Seeing Elder Su came over, Su Xiaomo struggled instinctively, ready to break free from Wang Ye's arms.

But she was surprised to find that Wang Ye hugged her harder and harder.

Gritting his teeth, facing the reproaching gaze of Elder Su, Su Xiaomo stopped struggling and just leaned in his arms.

"Wang Ye!" Elder Su came up, staring at Wang Ye, and didn't say a word for a while.

But under his majestic gaze, Wang Ye looked complacent and smiled at him.

"Su Xiaomo is my granddaughter. Her lifelong events will naturally have to go through me nodding. Behind you is the mourning hall of my son Su Tianao. Here is the granddaughter of my Su family. I am afraid it is not appropriate. Although, you did help my Su family to solve the urgent need."

Finally, Father Su spoke, but his tone was still euphemistic.

Wang Ye smiled, turned his head on Su Xiaomo's cheek, and kissed him fiercely. This was how Su Xiaomo released the dumbfounded Su Xiaomo.

A group of Su family members were as dark as the bottom of the pot, and Zhou Hailiang roared: "This kid is too defiant!"

"Wang Ye, you are over-consuming my Su family's gratitude to you!" Elder Su said in a deep voice, "Xiao Mo, come over here!"

Su Xiaomo was here to recover, but was in a dilemma.

"Xiao Mo, grandpa called you. I can't change the fact that you are my woman in the past."

Wang Ye smiled slyly, and pushed Su Xiaomo, who was red-faced, and motioned her to go to Elder Su.

Seeing him like that, Su Xiaomo was so angry and funny.

Su Zhao stepped forward, preparing to grab Su Xiaomo's hand, she ducked sideways, and walked to the side of Old Su.

With the crutches in his hand, Grandpa Su pointed to the garden on one side, and said, "Wang Ye, if you say something in front of others, I'm afraid it will refute your face. Let's change the place."

"Change the place, it's okay!" Wang Ye spread his hands, but the conversation turned, and said: "As for face loss, it doesn't matter. You can be a witness together! Originally, I planned to come to Su after a while. Family proposes a marriage, but today’s talk is over here, by the way..."

"If that's the case, let's go ahead! In front of the mourning hall, disrespect the deceased." With a stick on the crutches, Old Su interrupted Wang Ye's words and walked towards the garden beside him.

A group of people followed closely, expressing their incomparable disgust towards Wang Ye's helpless attitude.

In the garden of Su’s family, Su’s old man sits on a wooden bench in the water of the stream, surrounded by rockery.

"You want to marry Su Xiaomo?" Father Su asked.

Wang Ye nodded and answered neatly, "Yes."

"What did you use to marry her?" Elder Su sneered: "Only you, the Amano Group formed by the empty glove white wolf?"

Without waiting for Wang Ye to answer, Old Su's words pressed hard.

"Suitable, Zhou Hailiang is right. The marriage between Xiaomo and the master of the magic capital Zhou family, Zhou Guangsheng, I nodded and agreed. Although I have not decided to marry, the family already knows about this..."

"Grandpa, I never promised Zhou Guangsheng..." Su Xiaomo explained hurriedly.

"Shut up! I'm talking to Wang Ye!"

Elder Su turned his head and glared at her, then continued.

"The Zhou Family of the Magic City is a big family that has been inherited for hundreds of years. It has been deeply rooted in the Magic City. If you really like Xiao Mo, you should bless her instead of pulling her into the fire pit! You should know that you and the Zhou family The disparity between."

When he finished speaking, Su Zhao, Zhou Hailiang and others were laughing at Wang Ye who was silent, he asked a little funny: "You are finished?"

"Heh! Hearing my Zhou family, did you scare you stupid?" Zhou Hailiang mocked.


Wang Ye gave him a white look, and the simple words made Zhou Hailiang's face red.

"Elder Su, you are a lot of age, so why don't you understand something! Aristocrats and nobles will surely give Xiao Mo happiness? Once you enter a rich family, it is as deep as the sea. Besides, you are too old to underestimate my king. Go wild! Isn't it the Zhou family? It's like a rich and enemy country."


"It's crazy!"

"If it weren't for Grandpa's presence, I really want to go up and smoke his two big mouths!"

The group of people headed by Su Zhao were all indignant, and Wang Ye's words were too arrogant.

But Wang Ye didn't feel at all that if Huilong's own assets were now able to compete with the Su family, and the most important thing was that he possessed the check-in system and possessed immeasurable potential.

Elder Su shook his head and smiled bitterly, "I really don't know, I should say that you are a newborn calf, not afraid of tigers, or a frog at the bottom of the well! Who gives you such courage, dare to challenge the Zhou family."

"For my woman, I really called this board!"

"Okay, ambitious!" Elder Su smiled slyly and said: "Then I will give you a chance to prove your strength! Have you heard of Shanhai Group?"

"The old man is just hurting me! How can I not know the Shanhai Group." Wang Ye smiled bitterly and spread his hands.

Shanhai Group is in Luochuan, which is a leader in the real estate industry. Its headquarters is located in the Imperial Capital. It is among the top ten enterprises in China. When Zhao Tianxiang was in the Imperial Capital, the Shanhai Group is like a cloud of mud.

"It's good to know! Nanshan Development Project, you should have heard of it too?" Father Su asked.

Wang Ye nodded, Luochuan Nanshan has been taken by Shanhai Group, ready to develop tourism, and build related hotels and restaurants!This is something almost everyone knows in Luochuan's business community.

Su Xiaomo had already sensed something bad, and she couldn't help shaking her head at Wang Ye, indicating that he would not get into the trap of Old Man Su.

"Nanshan Development Project, the entire project cost 300 billion! Take it all, it is my old man Su bullying you, so be it! Zhou family is also starting to undertake the project from Shanhai Group, as long as you can win, it will be better than Zhou Group In the Nanshan development project, for the higher value projects, I promised to assign Su Xiaomo to you!"

Su Zhao, Zhou Hailiang and others secretly snickered when they heard that the Zhou family had been with this project for more than half a year, and because of the relationship between the Zhou family and the Shanhai Group, at least half of the projects had been acquiesced to the Zhou family.

Just relying on Wang Ye and expecting to be able to compare with Zhou's family, that is simply a fantasy.

"The old man is serious about this?" Wang Ye asked sternly with a flash in his eyes.

Elder Su nodded, "A gentleman can't chase after a word!"

"Okay!" Wang Ye rubbed his hands in excitement, "It's hard to avoid your old words, Wang Ye boasted about going to Haikou, and Wang Ye has the right to win the Nanshan development project! At that time, don't forget your promise!"

Everyone was dumbfounded, and then sneered.

"This kid is crazy, nonsense! That's a 300 billion project, who do you think you are!"

"Fuck, this wave of pretense, I admire Su Zhao's five-body cast!"

Facing everyone's ridicule, Wang Ye smiled confidently.

Elder Su stared at him closely, his expression gradually becoming solemn, in Wang Ye's body, he actually felt a faint, domineering feeling.