Qin Li took a step forward, clasped his fist and said, "Western Regions, 358 Regiment, Qin Li!"

"Soldier!" Wang Ye smiled playfully, staring straight at him.

The Xiaolong Pill in his body was full of strength, which made his aura become extremely fierce, and only the look in his eyes caused Qin Li to swallow hard.

"Nima's, what's close to it!" Chen Shuo yelled, "I will cripple you later. Anyway, this Jiang Mengdieliang's house won't be needed anymore. Then I just want to be in front of you and enjoy her. I don't know. How would you feel when you were!"

Chen Shuo was really anxious. He was eager to get revenge, but Qin Li dragged his feet and was too late to take action, making him anxious and unable to survive, so he could only vent his depression by speaking cruel words.

As everyone knows, this sentence hurt him miserably.

Wang Ye suddenly turned his head and stared at him with cold eyes, "I once said that your mouth is too dirty! Today, I will clean it for you!"

After all, Wang Ye jumped out and went straight to Chen Shuo.

"Be careful..." Qin Li's expression changed suddenly, and he jumped out to block Wang Ye's path.


Wang Ye gave a soft drink and slammed Qin Li's fist with a punch, shaking it away easily.

Without waiting for Qin Li to stand firm, he with shadowless shoes was as fast as lightning, and seemed to be flowing, and he appeared in front of Chen Shuo.

Qin Li hurriedly turned his head to look, but his face was ashamed.

The opponent is too strong, the power is too terrible, and the speed is too amazing!He is not an opponent at all!

With one blow, Qin Li knew he had lost!

"Brother Qin, come on." Chen Shuo didn't react at all, glanced at Wang Yehou in front of him, and shouted at Qin Li not far away.


As soon as the words fell, Wang Ye slapped Chen Shuo's face.


A mouthful of blood mixed with broken teeth sprayed out of Chen Shuo's mouth, and he fell directly from the wheelchair.

"You... dare to hit me..."

Chen Shuo yelled on the ground, wondering when he was so humiliated in public.

But as soon as he opened his mouth, Wang Ye possessed him, strangled his throat, and lifted it up.

Snapped!Bang bang ......

Immediately after that, loud applauses continued to sound in this deadly hall.

Wang Ye's slap fell on Chen Shuo's face like raindrops, and everyone who looked at it felt that his cheeks were hot.

Qin Li clenched his fist and stepped forward, "Wang Ye..."

"One step closer, he must die!" Wang Ye turned his head and sneered, but the slap in his hand never stopped.

Hearing this, Qin Li slowly retracted his raised foot. He didn't doubt what Wang Ye said.



At first, Chen Shuo was still wailing, but gradually he became confused, and his entire face was swollen and he could not see clearly.

Everyone at the scene paled and dared not breathe at the terrifying scene.

Seeing that this continued, Chen Shuo would have to become an idiot if he didn't die, Qin Li couldn't help it.

He clasped his fists in both hands, and said, "Your Excellency is so skilled, did you know Zhao Tianxiang, the former head of the 358th Regiment of the Western Regions? That is Chen Shuo's uncle!"

Being forced into helplessness, Qin Li could only lift the old leader out, hoping that he could use his reputation to suppress Wang Ye's spirit, so he could let Chen Shuo go.

But who would have thought that Wang Yeluo would not listen to Chen Shuo's slap, but instead turned his head and jokingly said: "I don't know! Is it famous?"

Qin Li: "..."

Zhao Tianxiang was born in the military region and is now in the business world. Although the imperial capital is far from Luochuan, since Wang Ye is a businessman, he should have heard of his name.

When Qin Li was stunned, Wang Ye patted his forehead and said, "Oh... Zhao Tianxiang, I know, it seems to be in Luochuan these days. If it weren't for the delay, maybe I've already met him."

"Yes, yes, the old team leader recently discussed the project with Shuiyue Group in Luochuan." Qin Li said hurriedly.

Wang Ye smiled faintly. Zhao Tianxiang's name was still known from Shui Yuexi's mouth, but his business didn't seem to be that big. This time I went to Luochuan, not just begging Shui Yuexi to make the capital Shuiyue. Should he leave the flower garden project to him!

And Zhao Tianxiang seemed to know something about Su Tianyu back then, so Shui Yuexi planned to ask him to have a meal with Zhao Tianxiang.

"Since you know the old team leader, I will call him now, I hope you can put Chen Shuo on his face!"

Qin Li had obviously acknowledged the counseling. After talking, he took out his cell phone and dialed Zhao Tianxiang's phone. He deliberately pressed the speakerphone button.

Toot, toot, toot...

The phone rang, and everyone's heartstrings jumped tightly.

This Wang Ye from Luochuan can not only fight, but he also knows Zhao Tianxiang!I just don't know, he and Zhao Tianxiang are more powerful.

The phone rang several times, and finally was hung up by Zhao Tianxiang.

Qin Li was anxious and called again.

This time, the call was quickly connected, and a lowered voice came from the other end, "Qin Li, is there something urgent? I just hung up for you, and you are calling again. I will be with an important person. Customers are eating."

Qin Li glanced at Wang Ye, and then asked, "Old head, do you know an entrepreneur in Luochuan, Wang Ye."

There was silence on the other end of the phone, "I don't know! Is something wrong?"

When everyone heard it, they had different feelings of polarization.

Those wealthy celebrities secretly breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that Zhao Tianxiang didn't know Wang Ye, indicating that he was not a well-known person in Luochuan.

That being the case, the Liang family and the Chen family will probably kill him in Guanbian County at all costs.

When he died, the Chen family and Liang family in Guanbian County were dominated. It seemed that they would benefit a lot from the stable business of the rich.

However, in the slum area, the poor people who come to eat and drink are disappointed.

I thought that the two giant snakes in Guanbian County have encountered hard stubble, at least they have to peel off their skin, and they will not dare to act recklessly in the future, and their lives will be better.

But now it seems that there is no chance.

Qin Li was also in a dilemma, not knowing what to say for a while.

Zhao Tianxiang doesn't know Wang Ye, so what should Chen Shuo say if he let him go?If there is no way to win the relationship, how can I save Chen Shuo?

When he was in a dilemma, Wang Ye shouted with great interest: "Take the phone closer."

Qin Li hurried over and put the phone in front of Wang Ye.

"Zhao Tianxiang, right?" Wang Ye asked with a playful smile.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Wang Ye! I guess, the distinguished guest you are accompanying now should be a woman, Shui Yuexi!"

"How do you know?" Zhao Tianxiang was obviously surprised.

Wang Ye grinned, "If you turn on the speakerphone, I will say a few words to Shui Yuexi, rest assured that it will benefit you."

The other party hesitated for a while before turning on the hands-free and said: "Chairman Shui, there is a gentleman named Wang Ye who wants to talk to you."

"Wang Ye! This guy scolded me badly. The people who ran all day are gone. How come there is your call."

I could hear Shui Yuexi's complaints very clearly.

But at this moment, the most shocked is not others, but Zhao Tianxiang who is eating with Shui Yuexi.

Wang Ye, who he didn't know, could actually scold Shui Yuexi?And seeing Shui Yuexi's appearance, he didn't feel angry at all. What is the relationship between Wang Ye and Shui Yuexi?

In Zhao Tianxiang's heart, Wang Ye secretly attached importance.