her eyes were extremely vicious, and she was about to make the man in front of her kneel in front of her, repenting of her mistake!

At this moment, a pair of surprised eyes fell on Wang Ye's body.

"This kid, he really does not live or die! How dare to let Miss Chen go?"

"No! This is a sign of living enough."

"You need to know Miss Chen, that is regarded as a forbidden existence by Panda Shao, that guy with no eyesight is dead today!"

Everyone was talking about it, and Chen Jiaojiao felt that her face was dull.

She screamed: "You kneel down and apologize to me!"

"What a stupid woman!" Wang Ye dismissed her and was about to go backstage in the lobby.

What he cares most now is the current situation of Jiang Mengdie.


But at this moment, Chen Jiaojiao poured a glass of wine directly on Wang Ye's face.

"Are you looking for a fight?" Wang Ye suddenly turned around and stared at her.

Chen Jiaojiao heard her chest and said angrily: "You dare to hit me! I turned you back, my brother is Chen Shuo, and I am the daughter of the Chen family, try hitting me!"


Wang Ye raised his hand and slapped it on Chen Jiaojiao's face.

If she didn't say that she was Chen Shuo's younger sister, perhaps Wang Ye would not be a woman yet, even though she was a woman without a tutor and defiant.

With this slap, Chen Jiaojiao's face instantly swelled.

She also fell to the ground, knocked over the table, spilled drinks on it, and soiled her luxurious dress.

The scene fell silent for a moment, and hundreds of people stared.

The daughter of the Chen family was beaten!