At the entrance of the Xinyuan community property, the big red Ferrari and the license plate of Luo A88888 attracted many people to watch.

Wang Ye sits in the general manager's office. Although the property has already left work, a telephone general manager has also rushed over.

"Hello, Mr. Wang, the transfer procedures for the external lease of Building 3 have been completed. Next, the rent of the tenants at the beginning of each month will be transferred to your designated account. It is just your account..."

The property manager who completed the formalities was puzzled that the account Wang Ye provided him was opened by the user's book, and the name of the head of the household was Jiang Mengmeng.

"This is my cute little sister's account. The rent here should be my surprise for her in the future."

After saying this, Wang Ye stood up, and the experience on the side hurriedly opened the door for Wang Ye respectfully.

Lu An'ao was dumbfounded a long time ago. She didn't expect that Wang Ye would transfer the rent for the entire building of Building 3 to Jiang Mengmeng's account every month.

You know, the monthly rent for one household is averaged down to two thousand. If there are three floors in a four-family building on one floor, the monthly rent is 280 thousand!

"Two hundred and eighty thousand!"

Lu Hao's words were about to stare out.

At Jiang Mengmeng's young age, the money she spent on the ground collecting rent for a month was enough for her to work hard for several years!

"Mengdie! Your life is so good! Although my Lu An'ao looks inferior to you, but the gap is too big!" She muttered, and quickly followed.

Wang Ye left it to Lu Anao, the largest apartment on the 20th floor of Building 3.

In the room, I looked around for a round of fine decoration and checked in, but it was quite classy.

"Is it satisfactory to the environment here?" Wang Ye smiled and looked at Lu An'ao.

She kept nodding her head with joy and said: "Satisfied, so satisfied. Thank you Mr. Wang, thank you."

"That's OK, you just live here first, and report to the company early tomorrow morning. As for the rent...just remit to the designated account every month on time."

After Wang Ye was about to leave, Anao Lu grabbed his wrist.

"Mr. Wang, do I have to pay the rent too?"

Wang Ye looked at her hand, and then at Lu An's sad face, and smiled lightly, "If you rent a house, don't you have to pay the rent?"

"Mr. Wang, you are so rich, you are too... too stingy. How can I say it is Mengdie's best girlfriend, and I just came to Luochuan, and I have no salary yet, so I have to pay the rent..."

Listening to her nagging, watching her complaining eyes, Wang Ye just smiled faintly.

This was just a small test that exposed Lu Hao's nature. Wang Ye had already thought about it. He would give advance notice to the Human Resources Department to add the rent for Lu Hao's salary.

Unexpectedly, Lu An'ao was exposed so early.

"Mr. Wang, can't you waive the rent for me? I will definitely be in the company from now on..."

Aunt Lu grabbed Wang Ye's arm and shook it as he spoke, with a charming look and a coquettish tone, but she did not look like a chaste woman at all.

Wang Ye withdrew his hand and said calmly, "Ms. Lu, you must know that you and I are not relatives. I have not only arranged work for you, but also arranged a place for you. It is already my benevolence and righteousness. If even the rent is waived , Wouldn’t it be a matter of declining to maintain your reputation? It’s not good for your reputation..."

"Those who are clear are self-clean and those who are turbid, I don't care what others think." Lu Hao's face was straightforward and confident.

Hu Chuanzang once again grabbed Wang Ye's arm, doing everything he could, even deliberately squeezing the thing on his chest to make a sultry appearance.

But what she didn't know was that the more she was like this, the more annoying and even disgusting Wang Ye was.

At this moment, Wang Ye's cell phone rang.

"Wang Ye, are you back from Guanbian County?" Shui Yuexi's voice came over the phone, looking a little anxious.

"I'm back, just arrived this afternoon. What's the matter with Chairman Shui?"

As Wang Ye said, he pointed to Lu Ao's and motioned her not to say anything.

"What else can I ask you for dinner?" Shui Yuexi said in a loud voice, "Moreover, in the two days you left, a lot of things have happened in Luochuan. The little beauty you care about is already devastated. Yeyan KTV, I’m waiting for you. If you don’t want her to lose terribly, I hope you come right away!"

"KTV?" Wang Ye frowned and wondered: "In your capacity, how could you choose that kind of place to talk about things."

"I didn't choose it, someone else chose it! That person is very important to what you want to investigate!"

"Zhao Tianxiang?" Wang Ye smacked his lips. "When will you still have to listen to his arrangements."

"Stop talking nonsense! This matter is very important, you will know when you meet and talk!"

After speaking, Shui Yuexi hung up the phone.

He weighed his cell phone and Wang Ye pondered. Zhao Tianxiang came to Luochuan for the project of Shuiyue Group in the Imperial Capital, and Bailingran formed a business alliance, obviously to target Su Xiaomo against Tianyu Group.

How far can things go after leaving Luochuan for two days?

Moreover, Wang Ye became more and more surprised that Su Xiaomo hadn't even called him in the past two days.

While thinking, he walked outside the house and dialed Su Xiaomo's number.

"Mr. Wang, you will sit down for a while, I have to talk to you if I have something!"

Lu Hao's voice came from behind, and Wang Ye waved his hand without turning his head, even if he got into the elevator.

"Well, you Wang Ye! A big boss, who is so stubborn! Let Jiang Mengdie live in a villa, let me live in a commercial house, that's all, but I have to pay the rent! Hmph, one day, I will let you treat me ...... To me, I was as dedicated to Jiang Mengdie!"

Lu An's muttered, closing the door with a bang.

What Jiang Mengdie didn't know was that her good girlfriend would cause her a terrible trouble.

At this time, Wang Ye was walking towards the car with a look of doubt. No one answered Su Xiaomo's phone, and no one answered Bai Guangcheng's phone.

"Fine! After seeing Shui Yuexi and returning to the residence, I will go to the second villa to talk to Su Xiaomo."

Look at the time, it's only seven o'clock in the evening, and it should be too late to return to the residence.

He drove straight to Yeyan KTV, which was the most high-end KTV in Luochuan, and the second floor of the KTV was already reserved by Shui Yuexi.

"Sir, please here." A waiter knocked on the door and opened the box door.

Wang Ye walked in, and Shui Yuexi was the only one in the huge box. She did not sing but was carrying a glass of red wine.

"Wang Ye, sit here." Shui Yuexi patted the position beside her.

Her cheeks flushed, probably because she had drunk a lot of wine before then.

Wang Ye walked over slowly and sat down beside her, "Chairman Shui! This is a karaoke hall, not a bar. You drink a lot."

"Stop talking nonsense! I'll just ask you one thing, Wang Ye, do you feel about me Shui Yuexi?"

Shui Yuexi was holding the wine glass, her eyes slightly blurred, and staring straight at him.


This sudden question made Wang Ye stupid.

He also stared at Shui Yuexi curiously. Hasn't this woman been in silence for Su Tianyu for many years?Why is it like being in a demon today?