In the empty factory, the sound of water rushed.

Wang Ye drank it, then lifted the water in the bucket and poured it down the top of his head.

But the heat in the body has not been suppressed at all, on the contrary, it has intensified.


Being hot, he couldn't help yelling, and tore his shirt to pieces, and the skin on his body appeared crimson.

"Wang Ye, what's wrong with you?"

A concerned voice came from behind, and Wang Ye's body trembled fiercely and froze in place.

Shui Yuexi!

A minute ago, Shui Yuexi had already regained consciousness. She looked at the ashes of the prison cell, and then at the corner of the factory building, Wang Ye who was drinking in front of the tap. Although she felt strange, she knew that Wang Ye was uncomfortable.

"Wang Ye, you seem to be very hot. Did you get burned when you rescued me from the cell just now..."

"Go back to the car!" Wang Ye shouted without looking back.

Shui Yuexi was startled, she hesitated for a while, did not return to the car, but walked slowly towards Wang Ye.

The sound of footsteps behind her became extremely clear at this moment. Even Shui Yuexi's nervous gasp was heard particularly clearly in Wang Ye's ears. As she approached, Wang Ye felt that the flame in his body was about to lose control. .

The medicinal power of the Fire Yuan Pill ignited the flames of lust in his body, making his mind begin to blur.

"What's wrong with you? Tell me, maybe I can help you."


When Shui Yuexi's words fell, she grabbed Wang Ye's wrist.

At that moment, Wang Ye felt like an electric shock, and his whole body felt weak.

But Shui Yuexi's face changed drastically, and she grabbed Wang Ye's wrist as if she had grabbed a hot iron rod, and she hurriedly withdrew her hand.

"You, why are you so hot..."

Wang Ye gritted his teeth, and before he was sane enough, he explained with great effort: "After I rescued you, Liu Chuang was given that kind of medicine. Now I can't control it. Shui Yuexi, go quickly and get out of here! Otherwise! I'm afraid that I will be unable to control myself later! Go, go!"

This is the best explanation for Shui Yuexi, and it is also the best way Wang Ye can come up with.

If Shui Yuexi stayed here again and the medicinal properties gradually increased, he might really do something beyond his control.

"The kind of medicine?!"

Shui Yuexi murmured, her cheeks turned red gradually, and she guessed what the medicine was referring to.

"Go, go quickly..."

Wang Ye hugged his head with his hands and thrust his fingers deeply into his hair. Uncomfortably, he almost blew himself up.

Looking at her back, Shui Yuexi bit her red lips tightly, blushing and nervousness on her cheeks, and a touch of decisiveness.

"I'll help you!" Suddenly, with tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes, Shui Yuexi rushed up and hugged Wang Ye from behind.

"Go, go..." Wang Ye tried his best to fight his own will.

Shui Yuexi shook her head and hugged him tightly, "If it weren't for you, Shui Yuexi would have died in the sea of ​​fire, and I would live again from the fire. In this life, Shui Yuexi will live for herself! Wang Ye, I like you and I am willing to give everything for you."

Wang Ye was moved in his heart, but he was gradually unable to hold on to himself. Any man who met Shui Yuexi would think about her, and Wang Ye had it before.

However, he would never have thought that this kind of thing would happen when Su Xiaomo was violently pursued.

However, his mind was blurred, he abruptly got up, turned around and hugged Shui Yuexi, and strode towards the Toyota Elfa.

Lying in his arms, watching Wang Ye with hot eyes and a grinning smile at the corner of his mouth, Shui Yuexi's tears flowed slowly.

She was not unwilling, but unwilling, unwilling to give herself to Wang Ye in this situation.

But if you don't do this, I'm afraid Wang Ye will die!

After gritting her teeth, Shui Yuexi took a deep breath, and when Wang Ye put her on the back seat, she took the initiative to hug Wang Ye's neck.

In the factory building, Toyota Alpha was shaking, and a Wushan cloud and rain was playing here.

Compared to the spring here, Luochuan Su's family is not at all peaceful at the moment.

The business alliance headed by Bai Lingran has united hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises in Luochuan, and most of them are the suppliers and suppliers of the Su family.

More importantly, under Bai Lingran's control, after the Shui Yue Group lost Shui Yuexi, the internal situation changed drastically, and Bai Lingran is now in disguised form.

The complete termination of all business contacts with the Su family caused the Su family to be completely paralyzed in just one day, and the Tianyu Group under the Su family was in danger.

In the meeting hall of the Su family, the old man Su sat above the chief, his face extremely pale.

Underneath was Su Tianao, who was pacing back and forth, and Su Xiaomo, who was already sitting quietly on the side.

"Who can tell me what happened?" Father Su slammed his crutches heavily and said angrily: "Su Tianao! Where are the third and fourth?"

The fourth son of the Su family, the second child Su Tianyu died violently two years ago, and the third and fourth child, but half a year ago, they went to the magic city to take care of the business of the Su family. The father spoke early this morning and asked them to rush back. But no one has been seen so far.

Su Tianao looked sad, and said, "The third and fourth youngest are also worried now, the business of the magic city is about to collapse, they can't get a handle at all."


It's rare for Mr. Su to be so irritable, he roared: "Compared to the Su family's property, their three-cent acre is a fart, call, call! Let them charter a plane and get me back immediately!"

Su Tianao was taken aback and hurriedly took out his mobile phone.

At this moment, Su Xiaomo, who had never spoken, finally stood up.

"No need to fight."

"Huh?" Su Tianao was startled.

Su Xiaomo looked calm, and said lightly: "This time it is obviously planned to target our Su family. Even if the third and fourth uncles rush back, it will not help! But with the background of the Su family, she wants to destroy us in one breath. It’s also unlikely! If I’m not wrong, the messenger behind the scenes will soon appear and come to my Su’s house for negotiations with his purpose."

Hearing this, Old Su's eyes lit up and he glanced at Su Xiaomo approvingly.

At this time, Su Xiaomo was able to maintain such a calm and orderly thoughts. On her body, Su Xiaomo saw the figure of Su Tianyu back then.

Sure enough, after waiting anxiously for about half an hour, the old butler from outside the conference hall walked quickly.

"Master, someone is asking for a meeting outside the villa."

"Who is the one coming?" Elder Su stood up.

The butler shook his head, "He didn't say his name, just let me tell you that he doesn't want to, don't want the Su family to go bankrupt and have nothing, it's best to go out to meet him personally."

"What a crazy tone!" Elder Su's face was gloomy, and he slammed his crutches heavily.

But having said that, now it's the Su family's life and death, what a face is worth.

"I want to see, who has three heads and six arms, dare to do this like this..." Su Tian'ao geared up his hands fiercely.

"Go away!" Grandpa Su shouted, and he fainted instantly.

"Let's go, Xiao Mo, come with me to see, which big person is going to deal with my Su family!"

After Mr. Su had finished speaking, he walked out of the discussion hall with Su Xiaomo's support.