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Chapter 110 Don't Be Afraid of Me With You

Shan Qingwu looked at the man in front of him, he was a little bohemian, a little glib, but he didn't know why, there was a strong sense of security with him.

"There is a steep slope one kilometer ahead, and the curve has a big curvature."

Listening to Shan Qingwu's trembling voice, Wang Ye grinned, "Sit up straight, hold on to the handrail!"

With the accelerator pedal, Wang Ye ran forward at a speed of sixty yards per hour on the rugged and bumpy mountain road.

Gradually, began to shorten the distance with Cao Yuan.

The mountain road was rugged and difficult to navigate, and the higher it went, the more difficult it became. At a curve facing the cliff, Wang Ye rushed out with a kick of the accelerator fifteen, half of the wheel was on the edge of the cliff, and he rushed past Cao Yuan's car.

"Hurry up and reincarnate, then go!"

Cao Yuan smiled grimly, lightly tapped the brakes and kept the distance from Wang Ye.

In the next half day, the road was calm and calm, but the old road was deserted, covered with stones, and even some sections of the road had collapsed. This is the real time to show off-road.

With the superb driving skills and the powerful power of the Cavaliers XV, behind Wang Ye's car, Cao Yuan's car is no longer visible.

"He won't stop leaving?" Shan Qingwu turned to look at the back of the car.

"Impossible! The mountain road behind has been closed. This is the only way out, and it is also the way Zhou Guangsheng wants us to go."

"Zhou Guangsheng?" Shan Qingwu frowned slightly, "What does this have to do with Zhou Guangsheng?"

"He wants to trap you and me in the mountains, and even get rid of me! The purpose is simple. If we haven't returned to Luochuan the day after tomorrow, part of the Nanshan development project will fall into the hands of Zhou's family. My plan Naturally it will be over."

"Then you know the danger, you still want to compete with Cao Yuan?" Shan Qingwu was even more surprised.

But Wang Ye grinned and said: "If I don't come, how can you open your heart knot, if not, how can you inherit the Shanhai Group."

Shan Qingwu's eyes were full of emotions, but her mouth was full of anger, "It turns out that you did this to achieve your own goals."

"That's right." Wang Ye Cancan smiled and stopped talking about driving.

One day's bumps made them deep into Mangshan, and the surroundings were silent as night fell, only the car lights shining on the road ahead.

Wang Ye stopped with a brake.

"At night, the lighting distance is limited, and the mountain road is complicated and difficult to drive. Let's rest in the car."

After he finished talking, he brought compressed biscuits from the back row and handed them to Shan Qingwu. After a day of running, he could only eat some dry food that he brought with him.

Shan Qingwu was so tired that she didn't eat much, so she slept on a flat chair.

In the deep mountains at night, there was the sound of insects, song and birds, and the black hands could not be seen.

Suddenly, Wang Ye, who was leaning back in his chair, opened his eyes suddenly, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

"finally come!"

With his sharp eyes, he looked into the dark forest on one side, the noise of insects and birds around him stopped, and there were faint figures approaching in the darkness.


Suddenly, with a loud noise, the huge hammer hit the car glass, but it was shaken by the bulletproof glass.

Shan Qingwu woke up suddenly from her sleep, looked at a person outside the car, frantically picking up a hammer, and knocking on the car glass, she was frightened.

"I'm here, don't be afraid." Wang Ye stretched out his hand and rubbed her head as he prepared to open the door.

Shan Qingwu grabbed his wrist, her hands trembling, her face pale and speechless.

"It's okay." Wang Ye smiled gently, patted the back of her hand, and took her hand away.

He opened the door and got out of the car, locked the door, Wang Ye walked toward the darkness with his hands in his pockets.

"Since it is for me, come over."

The man dragged the hammer, making a harsh noise, and followed in the direction Wang Ye went away.

At the same time, in the dark woods, several figures flickered, and their footsteps were extremely light.

Shan Qingwu trembled in fright, but her eyes were staring at the dim woods in the distance, and her face was full of worry.

"Zhou Guangsheng sent you here, right?"

In the woods, Wang Ye put his hands in his trouser pockets, looking contemptuously at the man walking with the hammer.

"Now that I know it, I can look down even if I die!"

After the man said, he swung the hammer and rushed towards Wang Ye.


The hammer smashed against Wang Ye's head with the sound of a strong wind.


But seeing the hammer drop, Wang Ye went up to meet him with his bare hands.


The hammer was shaken away, and the man felt his arm numb, and his hand holding the hammer was trembling.

At the moment he was stunned, Wang Ye sprang out like a ghost, put his foot on the person's chest, and his body flew out.


He hit a tree trunk hard, and this is where the bullet fell to the ground.


A cold light flashed, rushing out with a black shadow, and the dagger in his hand took Wang Ye's throat straight.

"Compared with me in speed!" Wang Ye smiled contemptuously, and the blessing of shadowless shoes under his feet made him fast as lightning.

After avoiding it easily, he clasped the man's wrist with his backhand and twisted it forcefully. The moment the dagger fell, he was caught in his hand by Wang Ye, and he quickly swept it across the man's throat without hesitation.

In the woods, after a brief silence, several figures began to flee.

Holding a dagger in hand, Wang Ye's mouth was poked with an evil smile, and the shadowless shoes made him shuttle through the forest like a ghost.

From time to time, there were short screams, and someone fell to the ground.

In less than half a minute back and forth, Wang Ye had already returned to the original place, and drops of red blood were dripping on the tightly held dagger.

He poked and laughed and walked slowly towards the man who fell to the ground holding the hammer.

In the darkness, looking at his smile, it was as dark as death.

"Please forgive me, we are also taking people's money and money to help people eliminate disasters, you and I have no grievances..."

"Now there is it!" Wang Ye leaned over, resting his dagger on his neck, and whispered softly: "You are together, how many people are here?"

Under his eyes, the man didn't dare to hesitate, "Along with 15 people, Mr. Zhou sent a helicopter to land in batches. I don't know exactly where they are, but there should be two people ahead."

"Is it the two people who exploded the mountain? Plus the five of you here, that means there are seven people behind!"

"Yes, yes, I know, I already told you, please don't kill..."


Before the words were finished, the dagger had cut off his throat.

Wang Ye is not a soft-hearted person. Moreover, these people are here to kill him. If he is not capable, he may be begging for mercy now, and the other party will do the same.

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye..."

Outside the forest, Shan Qingwu shouted anxiously and stumbled into the forest.

Wang Ye threw the dagger aside, quickly walked towards Shan Qingwu, and then hugged her.

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye, are you okay?" Shan Qingwu's voice trembled, and tears rolled down her cheeks silently.

"I'm here, I'm here, it's okay."

Wang Ye hugged her, stroked her vest, comfortingly said: "With me, nothing will happen."

Shan Qingwu just choked and nodded her head. She was so frightened that she had ever encountered such a situation.

He helped her sit back in the back row of the car and lay down. Wang Ye gently put the quilt on her body and stroked her head with one hand.

"It's okay, go to bed, I will always be with you."

Looking at Wang Ye, with those smiling eyes, Shan Qingwu closed his eyes.