The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 66-Shui Yuexi was molested

In the KTV box, a touch of soft music echoed, Shui Yuexi stretched out her black dress and sat on the sofa, looking directly at Wang Ye with her beautiful eyes.

It doesn't look like she is joking.

"Ah, that! Chairman Shui, I actually treat you..."

Wang Ye wanted to divert the subject, and Shui Yuexi's straightforward question made it hard for him to answer.

A woman like Shui Yuexi, who is both beautiful and successful, is false if she is not tempted, but he already has Su Xiaomo in Wang Ye's mind, and Guanbian County saves Jiang Mengdie, there is already one more. woman.

Wang Ye couldn't do it while eating in the bowl and watching what was in the pot.

"I'll just ask you, do you feel about me? You can answer yes or no."

Shui Yuexi is no better than Su Xiaomo, she is very direct, and directly makes Wang Ye a little unacceptable.

Facing her inquiring eyes, Wang Ye replied as softly as possible: "A good woman like Chairman Shui, can that man be unmoved, of course Wang Ye is too!"

"With you, that's enough!" Shui Yuexi nodded contentedly.

She did not press Wang Ye again, nor did she talk more about this relationship, but took a light sip of red wine.

"That love and hatred have troubled me for many years. I also want to know the reason for Su Tianyu's death, and what have you found recently?"

When Shui Yuexi asked about this, Wang Ye secretly breathed a sigh of relief and told her about the progress of the recent investigation.

After listening to his narration, Shui Yuexi was silent.

After a while, she took out her mobile phone and called Zhao Tianxiang.

"Dong Zhao, where are you?"

This KTV was chosen by Zhao Tianxiang, and he wanted to meet Wang Ye, saying that this place is convenient for communicating with young people.

But on the other end of the phone, Zhao Tianxiang’s hurried voice came, "Chairman Shui is really embarrassed. There is an emergency meeting temporarily. Maybe I can’t go! It’s just for you to tell me what I said to you. Mr. Wang, take it as me to show my sincerity."

"I can't come!" Shui Yuexi frowned, "All right! But that matter is very serious, so please keep Dong Zhao secret for the time being."

"Don't worry, don't worry, I have been rotten in my stomach for two years, and it will continue to rotten."

After listening, Shui Yuexi hung up the phone.

She turned her head to look at Wang Ye, "Today, Dong Zhao originally arranged for him, but he can't do anything temporarily."

"What did you just say?" Wang Ye asked tentatively.

"In the two days you left, there was a big move in Luochuan! The business alliance formed by Bai Lingran, like mushrooms after a rain, popped up overnight! Moreover, since you have added him, you should know his purpose!"

"For Tianyu Group? He really dared to do this!" Wang Ye's expression sank. He had reminded Bai Lingran that night in the Yushan Building, but he didn't expect that not only would he not listen, but he would speed up.

"With all due respect, Bai Lingran, with his own power, may not be able to shake the Tianyu Group! The so-called business alliance is just a cover!"

Wang Ye is quite confident. With his current financial resources and Su Xiaomo's Tianyu Group, few people in Luochuan can shake her.

But when Shui Yuexi heard the words, she laughed, "You look down on Bai Lingran too much! From the perspective of business competition, he really can't shake Tianyu Group, but what if it is desperate?"


"Yes, desperately! Desperate to burn the jade and stone, that's different!"

After Shui Yuexi finished speaking, she let out a long sulky breath, "Wang Ye, I didn't treat you as an outsider, so I think I have to tell you some things! In fact, my hatred for Su Tianyu has gradually faded in the past two years. That’s it! To Tianyu Group and even Su Xiaomo, I don’t have as strong revenge as before! However, I still cooperate with Tianyu Group because of... Bai Lingran!"

After she said these words, Wang Ye was not surprised.

Since the last time he signed a contract with Shui Yuexi, Shui Yuexi hadn't paid much attention to the process during the many difficult processes, and he was able to see that all this was not his intention.

"What did Bai Lingran threaten you to do?" This was Wang Ye's most puzzled.

"Business cooperation! And the unquenched hatred in my heart!" Shui Yuexi explained, "But the day before yesterday, you called when I was having dinner with Zhao Tianxiang, and afterwards talked about you and Su Xiaomo. From his mouth, I learned an amazing secret!"

"What's the secret?" Wang Ye looked solemn, and he felt that Su Tianyu's death was about to be revealed.

"The fire of Hongfeng Trading is not spontaneous fire, but someone can fire the fire, and the person who set the fire is a man named Liu Chuang! He is a veteran, once served as a soldier under Zhao Tianxiang, and later retired and mixed in Luochuan. Some of the famous, black and white can be described as a take-all!"

"According to Zhao Tianxiang, he was also in a wine bureau when Liu Chuang was drunk and mentioned it accidentally. But he knew that the matter of life is not related to Zhao Tianxiang, so what Liu Chuang said, He never mentioned it to anyone."

"Wang Ye, what do you think after knowing this?"

Seeing Wang Ye's contemplative appearance, Shui Yuexi asked.

Looking up at Shui Yuexi, Wang Ye said every word: "Someone deliberately puts on blame!"

"Yes, you are the same as I thought!" Shui Yuexi shook the glass, "Someone instructed Liu Chuang to do it. He burned the Hongfeng trading warehouse and killed many people in the Bai family, so that he pointed the finger at Su Tianyu. But I once asked Bai Lingran, Su Tianyu's death was not caused by him."

"I think the answer will be revealed soon."

Wang Ye stood up with a cold smile and burned the Hongfeng Trade Warehouse and Su Tianyu's death. There must be a connection between them. As long as Liu Chuang was tortured and tortured from his mouth, all the truth would surface.

"Chairman Shui, let's go."

Shui Yuexi nodded, and also stood up, preparing to leave here with Wang Ye.

"Who is so domineering and booked? I don't ask Lao Tzu if he agrees."

At this moment, an extremely clamoring voice resounded in the corridor outside the door, as well as some words that the waiter explained in fear.

"I don't care about him. I asked my brothers to sing here today. I'm going to book the biggest private room!"

When Wang Ye was about to open the door, someone kicked the door open.

A man in his early thirties stood at the door with an arrogant and domineering look. Behind him was four or five friends of the same age.

"This box, did you pack it?" The man's questioning words just fell, and immediately after a pair of eyes, he looked at Shui Yuexi in a mysterious manner.

With a frown, Shui Yuexi sneered: "Does it look good?"

"Hmm." The man kept nodding his head and said: "Little girl, she looks so beautiful! Is that the lady of the night banquet? Brother has packaged you tonight, what price, even if you speak, I will satisfy you..."


Before he could finish his words, Shui Yuexi slapped his hand on the man's face.

He covered his face with one hand, and the man was stunned. After a while, he recovered and shouted: "Bitch! Do you dare to hit me, do you know who Lao Tzu is?"