The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 99 Don't Force Me To Be Hard

Shan Qingwu turned and walked towards the elevator with a look of disdain.

"Wang Ye, if you want to use that video to threaten me and inherit the industry of Shanhai Group, then you should stop dreaming, it's impossible!"

Wang Ye chased after him, blocked the elevator door, and got into the elevator.

If it weren't for the fact that he wanted to win the Nanshan project and give Elder Su an explanation, so that he would marry Su Xiaomo openly, he would not bother to talk nonsense with a rich second generation like Shan Qingwu.

It is simply not knowing the blessing in the blessing.

"Actually, it's easy to handle. You just have to promise to inherit, and then wait for me to get the Nanshan project, you can't regret it again." Wang Ye had a bad idea.

Shan Qingwu glared at him even more disgustedly, "I am not as dirty as you!"

"I'm still arguing with you today! If you don't agree, where do you go, where do I go! Anyway, your grandfather's charter, whether it's a group company or at home, I can go unimpeded."

"It's really grandpa's trick! Humph!"

The elevator stopped in the garage. Wang Ye was still looking for Shan Qingwu's car, and he saw a tough-looking, domineering George Patton chariot with flashing lights.

"I Ditian, this is a female man!"

It's hard to imagine that Shan Qingwu wants a young and beautiful girl who chooses a hard-core off-road vehicle without driving a top sports car.

However, this is indeed quite suitable for Shan Qingwu's character.

Opening the door of the co-pilot, Wang Ye rushed up.

"If you want to follow, just follow!" Shan Qingwu said disapprovingly.

With a kick of the accelerator, the car headed out of the garage.

Hard is not good, only soft, Wang Ye turned the topic off, saying: "George Patton is extremely off-road and has bulletproof glass, but unfortunately it has a common problem with off-road vehicles, and the start is too slow!"

"You still know cars?" Shan Qingwu turned and glanced at him.

Wang Ye smiled contemptuously, "After all, I am also the chairman of a group company, so don't think of me as a bun."

"Okay, this is the only topic I have in common with you! Since you know cars, can you cross-country?"

"Catch it!" Wang Ye smiled confidently.

However, upon hearing this, Shan Qingwu's face showed a sly smile, "Walking around?"

"Who is afraid of whom!" Wang Ye smacked his lips.

After the start, the speed of the George Patton chariot gradually increased. Not only that, relying on the weight of the body, it was very stable in the driving.

Shan Qingwu's driving skills are very good, and he rushed towards the suburbs. Wang Ye was not in a hurry. After ten days, he did not believe in Shan Qingwu and refused to admit defeat.

At the foot of a mountain in the suburbs, Shan Qingwu stopped her car. There were rows of luxury cars parked here, all off-road vehicles!

It's just that, this valuable George Patton obviously stands out from the crowd.

A man walked off a top-fitted G, stepped on George Patton's footboard, and lay on the door and window of the cab.

"Qing Wu, I'm late!" The man said with a grin, and glanced at Wang Ye on the co-pilot. There was a touch of hostility in his eyes.

"I was delayed by this guy! But don't worry, let you go for a minute first!" Shan Qingwu smiled confidently.

"One minute!" The man shook his head, "I don't bully women! Although your car has the advantage, off-roading depends on technology."

"By the way, who is this handsome guy?"

"Accompany driving!" Shan Qingwu said unceremoniously, "It's okay, let's start!"

The man smiled, turned and walked towards the car.

Looking at the road in front of him, Wang Ye was a little nervous. There was a pebble beach at the foot of the mountain, and there was a river in the distance that was not too deep, but it was a swift river, and a muddy road further away. It is their off-road route today.

Concealing the little nervousness in his heart, Wang Ye asked, "Who is that kid? He looks crazy."

"Not an ordinary mad! But the car skills are good. Cao Yuan, a wayward rich second-generation, captain of the off-road team."

Seizing the opportunity, Wang Ye hurriedly said: "Off-roading is very costly, not only the technology, but also the configuration! You see, if you don't have a good car, how can you be willful and inherit the industry of Shanhai Group? Even if you customize a top-notch Mercedes..."


Before finishing talking, the car started, and a swaying Wang Ye hit the back of the seat.

He gritted his teeth and his face was depressed, this is the seat belt.

A dozen off-road vehicles are driving fast by the river full of stones and rocks, and even luxury cars are unavoidably bumpy on such roads.

Wang Ye was shaken and his eyes stared at Venus, but Shan Qingwu enjoyed this process very much.

Cao Yuan's big G took the lead, rushing to the front, and Shan Qingwu followed the convoy.

After passing this piece of sand, there is the turbulent current in front of him. The terrain here is obviously already familiar with Shan Qingwu, waiting in line to pass.

The current rushed past half of the body in front, and soon a car was washed into the pool below, but the rescue team was busy.

"Look, this accidentally became a water tanker. Without strong financial resources, how to support your interest, so..."

Wang Ye was halfway through when he saw the needle. Shan Qingwu kicked the accelerator and pushed his back strongly, causing Wang Ye to give it a kick.

It was speechless. After the river was a muddy pothole, this was the most uncomfortable section.

Although Shan Qingwu's driving skills are good, she is a woman after all, and she is slightly inferior in mastery of some details and courage.

In the end, it was Cao Yuan's big G who reached the end first.

He patted George Button's car door, and Cao Yuan grinned, "Yes, Ms. Yanshan, there is progress! It is already second, and it's still a long way from hitting me..."

Shan Qingwu's expression changed, and she pressed the car window glass smoothly.

Wang Ye's taste buds churned and couldn't help but push the door and get out of the car. He felt nauseous.

"Haha, isn't it the first time? You will quit slowly." Cao Yuan walked over and smiled mockingly.

George Patton kicked the accelerator, and turned off Wang Ye and went to the distance.

"Fuck! Don't force me to be hard!"

Wang Ye was really furious, and he was so dizzy this time, Shan Qingwu was simply immune to inheriting the industry, making Wang Ye very depressed.

Looking at George Button who was going away, Cao Yuan teased: "I haven't seen you in Luochuan! Want to go to the mountain Qingwu? I persuade you to retreat when you are in trouble!"

Wang Ye, who was nauseous in his heart, didn't bother to pay attention to him.

Cao Yuan kept chattering, "Shan Qingwu is just like you with a little white face. To tell you the truth, that Shan Qingwu is my own decision. It's better for you kid to be self-knowing."

With a clenched fist, Wang Ye suddenly straightened up, staring at him like a wolf.

The biting chill caused Cao Yuan's face to change slightly, and the rich second generations around him felt a little surprised.

"Fuck, I still want to eat swan meat!" Cao Yuan disdainfully left a sentence and rolled over.

A group of rich and young people yelled and drove away.

In the remote suburbs, only Wang Ye was left. He walked back hard on the muddy road. In desperation, he could only call Jiang Mengdie and send a location for her to pick him up.