The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 56 The Proud Diplodocus

After a brief consternation, Pan Derong, who was holding Pan Feng, angrily reprimanded: "Do you want to eat dry food? It's really two wastes."

He waved his hand and shouted: "You idiots, what are you doing in a daze! Kill him!"

Not far away, several Pan Derong's bodyguards, after a little dazed, looked at each other and quickly surrounded Wang Ye.

Pan Derong took the unconscious Pan Feng to the pale female secretary beside him and walked over in angrily.

He stood in front of Wang Ye, pointed his nose at Wang Ye, and shouted, "You can fight, right? Dare to move my grandson, you're alive!"

"Hey, what a bunch of frogs at the bottom of the well!"

Wang Ye sighed helplessly, like this kind of arrogant and domineering president, no wonder the entire Pingyuan City is smoky.

"I fight!"

With a touch of his nose, Wang Yezhe screamed, kicked it out, and put it on Pan Derong's stomach.

Pan Derong flew upside down, slammed his knees to the ground, and knelt a few meters away.

The person is already dizzy with pain, but still keeps kneeling.


The dead silence of the needle falling in the audience!


Everyone felt that it was swooshing behind their backs.

Only in the corner of the lobby, the divided slums, the common people who were sitting there for a meal, could not help but want to cheer.

As for the celebrities, they all opened their mouths silently.

Even the group of bodyguards surrounding Wang Ye were stunned.

The one who was kicked and knocked out was the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Pingyuan City!

Is someone so contemptuous and knocked down to the ground?!

What is this kid, dare to be so arrogant!

Didn't he know that if he offended Chairman Pan and the Chen family, he couldn't leave Guanbian County!

What a lunatic!

So what if President Pan, the Chen family, and the Liang family have fewer thugs in captivity?How many can he play?

This kid, it's a big deal!

When the wealthy businessmen and celebrities were lost in thought, Wang Ye stepped out casually and walked towards the backstage of the lobby.

When passing by Chen Jiaojiao, Wang Ye stopped and grinned sharply.

With a chill, Chen Jiaojiao sat down on the ground, feeling cold in her hands and feet, and she did not dare to breathe.

"Yeah, this friend from Luochuan, coming from afar, is such a temper?"

A joking voice broke the dead silence in the field. When everyone was looking for reputation, a man poked with a gentle smile came out from the backstage.


Young Master Liang, today's groom!

As early as when Wang Ye tried to teach Pan Feng, Liang Long had already seen it, and he was the one who notified Pan Derong in the background.

It's just that Liang Long thought that Pan Derong would be enough to take this kid, but he didn't expect to be beaten.

Liang Long hugged his arms and looked at Wang Ye with interest.

"I heard that your name is Wang Ye, you are an entrepreneur from Luochuan, and you have a lot of money! Unexpectedly, you are not only an entrepreneur, but also a martial artist, so you can be big!"

"But you don't seem to figure out the situation. This is Guanbian County!"

"Mengdie often mentioned you to me and said that I was fortunate enough to take care of you in Luochuan, so for the sake of my wife, I will give you a chance. Get out now, otherwise there will be no chance later!"

Diplodocus looked disdainful and his eyes were full of playfulness. From Jiang Mengdie's mouth, he learned that the other party was just an entrepreneur. Even if he had money, he would not work well in Guanbian County.

With his little effort, I am afraid that he can't get out of Guanbian County with his bare hands!

"Entrepreneur of Luochuan!"

"I'm afraid he is also Jiang Mengdie's suitor, right?"

When everyone heard Wang Ye's identity, they all shook their heads, a businessman dared to make trouble here!

Although his eyes were pitiful, he was somewhat admired. For the so-called love, this stunned young man dared to break through Guanbian County alone, wounded the Chen family daughter, and stunned both grandfather and grandson Pan Derong.

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers!But unfortunately, even if he is a raptor, he can't beat the snake like the Liang family!

The voice of regret in the field made Liang Long's proud smile even brighter.

"Wang Ye, it is said that in Luochuan, you have cared for Jiang Mengdie in every possible way! It seems that after listening to Jiang Mengmeng's words, Jiang Mengdie still has feelings for you. I am ashamed to say it, but Jiang Mengdie I chose Diplodocus! But since you are here today, don't rush away."

Pointing to the banquet in the lobby, Liang Long continued: "Reward you for a glass of wedding wine, thank you for taking care of Jiang Mengdie over the years! From now on, she will be my woman."

Diplodocus' tone was full of irony.

This is telling Wang Ye, even if Jiang Mengdie has feelings for you, so what? He still has to be my Diplodocus' woman!Not only do you have to sleep with your woman, but also let you drink her wedding wine here, which is more uncomfortable than a face slap!

Wang Ye smacked his lips, smiling from beginning to end. No wonder Liang Hu is the brother of Liang Long, and the two have the same smell.

"Will you marry you? Jiang Mengdie has the final say!" Wang Ye spread his hands and walked towards the stage after he finished speaking.

Diplodocus stepped sideways to block his way, "Backstage, that's not where you should go! My woman is doing makeup there, and the wedding is about to begin!"

"Don't be boring! Today is my big day, I don't want to see blood! How much do you want for the break-up fee if you ask for a price?"

"You have money, aren't you?" Wang Ye grinned and said, "Then tell me the number, I will listen."

Liang Long thought that he was really right, the other party was rushing for money, and immediately laughed.

"This number!" Liang Long stretched out his hand, "Five hundred thousand!"

"Too stingy!" Wang Ye curled his lips.

"Too little! One million!" Liang Long shouted, but saw Wang Ye still shaking his head.

Although he was extremely unhappy in his heart, he could spend money to slap him in the face, but it was more relieved than letting his men beat her.

"Hey, I thought it was a stunned young man who pursued love, but I didn't expect it to be a cunning villain for money!"

"The break-up fee is only one million! How many men are not excited?"

"That's true, if I'm sure to take the money and leave, I'm afraid there will be no money and money, and I have to take my life."

"Young Shao Liang is generous, this is to kill that kid with money!"

Listening to the noisy discussion and looking at Wang Ye's dissatisfied smile, Liang Long burst into a sky-high price.

"five million!"

Suddenly, the court became quiet, and Diplodocus actually gave the kid five million breakup fees!

Will that kid accept it?

Everyone is full of expectations.

"Five million, please! As long as you sit at the table obediently, eat and drink, watching me and Jiang Mengdie’s wedding are completed, the five million will be transferred to you immediately! And I promise, let you A lot of hairs leave Switch Bien County!"

Diplodocus smiled playfully. He was waiting for the moment when Wang Ye nodded in favor.

As long as the other party agrees, the purpose of molesting him will be achieved. Not only will Diplodocus not give him a penny, but he will be beaten by people and throw him out.

"Five million." Wang Ye smacked his lips.

Diplodocus smiled expectantly and said, "How about it, are you satisfied with this break-up fee?"

"Too stingy!" Wang Ye shook his head contemptuously, "Well, let me give you 50 million directly, how far can you give me, and how far you can go!"