The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 59-I'll Give You A Chance

"Wang Ye, you bastard! Get out of me, I want to peel your skin and drink your blood!"

Chen Shuo roared, his voice full of crying, with endless grievances.

Guanbian County is rampant, and even if the Lianglong brothers saw him, Chen Shuo had to be polite. He had always beaten people when he was young, and no one dared to beat him.

But today, I actually met a Wang Ye who didn't know the height of the sky, not only beat him, but also kicked his knees, making him a useless person, only sitting in a wheelchair.

Don't mention how aggrieved and resentful Chen Shuo felt!

"The Chen family is here, and they are also looking for Wang Ye!"

"Looking at what Chen Shao is like, it seems that Wang Ye was beaten by Wang Ye. When it's over, that kid can't escape with his wings!"

"The life-and-death guy, relying on his ability to fight, offended three families at once! This is a sincere death!"

Everyone was talking and pointing. The Patriarch of the Liang family in the background was about to rush out, but at this moment, he waved his hand and stopped everyone.

"Then Wang Ye doesn't look easy! Since Chen Shuo is making trouble for him, leave it to him!" The old man of the Liang family waved his hand and said, "Go, bring Lianglong back."

Behind him, several men nodded, quietly walked onto the high platform, and carried Diplodocus, who had fainted in pain, to the background.

The personal doctor of Liang's family saw Diplodocus' condition and his face suddenly changed.

"Patriarch, this..."

Seeing the doctor's melancholy expression, the old man of the Liang family scolded: "Say!"

"Crapped! Young Master Liang, discarded."

Upon hearing this, Mr. Liang staggered, and Liang Hu, who was lying on the stool by the side, also showed horror. Obviously, Wang Ye left an indelible shadow in his heart.

"Wang Ye!" Mr. Liang was about to gritted his teeth.

A person behind him hurriedly said: "Master, don't worry, then Wang Ye has abolished Chen Shuo's legs, and the Chen family will definitely not let him go! If, if even the Chen family can't deal with him, it won't help for us to go up."

"He can turn the sky! Even the Chen family can't help him!"

"Yes, yes, little talkative." The man nodded and said yes.

Mr. Liang was furious, but he was also an old fox, standing in the background, gritted his teeth and stared at Wang Ye.

There was a lot of discussion in the lobby, and everyone pointed and pointed, and Wang Ye was everywhere.

Holding Jiang Mengdie in his hand, Wang Ye glanced at Chen Shuo with a smile at the corner of his mouth, but when he looked at the man pushing the wheelchair behind Chen Shuo in the wheelchair, his brows were slightly raised.

This person's burly face is like a knife, exuding a steely breath.

At this time, the person was also looking at him from a distance, his expression extremely solemn.

Before Liang Long was carried in, Chen Shuo saw it, and then glanced at Pan Derong, who was fainting. He was shocked secretly, thinking that Wang Ye is too powerful!

But the panic was only an instant, and Chen Shuo seemed confident.

He looked at Wang Ye viciously, "Wang Ye, you fucking dare to abolish my legs! Today, I want you to die!"

Hearing this, Wang Ye only smiled faintly, and walked towards the exit of the lobby with Jiang Mengdie with a worried expression on his face.

Upon seeing this, Chen Shuo laughed ferociously: "Wang Ye, you idiot from outside, wasn't you arrogant just now? Why, I'm afraid now? Do you know who this is next to me? Qin Li! My uncle's guard Member, you have won many Sanshou championships in the military region, aren’t you good at it! Today I don’t want to kill you!"

As soon as these words came out, the court suddenly boiled, which made Chen Shuo full of confidence and blocked Wang Ye's path.

"Master Uncle Chen, the richest man in the imperial capital?"

"This incident shocked him!"

"Qin Li has all gone, and the Chen family is really upset this time! Three years ago, this Qin Li was the one who washed the Liu family in Guanbian County?"

The eyes of everyone in awe fell on Qin Li's body, and also on Chen Shuo's body.

Chen Shuo's uncle, I heard that he was a soldier and then went into business. Everyone only knows that he is a rich man in the imperial capital, and few people have had the opportunity to meet him.

