For this competition, Shan Qingwu paid special attention.

When the two of them were tired, they were lying on the bed with a map of Mangshan in front of them. Every curve, every cliff, every uphill slope, she explained carefully and carefully marked. .

The entire Mangshan track has a total distance of less than 500 kilometers, but the rugged mountain road takes at least two days.

Calculating self-weight, calculating consumption, and predicting the amount of gasoline to bring, Shan Qingwu took all this into consideration.

It wasn't until late at night that Shan Qingwu was tired and fell asleep on the bed.

Wang Ye got up, looked at this serious guy, couldn't help but laugh, she also wanted to win this competition, through a steep experience, to wipe out the shadow in her heart.

"Don't worry, I will take you safely. Not only will you run the entire course, but you can't even see the taillights that Cao Yuan flung."

Covering Shan Qingwu with a quilt and adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner, Wang Ye gently closed the door and walked out.

Standing on the balcony, looking at the sky full of stars, he took a deep breath.

Finally, with constant hard work and dedication, we are about to see the rewards. Just one step further, Shan Qingwu's heart knot opens, and she will choose to inherit the Shanhai Group without saying more.

As a result, he will win the entire Nanshan project and win the gambling agreement with Mr. Su and marry Su Xiaomo.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help showing a smile and dialed Su Xiaomo's phone.

"It's so late, I haven't slept yet." Listening to Su Xiaomo's voice, it is obvious that he has not rested yet.

"I miss you, so I call you."

"The mouth is slippery, how far the Shanjia Villa can be from the Shuiyue Garden, half an hour is enough to come back. If you really miss me, how can you stay in the Shanjia?" Su Xiaomo's words were somewhat jealous.

The more jealous she is, the more representative Wang Ye's position in her heart.

Wang Ye smiled brightly, "I'm going to take Shan Qingwu to the Mangshan Raceway tomorrow morning. Time is too late, so I will stay at Shan's house temporarily."

"Sure this time?" Su Xiaomo asked.

"Of course, sure enough, Shan Qingwu has promised to inherit the family property after this trip..."

"I mean Mangshan, you can be sure!" Su Xiaomo's voice can be heard, and he is particularly worried. "Although I don't know Mangshan Racetrack, I know that Mangshan has a complicated geographical environment and rugged mountain roads. And there is no cell phone signal in the mountains, how long will your trip take?"

"I don't know, it will take at least two days."

"That should be too late! I asked Uncle Bai to send you a satellite phone."

"No need." Wang Ye smiled confidently: "With the luxury car you gifted, plus my technology, it will be even more powerful! Only two days are enough, no satellite phone is needed. Don't think about me during the period. I will come back. I will find you the first time."

At the desk, Su Xiaomo, who was holding a mobile phone, had a warm smile on his face.

"By the way, Wang Ye, the day before the bid opening of the Nanshan project, that is, four days later, is grandpa's birthday. Would you like to prepare a gift for you."

Wang Ye smiled excitedly, "You were just now, grandpa? Not your grandpa?"

"Is there a difference?" Su Xiaomo held back a smile.

"The difference is big!" Wang Ye has fully understood Su Xiaomo's voice. He grinned and said, "You don't need to prepare a gift. According to the time, I will be back one day in advance. It is enough to sign the Nanshan project. At that time, that contract is the best gift for Grandpa! And I plan to propose marriage to the Su family on the day of the gift."

Even during the phone call, Su Xiaomo's face blushed, "Who said, who said he would marry you."

"Ah? You won't marry..." Wang Ye pretended to be silent for a long time, and sighed: "Then I can only marry the girl of the Wang family and inherit the trillions of Shanhai Group's wealth!"

"Dare you!" Su Xiaomo scolded.

Then Wang Ye's triumphant laughter was heard on the other end of the phone.

"Glittery tongue, no shape! Since you have to go cross-country tomorrow, rest early. Then, I, I will wait for your offer!"

After speaking, Su Xiaomo hung up the phone shyly.

She paced back and forth in the room with a happy smile on her face.

When Wang Ye took the initiative to mention the proposal, in fact, she had been waiting for a long, long time.

Wang Ye here was also quite excited, as everyone knew that there was a fatal emergency waiting for him on the Mangshan Circuit.

Excited, it was hard to sleep. After midnight, Wang Ye checked in and signed in, and the system presented a peculiar pill.

But it doesn't matter to him at present, it is to put it in the warehouse.

In the morning of the next day, Wang Ye and Shan Qingwu got up early, and when they were ready, they greeted Shan Yueming and his wife, and then they headed towards Mang Mountain.

The mailbox of Knight XV is very large, but it is not enough to support the entire track of Mangshan. Even after modification, it has a huge spare fuel tank, which is lacking.

In order to be foolproof, the channel gas station specially prepared two tanks of gasoline.

Mang Mountain, south of Luochuan, is a mountain range resembling a giant python. The old way to Yaodu in the early years was to walk Mang Mountain.

But since the high-speed was passed, the rugged old Mangshan road was deserted, and overgrown with weeds and rocks in disrepair. It has become a common road for off-road enthusiasts, but at most it is until Mangshan. In the inner ring of the mountain, he dared not go any further.

At the foot of Mang Mountain, it was already 10:30 in the morning. From a distance, I saw a Mercedes-Benz G parked by the roadside with Cao Yuan sitting on the hood.

"Yeah, it's really here! I thought you were just bluffing yesterday, just talk!" Cao Yuan sneered with disdain.

The co-pilot, Shan Qingwu glanced at it and asked, "Don't you need a guide? When that happens, don't say we bully you."

"Guide, that must be!"

Just after Cao Yuan finished speaking, a man walked out from behind the car, in his early thirties with an inch of hair, his eyes were sharp, he just glanced at Wang Ye and did not speak.

When he first saw the man, Wang Ye frowned slightly.

He is keenly aware that there is a hostile spirit hidden in this man, which is not something ordinary people can have, but is accumulated through years of battle.

"It's not early, let's leave now?" Shan Qingwu asked.

"No hurry! The brothers will be here soon. If there is no personal testimony, I am afraid that you will lose and shame!"

"Who loses and who wins is yet to be known! Besides, they can only witness the beginning, not the end and the process!" Shan Qingwu didn't think so much.

Cao Yuan shook his head with a cautious look, "That won't work. If you lose, someone will testify. Don't worry, I have given them enough benefits. I will run 500 kilometers away and wait for us at the other end of Mangshan!"

"Look, here it comes."

Cao Yuan pointed to the distance, and seven off-road vehicles came quickly.

Wang Ye, who had never spoken, glanced through the rearview mirror one by one. Only four of the seven cars had been seen before, and the eyes of the other three were very similar to those of Cao Yuan's guide.

With a playful smile poked at the corner of his mouth, Wang Ye secretly said in his heart: "Mingxiu plank road is dark and dark. It seems that this game in Mangshan is very special! However, I am really looking forward to what Cao Yuan can do."