This is a patient competition. Fortunately, at the last moment, Wang Ye won the opportunity.

"Shan Yueming, the old fox! I am afraid that I have been thoroughly investigated, and I have been stunned for so long before finally showing up!"

Wang Ye tidied his clothes and headed towards the Shanhai Group.

Although Shanhai Group has only established a subsidiary in Luochuan, the building is still located in the most prosperous area in Luochuan.

In one direction, the Ferrari driven by Wang Ye was about to enter the underground garage, and suddenly stopped with a brake.

A Phantom on the side also made an emergency brake, and two luxury cars nearly hit one.

Wang Ye pressed the car window and prepared to say hello. After all, the front of his car had already passed from the outside road, and it was not convenient to reverse the car.

But as soon as the window fell, the window glass of the Rolls-Royce Phantom’s cab fell, and it was poking out a head to swear.

"Are you really blind? I didn't see the car from the opposite side, so I was anxious to reincarnate..."

"Fuck, it turned out to be you! What's so special, let me just say, which one is not long-eyed, turns out to be you Wang Ye!"

It's really a narrow road. The one driving the Rolls-Royce Phantom is not someone else, it is Zhou Hailiang.

"Your mouth is as stinky as always!" Wang Ye glanced at him.

Zhou Hailiang's temper today is unusually irritable, and extremely arrogant, "You are very careful when you speak, and be careful when I get you! Hurry up and pour out your broken car to avoid getting in the way."

Wang Ye ignored him. If he weren't going to see the chairman of Shanhai Group later, he would have liked to get out of the car and smoke Zhou Hailiang's mouth.

At this time, the rear window of the Phantom fell, and a young man sat in the car.

He glanced at Wang Ye proudly, and immediately said: "If you are stuck like this, no one can get through. My time is precious. You can back up the car!"

Seeing that person's arrogant and rude appearance, Wang Ye didn't catch a cold to him.

"Sorry! My time is also precious, so I have no time to talk nonsense with you!"

After speaking, Wang Ye opened the door and got out of the car, locked the door and walked towards Shanhai Building.

Zhou Hailiang yelled at him behind him, and Wang Ye took a deep breath and endured it!

Compared to the 300 billion project, Zhou Hailiang's dog barking is indeed not worth mentioning.

"Hello sir, are you who?"

The staff at the front desk politely asked Wang Ye.

"My name is Wang Ye, and I am the chairman of Amano Group. I have an appointment with Chairman Shan."

"Oh, you are Chairman Wang. The chairman has already ordered, please come with me." The front desk was very polite, and took Wang Ye to the elevator, and personally pressed the 30th floor button.

The elevator stopped on the 30th floor, and Wang Ye walked down, waiting for a beautiful lady to receive him at the door, apparently speaking with the front desk.

"Mr. Wang, please here."

She took Wang Ye to the waiting room on the side and brought Wang Ye a cup of coffee.

"The chairman is in a meeting, please wait a moment here."

"Hey, any cat or dog, can you come to your Shanhai Group!" At this moment, another receptionist walked in with Zhou Hailiang and the man.

The receptionist just smiled and stepped aside.

The contradictions between these big figures cannot be mixed.

Wang Ye took a sip of coffee without looking at Zhou Hailiang, and fell on the man beside him.

Twenty-seven-eight years old, handsome in appearance and extraordinary temperament!

Only when he opened his mouth in front of the garage, everything disappeared. He was obviously an arrogant and rude fellow.

"What are you blocking your car in the garage..."

Wang Ye's eyebrows sank and stared at Zhou Hailiang, his words stopped abruptly.

As for the man next to Zhou Hailiang, he was looking at something with his mobile phone.

After waiting for about three minutes, Wang Ye hurriedly turned around, his mouth twitching fiercely, "I can meet her wherever I go!"

Waiting outside, a woman walked in. She didn't wear work clothes, but a set of casual sportswear.

"The two are guests who came to see my grandpa?"

It was Shan Qingwu who walked in no one else.

When Zhou Hailiang heard the words "Grandpa", he simply regarded Shan Qingwu as his grandfather. He stood up and smiled flatteringly, "You are Miss Shan Qingwu. You are not as famous as meeting you. Miss Shan is beautiful and beautiful. I……"

"Cough!" The man next to him gave a light cough, got up and stretched out his hand, and said: "Hello Miss Shan, I am Zhou Guangsheng from the Zhou Group. I am glad to meet you."

Shan Qingwu shook hands with him, "You two are together? I heard Grandpa said there is another Amano Group."

"That kid." Zhou Hailiang pointed to Wang Ye, who was facing away from them. "A little-known small business dare to come here to fish in troubled waters."

Shan Qingwu didn't have any look of contempt, she smiled quietly: "This gentleman..."

At this moment, Wang Ye slowly turned around, grinned, and said, "Amano Group, Wang Ye."

"It's you... this stinky rascal!" Shan Qingwu was stunned, and suddenly said with a calm face, "You shameless guy, you didn't catch you that day, so you dare to come here!"

Wang Ye smiled bitterly, "Misunderstanding! I said, I am a good person."

"If you are a good person, there will be no bad people in the world!" Shan Qingwu's goodbye Wang Ye was very angry.

Looking at the situation, the two of them were obviously like fire and water. Zhou Hailiang's eyes lit up and he hurriedly asked in front of the mountain: "Miss Shan, this kid has harassed you?"

"It's more than harassment, he is a shameless guy!" Of course, Shan Qingwu would not say that she was being peeped.

Zhou Hailiang saw the opportunity, stepped forward, pointed to Wang Ye's nose and cursed, "You shameless thing is really shameless, you dare to harass Miss Shan for the Nanshan development project."

Wang Ye raised his hand and slapped in front of his nose.

That was enough, especially the action was very ironic.

Zhou Hailiang suddenly became angry and shouted: "Are you crazy, believe it or not, I threw you from here..."

"Ah... it hurts! Let go, let me go."

Wang Ye grabbed it, pointed his finger to his nose, and stared at him indifferently.

The pain of a broken finger came from Zhou Hailiang. Zhou Hailiang grinned in pain, not forgetting to threaten: "Wang Ye, you let me go, dare to move me again, I want you."


A fracture was clearly audible, and Zhou Hailiang's finger was broken and stuck to the back of his hand.

Suddenly, the screams of killing pigs echoed in the waiting room.

This resolute and resolute method shocked Shan Qingwu on the side, and the words she was ready to scold could no longer be said.

"Wang Ye! You are too presumptuous!"

The man stepped forward and stared at Wang Ye coldly, "In front of my Zhou Guangsheng, shoot my Zhou family! Didn't you put my Zhou family in your eyes!"

"Zhou Guangsheng?" Wang Ye smiled playfully, "So you are Zhou Guangsheng."

"Yes! The second son of the Zhou family, Zhou Guangsheng!" Zhou Guangsheng was extremely proud, staring at Wang Ye with contempt.

No wonder he was so arrogant from the beginning. It turned out that he was Zhou Guangsheng, the object of Su Xiaomo's betrothal.

Thinking about it, he should also know about Wang Ye, so that's why he targeted it.