Shan Qingwu has forgotten the stinky tofu that will become addictive when she eats it. She just started to resist.

"Boss, two more copies."

"Okay, wait a minute." The boss is a couple in their fifties, and the stall has a very good business.

Seeing her eating energetically, Wang Ye smirked.

After eating two servings, Shan Qingwu hiccuped and asked, "How much is the boss?"

"A total of seventeen yuan."

Shan Qingwu took out her mobile phone and scanned the QR code of the booth.

"Credit card freeze?"

Staring at the phone, Shan Qingwu was a little surprised. She changed her way and chose the bank card uniform, but she was surprised to find that the bank card was also frozen.

"You have a bad idea?"

Yishan Qingwu's ice and snow quickly reacted and stared at the side viciously, holding Wang Ye who was snickering.

She was so angry that she turned around and apologized to the boss and said, "Boss, I forgot to bring money when I went out today..."

"The little girl is really joking. Whoever goes out with cash now pays by scanning the QR code." The boss said casually while he was busy.

But when it comes to this, Shan Qingwu feels that there is no point in explaining it.

She stared at Wang Ye angrily, but saw him turn around and walk out of the street.

Stomping her foot, Shan Qingwu murmured: "Well, you Wang Ye, wait for me!"

"Boss, I'll give you money later, okay?"

"Okay, little girl, it doesn't matter whether you give it or not. Who has no trouble yet." The stall owner was generous.

Every day people come and go, and there are more people to see, so naturally there are everyone.

And his indifferent look, in Shan Qingwu's eyes, clearly included her in the sort of people who eat and drink.

"I'll wait and I will pay you the check."

After Shan Qingwu finished speaking, she turned and walked towards the man doing business on the corner.

Wang Ye sat in the car and looked at Shan Qingwu in the distance with a smug look. He didn't know what she had said to the man, so he saw that the man handed her the guitar and moved away.

"Xiao Nizi, I really think I have a lot of talent!" Wang Ye hugged his arms in disdain.

It was summer, and the morning coolness gradually passed, Wang Ye turned on the air conditioner in the car.

Shan Qingwu was indeed talented, she played the guitar quite smoothly and her singing voice was very moving, but her confidence was quickly destroyed.

There are many people who listen to songs, but not many people give money. She thinks of people too simply.

Time passed in one song to another in her, and gradually at noon, people began to become less and less, and during the period, some people gave money, all of them were paid one by one.

Seeing the scorching sun at noon, there are few early stalls, and the stall owner is also packing up his stuff and preparing to close the stall.

Shan Qingwu glanced desperately at the small bowl in front of him. After working for most of the day, his income was only less than twenty yuan.

"Brother, discuss whether to go down. It's better for one person and half, but I really need seventeen yuan urgently."

She is not used to it. The men doing business on the street have long been used to it. He nodded and gave her seventeen yuan. "The little girl sings well. If she works hard, she will definitely become popular."

Looking at the street artist, posing as Ollie gave, Shan Qingwu picked up seventeen yuan and turned around to catch up with the stall owner.

Tired and sweating, with dry mouth, Shan Qingwu returned to the car and sat angrily in the co-pilot.

"Wang Ye, I remember Shan Qingwu!"

"Just remember." Wang Ye grinned and said: "Now, know that life is not easy! To Shanhai Group..."

"There is no door. Even if Shan Qingwu died of starvation and thirst, I wouldn't let you get what you wanted." Shan Qingwu turned away and swallowed dryly.

"Yes, I think it's a free lesson for you, get thirsty! Please drink something!"

Wang Ye kicked the accelerator and went straight to the drink shop not far away.

Shan Qingwu was out of thirst, but was worried that Wang Ye would play with her again, but seeing that Wang Ye had paid the bill first, he picked up the drink and drank it.

But halfway through the drink, she felt something was wrong.

The waiter brought a drink every once in a while. At first I thought it was Wang Ye who was afraid that she would not have enough, but now there are more than a dozen glasses on the table, and Wang Ye smiled insidiously, spread his hands, and walked out of the shop. Go.

"Damn Wang Ye!" Shan Qingwu was about to go violently.

Sure enough, the waiter soon came over, "Miss, do I need to pack the rest?"

"No need."

"Oh, then you spent a total of 180 yuan."

Swallowing his throat, turning his head to stare viciously, Wang Ye on the car outside the store, Shan Qingwu sneered, and removed the jade necklace from his neck.

"I didn't bring the money, this is the amount!"

"I'm afraid this won't work." The waiter smiled wryly.

She didn't know the goods at first glance. Shan Qingwu took the necklace and walked to the counter, "Are you the boss? One hundred and eighty yuan, I don't have it, this jade necklace, it has been paid."

The boss was skeptical, picked up the jade necklace, and his eyes widened when he glanced at it.

Anyone who knows a little about jade will see at a glance that this jade necklace is definitely valuable.

"All right?" Shan Qingwu asked.

The boss's head nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, "Yes, you can..."

Before finishing talking, Shan Qingwu had already turned and left.

The waiter on the side said in astonishment: "Boss, this won't be a handicraft."

"You know what a shit!" The boss glanced at the George Patton chariot outside the door, "It must be a young couple quarreling! You see, can drive such a good car, can this thing be fake! At least it is worth millions. "

The boss's knowledge is still limited. If this Datang jade necklace is put up for auction, the price could be more than one billion.

"Then boss, you are not making a lot of money."

"Making a big ass! If she gave me a diamond ring or something, she would have made it! But this necklace is worth at least several million. If I resell it, she will come back to ruin me at that time, I am afraid that even this storefront I have to pay her!"

"This thing must be kept well. When she is angry and is going to come and redeem it, let's not talk about customs declaration fees. We can still be safe and secure, and we need one hundred and eighty thousand yuan!"

The boss is a bright man.

Shan Qingwu stepped into the car and sat angrily in the co-pilot, as if to fight Wang Ye.

"Come to Wangye, let me use it for any other detrimental tricks! Cut my economy, let me be cruel! But in Luochuan and even the imperial capital, the rich man who chased me Shan Qingwu is enough to get to the Atlantic Ocean! I still don't believe it. I can find some people who will pay for me. I can't find Shan Qingwu!"

This would embarrass Wang Ye.

With the name Shan Qingwu, I am afraid that Luo Chuan wants to pay her bills everywhere.

It seems that the plan failed this time, and a jade necklace was also put on.

Wang Ye hurriedly got off the car and went to the store to redeem the necklace, which was rewarded by the system and was naturally invaluable.

In any case, the boss pointed to the camera above his head and said, "Whoever mortgages it, who will redeem it. This thing is too expensive, I can't afford it!"

In desperation, Wang Ye turned his head to look outside the store, and George Patton's chariot had long been gone.

"You can't be fooled, you'll be fooled!"

Wang Ye was very depressed. After waiting for a long time in the scorching heat, he drove a car and headed to Shuiyue Villa to take a bath!

Shui Yuexi has a lot of ghost ideas, and I hope she can help.