The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 94-Giving Magic Medicine

Didi, Didi, Di...

The instrument in front of the bed kept beeping. Wang Ye couldn't be more familiar with this sound. It was the alarm sound from the instrument for losing vital signs.

When my mother was hospitalized, this happened twice. Fortunately, she was rescued in the hospital.

"My wife, don't scare me, wake up, Dr. Cui will be here soon..."

Can hear Shan Yueming's choking sound, he and his wife, Hai Mingqing, have a very good relationship.

"The opportunity is here!"

Wang Ye's eyes gleamed, and he called out his mobile phone from the warehouse to take out the quick-acting Jiuxin pill that he had signed in the day before yesterday.

Putting away the cloak, Wang Ye was about to knock on the door, and Shan Yueming opened the door and rushed out.

Taking a look at Wang Ye, he was just a little stunned, even if he was ready to call for help to treat Hai Mingqing.

"No need to shout, I'm here to save her!" Wang Ye interrupted Shan Yueming's about to shout.

"Who are you? How did you get in? Can you save my wife?"

At this time, Shan Yueming's thoughts were still very clear.

"My name is Wang Ye, the chairman of Amano Group. Originally, I came to visit you on purpose today, but I was blocked outside, so I secretly..." At this point, Wang Ye turned around and said: "It's not yet When explaining, let me save people first."

Shan Yueming was dubious, but now his wife has lost his vital characteristics, and Dr. Cui hasn't arrived yet, even if it is too late to shout, this sudden Wang Ye may be his last hope.

Thinking of this, Shan Yueming stepped aside and Wang Ye walked in quickly.

Lying on the bed is a kind old man, her expression is safe, and her white hair shows her vicissitudes of age.

Abandonment on the side, both the heart rate and pulse stopped, and the blood dropped rapidly.

"Bring me a glass of water." Wang Ye held the quick-acting Jiuxin pill in his hand, and he was not sure about it.

After all, Hai Mingqing is dead by nature.

"Oh." Shan Yue Ming was stunned, this is what hurriedly brought a glass of water.

Wang Ye helped Hai Mingqing up, then opened her mouth, stuffed the projectile into Hai Mingqing's mouth, and then poured water in.

The water flowed down the corner of Hai Mingqing's mouth, and only a little bit of water poured in.

"What do you give my wife?" Shan Yue Ming asked anxiously.

"Magic medicine!"

"Magic medicine?" Shan Yueming felt a little unreliable when he heard this.

But Wang Ye can't help it, can't tell him this is a quick-acting heart-saving pill!Not to mention that this is a medicine rewarded by the sign-in system.

Hai Mingqing took the medicine without the slightest reaction.

After waiting for about half a minute, Shan Yueming couldn't sit still, he stood up directly and walked out of the door.

If Dr. Cui arrives in time, there may still be one in ten thousand hopes, but as I heard that the chairman of the Amano Group who did not know where he came from, I am afraid that his wife will only have a dead end.


But when his hand was already on the doorknob, the heart rate instrument made a sound.

Shan Yueming turned around abruptly to look at it. The heart rate, blood, and pulse on the meter were recovering quickly, and Hai Mingqing was breathing.

He rushed forward and grasped his wife's hand, "My wife, you wake up, my wife."

Wang Ye was squeezed aside by him, watching Hai Mingqing who was gradually awakening, he also secretly relieved.

"This medicine can cure her disease, but the doctor will have to check it later to see if there are any remaining symptoms."

"Thank you, thank you, you are really a god." Despite this, Shan Yueming kept staring at Hai Mingqing, holding her hand, and said softly: "It's okay, my wife, it's okay, you're okay. ."

"What just happened? I feel like I'm dead..." Hai Mingqing's voice was still a little weak.

Shan Yueming explained: "You were critically ill just now, and it was Mr. Wang Ye who gave you magic medicine to save you."

"Grandpa, grandma, have you rested?" At this moment, Shan Qingwu's voice came from outside the house.

With a drop of cold sweat on Wang Ye's forehead, this Shan Qingwu is really a shit-cutter.

He saved Hai Mingqing just now. This is a life-saving grace to Shan Yueming. The timing is just right. Wang Ye is going to mention the purpose of coming, but who would have thought that Shan Qingwu would come, if she bumped into herself and said It would be self-defeating to misunderstand the voyeurism just now.

Thinking of this, Wang Ye didn't hesitate to put on his invisibility cloak, and his figure disappeared.

"Qing Wu, come in." After Shan Yueming finished speaking, Shan Qingwu outside the door opened the door.

"Your grandma almost...thanks to this Mr. Wang..."

Seeing Shan Yueming talking about this, looking around the room, Shan Qingwu asked, "What Mr. Wang, what's wrong with my grandma?"

"What about people?" Shan Yue Ming was stunned. Wang Ye, who was still behind him just now, seemed to have evaporated.

Before he could explain to Shan Qingwu, Dr. Cui, sweating profusely, rushed over.

Under Shan Yueming's urging, Dr. Cui began to examine Hai Mingqing, his expression increasingly surprised.

"Hi..." He took a breath but said nothing.

Shan Yueming frowned and asked, "Doctor Cui, what's the matter?"

"Strange." Dr. Cui looked suspicious, "I also checked in the morning, but in half a day, the old man's coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and cerebral hemorrhage were all cured!"

"Huh?" Shan Yueming was also extremely surprised after listening.

He just remembered what Wang Ye said before, that is the magic medicine!

"The magic medicine! It really is the magic medicine!" Shan Yue Ming muttered.

Wang Ye, who had been hiding in the corner, saw that there was no chance tonight, so he could only sneak out quietly, leaving the villa and drove back to his home.

"It shouldn't be a loss! Although the quick-acting Jiuxin Pill can indeed bring back the dead, at least Shan Yueming owes me a favor."

What he said sounds more like self-comfort. The quick-acting Jiuxin Pill can bring back the dead, but that thing is the baby of the baby, what can be more important than life!

I don’t know yet, when the system signs in, can we reward this kind of life-saving baby again!

The next day, the experts from the Imperial Capital came, and their examination results were the same as those of Dr. Cui.

What puzzled Wang Ye was that a week had passed since that night. During this period, almost all members of the Shanhai Group's board of directors were seduced or threatened by him and became his Wang Ye's.

But so far, Shan Yueming, who had been saving his life, has not taken the initiative to find him Wang Ye.

"Old fellow, I really don't remember any kindness!"

In the office of the chairman of the Amano Group, Jiang Mingyue has been studying at the Tianyu Group for a week. This week Wang Ye was in class here, but he was actually waiting for Shan Yueming's invitation, but he was impatient.

"If you don't act, I'm afraid time is too late! No, you have to take the initiative!"

He muttered, Huo Ran stood up, preparing to go to Shanhai Group for a while.

Just then, the phone on the desk rang.

"Chairman, an old man named Shan called..." Secretary Li's voice came over the phone. "He said that if you are free, please go to their group today. He said that you should know the address. ."

"I know, it's so special!" Wang Ye couldn't help but explode with excitement, making Secretary Li on the other end of the phone confused.