The wedding hall fell into dead silence for a while.

Wang Ye wiped his face, and immediately picked up the paper towel on the side, and wiped the suit dampened with red wine casually.

I can come here today just to grab people!

Fighting and making trouble is inevitable, but he doesn't want to beat a woman. It's a pity that Chen Jiaojiao, like Chen Shuo, is an arrogant and domineering lord, so Wang Ye just taught her to be a man.

"you you……"

Chen Jiaojiao covered her face and couldn't say a word for a long time, only staring at Wang Ye with bitter eyes.

Outside the crowd, a man hurried over.

"Jiaojiao, what's wrong with you?"

He helped Chen Jiaojiao up with concern.

This person was named Pan Feng, one of Chen Jiaojiao's many suitors, and the grandson of the well-known Pingyuan City Chamber of Commerce, and a powerful and powerful lord.

"Shao Pan is here, that kid will definitely die miserably!"

"Last time, someone said a few words about Miss Chen, and finally Pan Shao broke her leg and threw it into the mine! When she was discovered, she had become a corpse."

"Hush, be careful!"

Some people are whispering, some are gloating, but most of these people are sitting in the rich district.

The specially divided piece is in the slum area in the corner. Those talents don't care about this. They just lower their heads to eat and drink, and occasionally glance at it, which is also full of relief.

Guanbian County is rich in coal mines, but the financial resources are only in the hands of a small group of people, and there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

To be precise, it is in the hands of the Chen family and the Liang family, so these oppressed poor people wish they were condemned by God.

Chen Jiaojiao grabbed Pan Feng, her expression of resentment, "He even dared to hit me, Pan Feng, I want you to break his legs to vent my anger!"

"Baby, don't be afraid, I'll vent your anger!" Pan Feng finished speaking softly, and then looked at Wang Ye.

He used a pretentious tone and commanded: "Boy, I don't care what background you have, now, immediately! Kneel me down, and ask Xiang Jiaojiao to admit her mistake and ask her to forgive you. Maybe I can make you die happy!"

"Is the sky in Guanbian County so dark!" Wang Ye smacked his lips in disdain.

"It's so dark! Fuck, you're so pretending to be so hard!"

Pan Feng's face sank, and he strode forward and grabbed Wang Ye's collar, "Let you kneel down, and you will kneel down for me honestly!"

Suddenly, just as Pan Feng's hand was about to touch Wang Ye's collar, Wang Ye kicked like lightning.


Pan Feng's legs were weak, and he knelt down abruptly, as if he was running to kneel.

Everyone's eyes widened, only Wang Ye's mouth had a wicked smile.

Under the action of Xiaolong Dan, his skills were superb. Although he could only last for twenty-four hours, his fighting power was almost invincible.

Pan Feng was surprised at first, then quickly turned into anger and resentment.

He tried to stand up, but the calves of both legs did not listen, and gradually, there was a tingling sensation in the legs, just like Chen Shuo in the old house No. 72, the knees of both legs had broken.

In the lobby, countless people opened their eyes wide, their slightly opened mouths couldn't close.

Pan Feng kneeled down?!

Pan Feng, the grandson of the dignified Pingyuan City Chamber of Commerce, ran over to kneel down?!

Is it scared to recognize the identity of the other party?

Gradually, noisy discussions began to sound, and everyone began to guess Wang Ye's identity.

But as far as Pingyuan City, as close as the entire Guanbian County, there are all the people with faces and faces, and no one knows this fierce young man.

The sound of the discussion was like a slap in the face of Pan Feng. He could hardly get up, gritting his teeth ferociously.

"What did you do to me? Tell you, my grandfather is the president of the Pingyuan City Chamber of Commerce. If you dare to move me, he will crush you to pieces..."

"Sorry, I couldn't hold back my temper!" Wang Ye grinned, "Unfortunately, I have already touched you! And, you are too much nonsense!"


After he finished speaking, he kicked Pan Feng's head with one leg.

Pan Feng's head hit the ground heavily, and the whole person dragged a few meters away towards the distance before he stopped.

Pan Feng slumped on the ground motionlessly with his eyes demented.

Until this time, everyone present had only reacted, and the sound of chills came one after another.

Everyone stared at Wang Ye like a monster.

"Who made such a mistake, dare to hurt me and my grandson!"

A loud shout came, and the crowd hurriedly stepped aside.

A man who was nearly 60 years old, stepped calmly and came in with the greetings of everyone.

"President Pan."

"Hello, President Pan!"

The person here is not someone else, but Pan Derong, the president of the Pingyuan City Chamber of Commerce. After receiving a report that Pan Feng was being bullied, he rushed over from the background.

But when he saw Pan Feng lying on the ground with dementia in his eyes, his previous calmness instantly turned into shock and anger, and his old face twitched quickly and ran over.

"Feng'er, what's the matter with you, speak! Don't scare grandpa!"

No matter how Pan Derong shook and shouted, Pan Feng didn't respond. At this moment, his head was blank and his eyes were hollow.

With colic in his heart, Pan Derong stood up suddenly, his vicious eyes approaching Wang Ye.

"You did it? How dare you do something to my grandson of Pan Derong, in full view!"

Pan Derong's expression became more and more ferocious, his eyes staring at Wang Ye like a poisonous snake.

Cursing his lips, Wang Ye sneered disdainfully and said: "You all dare to rob civilian girls and force concubines in marriage, so why can't I do something extraordinary?"

"Who are you from the Jiang family?" Pan Derong asked.

Not far away, Chen Jiaojiao ran over, crying, "Uncle Pan, he beat me and Pan Feng. Who else can anyone in the Jiang family? This kid will do two things, so don't let him. I'm bluffing, I can't be merciful and let him run wild in Guanbian County!"

After that, she glanced at Wang Ye resentfully. In her opinion, in Guanbian County or even Pingyuan City, no one would deny Pan Derong's face, and if he took this shot, the kid must have no bones!

Pan Derong, who was already burning with anger, didn't even glance at Chen Jiaojiao. With a big wave of his hand, he brought the two bodyguards and approached Wang Ye.

That's it!

This kid is dead!

The hearts of everyone sank, and they almost confirmed Wang Ye's fate.

Pan Feng, the only grandson of the Pan family, has always been Pan Derong's treasure in the palm of his heart. In Pingyuan City, the Chamber of Commerce and the two families of Chen and Liang can cover the sky with one hand.

Not to mention fighting, even a major event of murder and arson can be suppressed.

It is conceivable that Pan Derong's precious grandson was beaten, how could he let the beater leave here alive!

Wang Ye squeezed his fist. The Xiaolongdan presented by the system this time had a good effect, giving him the feeling of a martial arts master, just to try his skills.

Pan Derong was confident, and while walking towards Pan Feng, he shouted at the bodyguard: "Don't kill me, take a breath! I want to avenge Pan Feng myself!"

The two sturdy bodyguards nodded when they heard the words, and then rushed towards Wang Ye.

With a clenched fist like a sandbag, with a fierce wind, he went straight to Wang Ye's front door. Seeing this posture, his skill should be good.

However, the two of them were not yet close, and Wang Ye kicked like lightning.

A kick on the thigh of a bodyguard, when he was kneeling on one knee, another kick was on his head, and the man flew out.

When the other person was still in shock, Wang Ye kicked out, and his body flew upside down, slamming heavily several meters away.

The two rolled on the ground in pain, making horrifying screams.


How about making a movie?

This young man's kung fu is too great!

In the lobby, a group of people peeped at each other and heard of someone who can hit, but this is the first time I have seen someone who can hit this way!