The fire element pill melted immediately, and a hot liquid quickly flowed towards every corner of the body.

Wang Ye only felt that his body was like a dry sponge, quickly swallowing that medicine.


The heat in his body became more intense, and he screamed up to the sky, and a tongue of fire spurted out of his mouth.


Immediately afterwards, his body surface burned with a pale white flame.

With one hand stroking Shui Yuexi's cheek, the pale white flame enveloped her body as if it were spiritual, seeming to be extremely hot, but could isolate the raging fire from the cell.

"Hahaha, what a pleasure, this kind of screams like ants on a hot pan."

The cell was burning, and the scorching heat caused Liu Chuang and others to retreat far away. Listening to Wang Ye's roar, Liu Chuang smiled abnormally.

"Congratulations to Brother Dao Scar, who will soon become the top power in Luochuan." One of the younger brothers flattered on one knee.

The others, unwilling to show weakness, hurriedly spoke.

"Congratulations Brother Dao Scar, after you get rid of them, the Su family will not die or be disabled, and sooner or later will belong to you."

"It's not just the Su Family. When it grows up, Brother Scar will definitely take down Bai Lingran. By then, the business alliance and the entire Luochuan will belong to Brother Scar."

In the compliments of the younger brothers, Liu Chuang's eyes seemed to have seen the day when he was flying yellow.

He laughed viciously, "Well, well, your benefits will be indispensable by then! Bai Lingran has already launched a full attack today, targeting the Su Family! When the Su Family is badly injured, it is time for us to do it! Hey, Su I am afraid that Tian Ao will never think that he will become my stepping stone."

"Maybe you have no chance!"

At this moment, a calm voice came from the burning cell.

Suddenly, Liu Chuang and others felt that their hairs were exploding, their feet stepped back subconsciously, and their eyes stared at the cell that was burning with flames.

"I heard you right, was Wang Ye talking just now?"

"Okay, it seems so, isn't it a ghost?"

"Ghost, your uncle, the ghost burned him to death!"

The terrified Liu Chuang kicked the younger brother in front of him, and motioned him to come and take a look.

The little brother trembling, hesitated to step forward.

"You don't want to go again, I will throw you in with my own hands." Liu Chuang threatened.

Hearing this, the little brother hurried forward. The fire was too strong, and the scorching heat rolled in with air waves. He could only block his eyes with one hand, and slowly approached the burning cell on his tiptoe. Look in.

Suddenly, as he approached, he was stunned. In his eyes, there was this person standing in the cell, and his body was burning with pale white flames, like a god of fire.

"Ghost, ghost..." He roared with a trembling voice, sat on the ground with a fright, turned and crawled back.


A flame churned out, like a fire snake swallowing the man in one bite, Liu Chuang and the others shivered in the screams, they clearly saw that the little brother turned into ashes in an instant.

"Born to be human, but so vicious, you don't deserve to live!"

Wang Ye's indifferent voice awakened the frightened Liu Chuang and the others, and they looked up at the burning cell.

A silhouette full of flames, holding a person in his arms, walked out slowly.

The fire is overwhelming, like the god of fire descending to the world.


More than ten people, including Liu Chuang, swallowed their throats with difficulty, their faces pale and trembling.


I don't know who it is. After a daze, he stretched his throat and screamed, then ran away.

"You have to die!" Wang Ye's voice sounded, and he looked a little hoarse now.


Hearing only the burst of flames burning, the flames began to condense on the burning cell behind him, like tentacles, entangled towards everyone under Wang Ye's control.

Immediately afterwards, in this abandoned factory building, there was a sorrowful scream, full of the stench of burnt flesh.

However, within a few breaths, Liu Chuang's more than ten subordinates all turned to ashes under the flames.


Liu Chuang's legs softened and he knelt down, lowering his head not to look at Wang Ye, who was slowly walking by.

"Forgive me, be merciful..." Liu Chuang's thoughts turned, and suddenly he continued: "The things back then were all instructed by Su Tianao. This time, Bai Lingran also instructed me."

"Really? I originally intended to listen to you telling the truth to spare you for not dying, but I didn't expect you to be still full of lies."

Wang Ye was approaching, like a stove, making Liu Chuang too hot, and his cold sweat trickled down.

I've seen Bai Lingran talk with him once. Although this person is eager for revenge, Wang Ye feels that he is not a heinous person who wants to use all means to achieve his goals.

Otherwise, why hide behind Shui Yuexi and target Tianyu Group in the past two years.

Sure enough, under Wang Ye's deterrence, Liu Chuang's mentality finally collapsed, and he kept kowtow to apologize.

"I was wrong, I was wrong, Bai Lingran asked me to hold you up, but didn't let me kill you. I was just a ghost for a while, thinking about killing you and disturbing the situation, I can fish in troubled waters, and threaten with this. Bai Lingran..."

Wang Ye raised his hand. Under the power of the Fire Yuan Pill, the ability to manipulate the flame was extremely strong. A flame wrapped Liu Chuang and then lifted it up.

"Please, don't, don't kill me, I Liu Chuang will only look forward to you from now on, and I will be your horse..."

"You do not deserve!"

Wang Ye smiled faintly and flicked his fingers, and the flames entwining Liu Chuang burst open.


Suddenly, the flames eroded Liu Chuang's body and began to burn. He struggled painfully and rolled on the ground, but the flames were different from the flames that killed his men before, so they burnt it to ashes in a straightforward manner.

This flame tortured him a little bit, burning his skin, fat and muscles to bones.

There was still Liu Chuang rolling and wailing on the ground, Wang Ye never looked at him more, turned and hugged Shui Yuexi aside, letting her lie flat in the back row of that Elfa.

The suffocation of the dense smoke only made her temporarily shocked, and she will soon wake up.

Wang Ye was full of flames, and under his restraint, he began to restrain himself quickly.

But at this moment, Wang Ye, standing outside the car, felt like there was a hot stove inside his body, exuding extremely terrifying heat.

"This medicine is too powerful! The effect of the medicine is unknown, I really don't dare to take it lightly!" He was blushing and laughed at himself.

Many of the peculiar medicines presented by the check-in system were not very detailed. Wang Ye, who had suffered a loss, had already prepared for it, but he did not expect that this fire-primary medicine was not only terrifying, but also for him It also has a great impact.

The anger was ignited, and even the lust in the body was burning.

Short of breath, Wang Ye turned around and glanced at it. Liu Chuang and others in the factory were already turned into ashes. He ran to the faucet aside quickly and drank wildly at the faucet.

But how can ordinary water extinguish the crazily burning desire in the body.

The feeling that he was about to burst into death made Wang Ye extremely uneasy.