But his guard Qin Li, who has been stationed in the Chen family these years, with his terrifying skill and iron-blooded means, in just a few years has cleared all the obstacles of the Chen family in Guanbian County and even Pingyuan City.

He is in Pingyuan City, which is very famous!

Even the four veterans brought by Qin Li, compared to the high-paying mercenaries hired by the Liang family, are enough to exist.

"Why, stop talking! I know now that I am afraid, it is late!"

Chen Shuo pointed at Wang Ye, and said with a violent voice: "Brother Qin, let your people go on me, first interrupt his two legs and let him kneel before me honestly!"

As soon as Qin Li entered the lobby, he had been observing Wang Ye, and felt an extremely dangerous aura from him.

Wang Ye poked a faint smile just like that, stood lightly, with a calm expression, but gave him an unspeakable coercion.

Qin Li knew that the person in front of him was definitely not easy!

But this matter is related to the face of the Chen family, and Qin Li can only take one step forward.

"Brother, come to Guanbian County for the first time! Apologize to my Young Master, and I will let you go."

Without a last resort, Qin Li didn't want to fight against the person in front of him who could bring him a dangerous aura.

Wang Ye turned a deaf ear and turned to look at Jiang Mengdie, "This time I return to Luochuan and bring Jiang Mengmeng with him. That little guy is really a clever ghost."

"Well, I won't leave her to the cruel person." Jiang Mengdie nodded heavily.

What an arrogant kid!

The others ignored it, and Qin Li's face was a little uncontrollable.

Chen Shuo's face was pale, "Brother Qin, did you not hear me clearly? I asked you to abolish his leg, not to drive him away! Don't worry, this is Guanbian County, not Luochuan City! No matter how big the trouble is The Chen family also suppressed the fire!"

Qin Li frowned. It was not that he didn't want to do it, but the feeling the person in front of him gave him could already be described as horror.

But he didn't speak, his men couldn't bear it anymore.

"Team Qin, this kid is too defiant, let us go!"

"I came here today to avenge Young Master Chen! Don't hesitate!"

Listening to the screams under his hands, Qin Li was helpless. It seemed that he couldn't do it this time!

He groaned slightly, and then he nodded solemnly.

Nothing!Just try this Wang Ye's hand.

Seeing his approval, the two veterans rushed out impatiently.

The two clenched their fists, and slammed Wang Ye with a seemingly ordinary punch, but the hidden power was amazing.

Wang Ye dragged Jiang Mengdie behind him without any haste, and then raised his hands to greet him.


Two dull voices sounded, and Wang Ye was squatting halfway with blue veins on his arms violently, and immediately after the two veterans, they spurted blood and flew out.

Encountered hard stubble!

Seeing that they collapsed to the ground, their entire arm bones were broken, and the two who endured the pain but were unable to get up to accept it, Qin Li's mouth twitched.

He is Chen Shuo's uncle, Zhao Tianxiang, who brought out the best soldier from the army. It was Qin Li's contribution to the Chen family's eradication of dissidents over the years.

With him, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

But this time, Qin Li's face was more solemn than ever.

The remaining two subordinates are also characters who have been fighting for many years, but they have never seen such a fierce person.

The two looked at each other, gritted their teeth and were about to step forward but they were stopped by Qin Li.

"You are not his opponent! Let me do it."

When I heard that Qin Li was about to take the shot himself, Chen Shuo, who was shocked at first, immediately sneered.

"Wang Ye, you are fortunate enough to let Brother Qin take the action personally, and you won't complain if you die! However, I won't let you die so easily, and I will torture you well!"

Wang Ye raised his eyelids lightly and glanced at Chen Shuo, his eyes gradually chilling, "Your sister is smarter than you! You know that you can keep your mouth tight to avoid being beaten! Chen Shuo, give you a chance, go away !"

Chen Shuo glanced at it, and Chen Jiaojiao, who was afraid to stand in the crowd, did not dare to speak, with a hint of hatred in her eyes.

He turned his head to look at Wang Ye, "Pretend! Keep pretending! I don't believe it, you can pretend to be a flower! Brother Qin, let me mutilate him first!"

Qin Li couldn't help it. Although he was a little afraid of Wang Ye, he also felt that Wang Ye was too much!

Too arrogant!

Too overbearing!

Too deceptive!