The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 69: Imprisoned in a Gentle Country

"Do you really want to know?" Wang Ye asked sternly.

Shui Yuexi nodded her head and smiled, "Well, speak up!"

"Please, you have to beg for help!" Wang Ye, with a solemn expression, suddenly grinned.

Seeing his ridicule, Shui Yuexi gritted her teeth fiercely, "Okay, I'll give you a begging look, I hope you can hold it!"

After that, Shui Yuexi rolled up her sleeves, revealing her white jade arms and slender boneless jade fingers on Wang Ye's shoulders, gently pinching, and said delicately.

"Brother Wang Ye, just tell me, what have you guessed? Okay, Brother Wang Ye..."

Wang Ye shuddered, and her skin bumps all over her body. This Shui Yue Xi Niang's rise is simply fascinating!

"Farewell! If you do this again, I really won't be able to control it and I'll take you here!"

Hearing this, Shui Yuexi blushed and hurriedly withdrew her hand, "Forget it."

Seeing that she was a little angry, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Actually, things are very simple, you can understand them with your toes..."

Feeling Shui Yuexi's angry eyes, he hurriedly returned to the subject.

"Well, well, think about it! Zhao Tianxiang told you about Liu Chuang's burning of the Hongfeng trading warehouse. Then Liu Chuang set up a bureau and put you and me under house arrest! He must be not for money, but to kill people! But Zhao Tianxiang is not stupid, he came for money. He will definitely not let you go out to find him to seek revenge."

"After talking for a long time, it's not dead!" Shui Yuexi curled her lips.

"Yes! They all want to kill you and me! But the trick behind it is even more confusing. Zhao Tianxiang must have full confidence in doing so. After you die, you can get more from Shuiyue Group. Great interest! Behind this, Bai Lingran may have to make plans. Everything is rushing towards Su Xiaomo. You and I are just two unfortunates in this plan."

Shui Yuexi fell into silence, her mind circulated quickly.

"In the board of directors of Shuiyue Group, there is Bai Lingran's inner ghost! Someone has been bought by Bai Lingran?"

Under her questioning eyes, Wang Ye smiled and nodded.

Shui Yuexi's face is solemn, and she paces back and forth in the room again. If her inexplicable world evaporates, Shuiyue Group will fall into the hands of the board of directors. At that time, plus Bailingran's secret control, Shuiyue Group will soon Become Bai Lingran.

In addition, the business alliance he had organized during this period of time had enough strength to threaten Tianyu Group and even the Su family.

"Well, you Bai Lingran! In order to deal with Su Xiaomo, you even count the old lady!" Shui Yuexi gritted her teeth viciously.

Wang Ye just lay down calmly. It was not difficult for him to escape from here. He could easily escape from here with shadowless shoes or invisibility cloak in his hand.

But he did not intend to do so.

Su Tianyu's death was about to come to light, and how to tell Su Xiaomo was a headache for Wang Ye.

Rather than telling it by herself, it's better to give Su Xiaomo a few days to give her a transition period and let the development of the matter give her the best answer.

Therefore, Wang Ye is waiting, waiting for Bai Lingran to officially start to attack Tianyu Group, Su Xiaomo and even Su Family, that is the best time for Wang Ye to act.

In addition, Wang Ye also has selfish intentions, it is better to give charcoal in the snow instead of putting the finishing touches!

In this cell, Wang Ye quietly conceived his plan.

Time, for Shui Yuexi at this moment, seemed extremely long, until the early morning she was still walking around.

Calculating the time, it should have passed twelve midnight, and Wang Ye got up to walk towards the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Shui Yuexi asked.

"What else! Hush!" Wang Ye pointed to the bathroom.

Thinking that he had thought of a way to escape, but unexpectedly he would just go to the bathroom, Shui Yuexi muttered: "Lazy cows, lazy horses, pooping!"

Wang Ye ignored her and went straight into the bathroom. There was no door to the temporary bathroom. He turned his head and stared at his Shui Yuexi, and hurriedly turned his head away.

"Hurry up! No big size, this place is so small, it will smell bad later."

"I Ditian, is that something I can control! Okay, just don't peek at me..."

"Peeking at you, you want to be beautiful!"

While chatting with Shui Yuexi, Wang Ye called out his cell phone and clicked the card to sign in to the system.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully checking in and signing in continuously, and get the system reward: Fire Yuandan.

Wang Ye chooses to click to view the effect: Fire Yuan Dan, within three hours after taking it, has the powerful ability to control and create flames, firepower is wireless!Use with caution.

The vague remarks on efficacy made Wang Ye quite curious.

"Control and create flames?" Smacking his lips, he chose to extract.

In the blink of an eye, there was a fiery red pill in his hand.

Never eager to take it, Wang Ye put the pills in his pocket.

"Are you done, I want to go to the bathroom..." Shui Yuexi heard a shy voice from behind.

"Okay, okay! Who made you drink so much alcohol."

Wang Ye pretended to carry his pants and walked out, lying on the bed again.

Shui Yuexi hurriedly walked into the bathroom, but this simple place had no door at all, and it was facing the bed.

"You turn me around!" Shui Yuexi ordered.

Wang Ye smiled, then turned around, "I can't see it, but I can hear it."

"Wang Ye, you are nasty!" Shui Yuexi was anxious, but she was a little embarrassed when she heard this.

"Hey, I mean, spread two pieces of paper in the toilet and the hushing sound is gone."

Looking at Wang Ye with her back to her, Shui Yuexi was skeptical, but she still spread two pieces of paper in the toilet, and the effect was obvious.

"How about it, don't you lie?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

"You filthy fellow, what are you thinking about all day! How do you know such a thing."

Shui Yuexi walked out, but with a look of disdain.

Wang Ye was too lazy to explain to her that Liu Chuang designed this cell, obviously he would not move them until a major event was completed, but to complete a series of plans, it would definitely not be possible to do it in a day or two.

Therefore, the imprisonment is long, and as a prisoner, patience is the first thing to bear the brunt.

Shui Yuexi, who was turning around, quickly looked tired, and finally fell asleep sitting on the stool.

Wang Ye turned around and helped her bewildered on the bed, while sitting on the stool.

After only a few hours of sleep, Shui Yuexi woke up and looked at Wang Ye, who was sitting on a stool with her eyes closed. She bit her red lips tightly with her teeth and hesitated slightly, saying: "This bed is quite big, one piece Go to sleep, I don’t know how long I will be locked up."

"Okay." Wang Ye opened his eyes and walked over, lying directly next to Shui Yuexi.

Shui Yuexi, with a stunned look, muttered, "Aren't you shitting?"

"That's OK, let's start again, you ask again." Wang Ye asked with a smile.

"Boring!" Shui Yuexi glanced at him blankly, then turned around and turned her back to him.

There was a mature and charming woman sleeping next to him, but Wang Ye felt very uncomfortable, tossing and turning over and over, unable to sleep.

Until the next morning, Wang Ye, who was going to sleep in a daze, heard the voice of the guard outside the door answering the phone.

"Boss rest assured, people can't run away. Okay, I am waiting for your letter tonight, as soon as there is a letter, we will immediately do them."