This group of people can be regarded as ordinary killers at best, and Wang Ye didn't take them seriously.

Nowadays, the physique is different from ordinary people, coupled with the amazing speed with shadowless shoes under his feet, it is more than enough to clean up these few people.

Never eager to solve them, Wang Ye hugged his arms and asked with a smile: "You should be the last group of people, right?"

"It's also the one who sent you on the road!" The leading man was quite confident.

Nodded, Wang Ye smiled without saying a word. He squeezed his fists. Since these people are the last opponents, let's make a quick battle over there.

But at this moment, the leading man sneered and said, "Wang Ye, your life is quite valuable. The Zhou family offered a price of 50 million."

"Uh... only fifty million." Wang Ye was speechless.

In the eyes of these assassins, he was worth a mere 50 million, which was an insult to him.

"You may not know that the opening of the bid for the Nanshan project is ahead of schedule. As long as you die, Mr. Su's birthday, and Zhou Guangsheng will use the Nanshan project as a betrothal gift to marry that Su Xiaomo! At that time, he will be happy with our brothers, I am afraid There are still some benefits."

"It's a pity! Originally, I took great pains to set up roadblocks just to trap you for a few days. Whoever thought that you had two times and solved the brothers who were ambushing before us. Hey, but there are few, and there are fewer people. More points."

The five people present all smiled excitedly when they heard that, in their eyes there was no one another, only money and benefits.

"I'm afraid you won't be blessed."

Wang Ye shook his head, disdain to talk nonsense with them, tomorrow is Father Su's birthday, and he must rush back as soon as possible.

With a move, he disappeared in place like a ghost.

The laughter stopped abruptly, one by one, he held the knife in his hand tightly.


Suddenly, Wang Ye's figure appeared behind one of them, and his sandbag-like fist, with a howling wind, fell on that person's vest.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, and the man flew four or five meters away, smashing to the ground heavily.


Seeing this scene, the other four gasped.

However, Wang Ye didn't give them any room to react at all, like a ghost rushing around, every time he made a powerful punch.

In just a moment, four people collapsed to the ground, their sternum collapsed and died.

"You, you, are you a man or a ghost?"

The leading man's pupils tightened, holding the steel knife and looking around in fear, but Wang Ye was not seen.

"Death, ghost!"

Without warning, Wang Ye's voice rang in front of the man, and immediately grabbed the man's throat.

Subconsciously, he raised the steel knife, but his wrist was firmly pinched by Wang Ye.

The suffocation made his face flushed with fear, staring at Wang Ye who was smiling and silent, and his eyes gradually turned black. After a stalemate, his consciousness was completely depressed.

He threw his corpse aside, Wang Ye patted his hands, there was no dust.

In the distance, Shan Qingwu saw that these people had been dealt with by Wang Ye, pressed the unlock button and opened the car door and walked tremblingly.

"You, did you kill them?" Shan Qingwu looked at Wang Ye in amazement.

After spreading his hands, Wang Ye said: "You see, if I don't kill them, they will kill me. This is a world where the weak and the fittest survive. I have no choice."

The first time I saw the dead, Shan Qingwu was still a little unacceptable.

Suddenly, behind the huge body of Knight XV, a figure rushed out.

"Be careful..." Wang Ye's expression changed, and he shot out.


But before he was near, a dagger came from behind and hit Shan Qingwu's neck, "If you dare to move, I will kill her first!"

Shan Qingwu stiffened, and an extremely cold voice came from her ears, her eyes were staring at the abruptly stopped Wang Ye.

"It's you!" Wang Ye's face was gloomy, his fists clenched and squeaked, "If you dare to hurt her hair, I will let you die without a place to die!"

"You better listen to me, ha ha, otherwise she will die before me."

Wang Ye remembered that the person holding Shan Qingwu was Cao Yuan's co-pilot at the starting point. Wang Ye couldn't forget the man's eyes.

"It's dead! Hey, Wang Ye, I really have to thank you for helping me solve these idiots who only divide money! But you are quite special. The speed just was amazing, don't move..."

Seeing Wang Ye's slight change, the man shouted, the sharp dagger made Shan Qingwu's white neck a shallow blood stain.

"Okay, okay, I won't move, I won't move." Wang Ye pressed his hands and motioned for him to calm down.

Although he was very fast, that person could kill Shan Qingwu in the blink of an eye.

"Go, pick up the knife." The man raised his head and pointed to the steel knife not far away.

Seeing Wang Ye did it, picked up the steel knife, he sneered and said, "Take it out first, your ghostly legs!"

"No, don't..." Shan Qingwu exclaimed after hearing this: "Don't listen to his Wang Ye, don't!"

"Shut up!" The man covered Shan Qingwu's mouth with one hand, and the dagger held in the other hand, gradually exerting force, and red blood slid down the dagger.


Without any hesitation, Wang Ye stuck a knife in his thigh.

"Another one." The man smiled bloodthirsally.

Pulling out the knife inserted into his thigh, the blood dyed Wang Ye's pants red in an instant, Shan Qingwu whimpered and struggled, tears constantly gushing out.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Ye held the steel knife tightly.

Ah!He yelled and thrust a knife into the other leg.

The sharp pain caused Wang Ye's body to tremble slightly. He endured it and stood trembling with his teeth.

"Now, don't worry! What you want is me, it has nothing to do with her, let her go."

"You beg me, kneel down and beg me, I will let her go!" The man sneered, and then shouted violently, "Kneel down!"

Wang Ye clenched his teeth, his eyes were like predatory beasts, but after a little hesitation, he knelt down in front of the man with his knees.


The man laughed unscrupulously, "Just in case, I'll give you another cut in your chest. I promise to let her go with the last cut."

"it is good!"

"No, no, Wang Ye..." Shan Qingwu's heart was like a knife, but she could only watch Wang Ye helplessly, because of the number of knives in her body, the blood flowed.

Wang Ye, with a pale face, threw a smile at her, indicating that she didn't need to worry, "You will be fine with me."

When the words fell, he stared at the man, and said word by word: "Remember your words, if you dare to hurt her, I want you to be dead!"


Wang Ye raised his knife and pierced it into his chest.

"Hahaha, the hero is sad for the beauty, Wang Ye! You are so stupid, do you think I will let her go! This little girl, Zhou Guangsheng said, life or death! But I, I won't let her die so easily, I You have to use her to celebrate!"

The man bit Shan Qingwu's ear, sneered bloodthirsally, and then slowly retracted his dagger.

Seeing that Shan Qingwu was about to rush towards Wang Ye, he grabbed Shan Qingwu by the hair, and immediately slapped her face with a slap.

Unsteady, Shan Qingwu staggered to the ground.

"When I solve him, I'll come and serve you well!" Holding the dagger, the man walked towards Wang Ye.