The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 119 The Beauty Bodyguard Cai Yingxin

It was said to be an interrogation room, but it was more like an interrogation room. The light in the room was very dim, and only a dazzling light was aimed at Wang Ye.

Therefore, at first, she did not see the face of the female police officer clearly.

Wang Ye could see clearly when she walked in.

This woman is young, twenty-five or six-year-old, with a standard baby face, but it doesn't match a plump figure at all.

Big breasted loli!

Wang Ye thought of this word for the first time.

"Hello, my name is Cai Yingxin."

After Cai Yingxin finished speaking, he stretched out a hand, and waited rather politely.

Wang Ye glanced at her, but asked faintly: "Can I go now?"

"Of course." Cai Ying stepped aside politely.

Wang Ye got up and walked outside the questioning room. Cai Yingxin followed him. The male police officer who questioned him at first wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

"The boss of a well-known company was secretly murdered! Hey, it's better to die with her."

The man said, got up and shook his head and walked out.

All the procedures were completed. At the door of the police station, Wang Ye stretched lazily. It was already eleven o'clock in the night.

"Take a taxi back." Wang Ye smiled bitterly.

Su Xiaomo nodded. This scene tonight is too strange and shocking. It is the first time that she has witnessed a dead person, so she still has some lingering fears.

It was Jiang Mengdie, who had seen Wang Ye's toughness in Guanbian County, but he was not so nervous about it.

"Su family, sleep with me tonight, I'm afraid you are scared at home alone." Jiang Mengdie took her hand.

Su Xiaomo hurriedly nodded. She and Bai Guangcheng were the only ones in the Shuiyue Garden Villa. As a servant, Bai Guangcheng was not qualified to go to the second floor. Su Xiaomo, a huge villa alone, would indeed be a little scared at night.

"Let's go."

A Hyundai stopped at the door, Cai Yingxin stuck his head out of the cab.

Wang Ye glanced at the beautiful Lolita, and said, "It's not easy. Officer Cai please."

"Who said it's not going the way!" Cai Yingxin opened the door and got out of the car and walked over. "I will also go to Shuiyue Garden, and it's your home."

"My house?" Wang Ye was stunned, turned his head and looked at each other with Su Xiaomo.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce the situation before." Cai Yingxin slapped his forehead and said: "What happened tonight, although the news has been blocked in the bureau, you should be aware of the seriousness of the matter."

"One is the chairman of Tianyu Group, and the other two are directors of Amano Group. Both are well-known entrepreneurs in Luochuan, so the boss decided to protect him 24 hours a day until the matter is clear."

Listening to her explanation, Su Xiaomo and Jiang Mengdie breathed a sigh of relief, but Wang Ye frowned.

"This is not protection, is it surveillance?"

"You have the right to understand things, but I just state the facts. If you don't want to lose your personal freedom because of this, and don't want to stay here until the matter is clear, I suggest you obey the arrangement."

Don't look at Cai Yingxin's young age, but when she speaks, she is a set.

Moreover, after a few words, even the glib Wang Ye couldn't find a reason to refuse.

Although Knight XV was intact, he still had to stay here for further evidence collection. In desperation, the three of them could only take Cai Yingxin's car and head towards Shuiyue Garden.

Sitting in the co-pilot, Wang Ye looked at her from time to time.

Beautiful and straightforward!This is Cai Yingxin's first image to Wang Ye. Baby-faced and plump body, this kind of extremely conflicting body, on the contrary, will make people deepen the impression.

But Wang Ye didn't have any fantasies about her.

After experiencing Chen Bin's incident, he began to wonder about anyone who appeared around him.

Chen Bin, an honest servant in the Su family, who has been working for nearly 20 years, has been hiding, which makes people feel scared.

His master is definitely not the Zhou family, but the grandfather Su Xiaomo has never met.

But why he wanted to get rid of himself was something Wang Ye couldn't figure out.

A group of four people walked in a villa in Shuiyue Garden.

"Mengdie, you will give it to Officer Cai later..."

"You can call me Miss Cai in the future, or you can call me." Cai Yingxin said.

Shrugging, Wang Ye said calmly: "That's OK, Mengdie will prepare a guest room for Miss Cai later."

"Okay." After Jiang Mengdie said, he asked Cai Yingxin to walk towards the second floor. "That is the room where I live, and the nanny is on the first floor. This one is for my sister. Ms. Cai, you Live here, the light is good."

Pushing the door and entering, Cai Yingxin only glanced at it, then nodded to signal that Jiang Mengdie could go out.

It was almost midnight, and I was tired after a day of fatigue. Jiang Mengdie took Su Xiaomo into his room, and they slept together tonight.

On the third floor, Wang Ye stood with his hands at the window, looking at the night sky in the distance, his mood was a bit complicated.

So far it was not just a dispute over money. It was only in the Su family that Elder Su agreed to marry Su Xiaomo to him, and when he left the Su family, someone did something to him.

That sentence, you are not worthy!Does it refer to status or wealth?

"Not asleep yet?" As he was thinking, the door was pushed open.

Wang Ye didn't look back, his face was a little gloomy, "Ms. Cai's politeness should go back to elementary school, and she should study hard. Isn't it the basic politeness to knock on the door in the house?"

With such sarcasm, Cai Ying was unmoved.

She walked directly into the room, began to check around, and said casually: "If you are hiding in your room with someone trying to disadvantage you, or if you are kidnapped in the room, I will knock on the door and startle. I am The person sent to protect you personally 24 hours a day is not a servant of your palace and has no habit of knocking on the door."

"Then have you finished checking?" Wang Ye turned around and stared at her.

He tried to see even the slightest clue from Cai Yingxin's body.

But the latter, apart from being very unreasonable, there is nothing wrong with it.

"The inspection is over! But I am not satisfied with the room arranged by Miss Jiang." Cai Yingxin pointed to the next door, "In order to better protect you, I decided to live in the room next to you."

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye sneered, staring at her with a pair of eyes.

"In my opinion, it is you Miss Cai, Cai Yingxin, who tried to disadvantage me!"

Cai Yingxin is not angry at all, and has no extra emotions, "If you think so, then I can only feel sorry, it's late! Rest."

After speaking, she walked out of the room and closed the door, so she could faintly hear the door opening in the next room.

Wang Ye who was lying on the bed tossed and turned and had difficulty falling asleep, always feeling a crisis coming.

Bored, he called out his cell phone and turned on the check-in system.

[Congratulations to the host, who has successfully clocked in and checked in continuously, and won the system reward: reading glasses.

Brief introduction to the function of mind reading glasses: The wearer of this glasses will be able to read the mind of the other party.

"Pretty!" Wang Ye smiled excitedly. With these glasses, good people and bad people can be distinguished clearly at a glance.

Especially in the present, this critical period when the enemy is in the dark, it is possible for anyone to be a hidden killer instigated by the mysterious man.

But with these glasses, you don't have to be like a man on the back.