The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 114 The Su Family Elects Son-in-law

When night came, Shan Qingwu drove forward, and the lights below the mountain were faintly visible.

In the back of the car, Wang Ye quietly called out his cell phone, flipped through the warehouse of the check-in system, looking for a medicine suitable for him.

There are surprises every day, and Wang Ye has survived a lot during this time.

"It's you!" His gaze fell on the bone-corrosive pill.

According to reports, Wang Ye hurriedly chose to extract this pill with the powerful effect of promoting muscle and blood circulation.

This is the key to his confidence, otherwise such a serious injury would not be able to support a galloping hundreds of kilometers back to Luochuan.

However, he can persist until now, relying on extraordinary physique.

Looking at the pill in his hand, Wang Ye swallowed it in one mouthful, and a warm current spread down his throat and spread all over his body.

In a moment, Wang Ye clearly felt that his body felt like being climbed by countless ants, itchy, and a little tingling.

He pulled off his shirt, looked at the blood-stained bandage, and gently untied it.


As far as he could see, he took a breath. It turned out that the feeling of being climbed by ants came from the wound.

At this moment, the wound of the skin and flesh turned out unexpectedly healed at an astonishing speed. Not only that, it can be clearly seen that the growing fleshy stubble is intertwined with each other.

"It's worthy of the magic pill for system rewards, this effect is leveraged!"

Wang Ye grinned. At this rate, the injuries on his body might heal in less than half an hour.


Down the mountain, off-road vehicles parked on the side of the road, watching the approaching Knight XV, those people honking their horns.

"It's the fifteenth knight, Wang Ye's car! He actually ran the whole journey, and it only took one day and one night!"

"Who knows who is sitting in the car, maybe Wang Ye's kid, he will admit it halfway, don't forget that if he loses, the fighter in this luxury car belongs to Cao Yuan!"

"What you said is really true. In the Luochuan cross-country world, you want to compete with Cao Yuan. I am afraid that he has not been born yet!"

"It's a pity that Wang Ye's novice egg, no, no, it's a pity that this luxury car.

These people are from the Cao Yuan Racing Team, and they have been walking at high speeds long ago to wait at the end of the Mangshan track.

However, when the Cavaliers fifteen came and stopped by the convoy, everyone was stunned.

Sitting in the cab was not Wang Ye, nor Cao Yuan, but Shan Qingwu.

"You... the car."


Someone swallowed hard, staring at Shan Qingwu in amazement.

Shan Qingwu dropped the car window, and said indifferently: "Cao Yuan's car crashed down a hillside and was seriously injured. I'm afraid he will die soon. You should call for rescue as soon as possible!"

After all, she just kicked the accelerator and moved away.

This is what Wang Ye taught her.

Although Zhou Guangsheng sent people to set up an attack in the middle of the mountain, Cao Yuan was vicious and vicious, and was finally killed by Shan Qingwu.

But after all, killing is not a trivial matter. Besides, Cao Yuan's identity is a bit special, but he is a well-known rich second generation in Luochuan.

But when they call for rescue now, I'm afraid Cao Yuan and others will have no bones when they arrive.

The roads of Mangshan are deserted and the natural environment in the mountains is very good. How can Mangshan, where wild beasts run by, leave the whole body of Cao Yuan and others.

When a group of people were dumbfounded and picked up the phone for rescue after a long time, Shan Qingwu had already drove away.

So far, even after returning to Luochuan on the highway, it was more than 600 kilometers, and it took at least seven or eight hours. Wang Ye's injury was no longer affected, and he lay comfortably in the back row and fell asleep.

The next day, near noon, Knight XV was driving into Luochuan city.

"No need to go to the hospital."

In the back row, Wang Ye stretched out lazily, turning his head to face Shan Qingwu, and he grinned with that strange look in his eyes.

"Those are just skin injuries, it's no problem! You drove the car all night and you were tired too! But I'm afraid I have to do me a favor."

"Wang Ye, go to the hospital, you have lost too much blood..."

Wang Ye shook his head firmly and motioned to her to park the car on the side of the road.

Wang Ye sat in the cab and Shan Qingwu in the co-pilot. The direction he drove was the Shanhai Group.

"Thank you for your concern, I'm really fine. But now, there is an urgent matter that needs your help. The bid opening of the Nanshan project is a day ahead of schedule. Please be sure to rush back. Please come forward and cooperate with my people to win the entire Nanshan project."

When she got off the car and changed seats, Wang Ye had already called Jiang Mengdie and asked her to go to Shanhai Group.

The disappearance of the past few days, the directors of the Shanhai Group, who were originally in control, may have been instigated by Zhou Guangsheng a lot. Today is not only the day of bid opening, but also the birthday of Father Su.

I want to come to Zhou Guangsheng to take the opportunity to propose marriage to the Su family.

"You are like this, thinking of her!" Shan Qingwu asked with staring eyes.

"Of course, she is the one I love. If I miss today, I will regret it forever." Wang Ye said bluntly.

This made Shan Qingwu's eyes a touch of envy for Su Xiaomo.

"I won't make you regret it. Are you going to Su's house later?" Seeing Wang Ye nodded, Shan Qingwu said, "Don't worry, the Nanshan project will be given to you at all times. People, take the contract directly to Su’s house and sign it for you."

"Thank you Qing Wu." Wang Yecancan smiled.

"I should thank you very much." Shan Qingwu said and waved her hand. "Don't thank you both. After these few days, you and I have had a fateful friendship. It's a little busy. It's nothing."

"Okay! Great grace doesn't say thank you."

The two looked at each other and smiled.

At this moment, the Su family's villa is beaming.

Except for Su Kehong's father and Su family's youngest member who still failed to rush back to Modu, the Su family's descendants were all gathered together.

Today is the birthday of Father Su, and there are a few tables of sumptuous meals in the reception hall of the Su family.

At the headed table, Old Su sat with the younger generation.

"Today is really a double happiness." Su Zhao said with a smile: "Brother Zhou not only successfully won most of the Nanshan project, it is the best birthday gift for grandpa."

"Cousin, what you said is wrong."

The other person shook his head and smiled triumphantly when Su Zhao cast the same look.

"It's Sanxi. Grandpa is already preparing to announce today that Xiaomo will marry Young Master Zhou."

"Yes, right, right, three happy." Liu Zhao laughed.

Zhou Guangsheng sat on the left hand side of Old Man Su, with a gentle smile, looking at Su Xiaomo on the right hand side of Old Man Su from time to time.

Su Xiaomo didn't speak, holding the mobile phone in her hand, she had already made a few calls to Wang Ye, but it was a pity that she kept shutting down.

Beside her, a granddaughter of the Su family saw it and smiled: "Sister, who are you calling? It seems that the other party is always shutting down."

"Huh, who else can it be?" Su Zhao took the conversation and sneered: "It must be Wang Ye. He knows he has come to Haikou, and he can't make a round of it. It's shameless today. But Xiaomo, you too, that kind of Why should people give back hope, Shao Zhou is sincere to you."

"Yes, yes."

"Zhou Shao didn't hesitate to come from the magic capital, the Nanshan project plus the tens of billions of projects, as a bride price, Xiao Mo sister, I really envy you, there is such a good wishful man."

Elder Su hadn't spoken yet, and the Su family's election of a son-in-law had already spread.