The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 134 Rich in the mountains and distant relatives

Outside the house, it seems that Wang Ye is chatting with relatives and neighbors, but he is not here at all. He is waiting for the results of Cai Yingxin's inspection of the house.

As for these seven aunts and eight aunts, Wang Ye didn't have any favors.

No one asked the poor in the downtown area, and the rich had distant relatives in the mountains. He had deeply understood these words long ago.

He was a single-parent family when he was young. Yang Guifang pulled him up with one hand. Wang Ye was very sensible and had a good relationship with his relatives and neighbors.

After graduating from university, I founded a business in Luochuan. Back then, I went home occasionally. It wasn't a lot of gongs and drums, but it was very crowded.

But since my mother was diagnosed with uremia, she was transferred to Luochuan City to be hospitalized, not to mention the villagers, not even one of her relatives visited.

Until later, Wang Ye was deceived by Liu Feifei. When he was most desperate, in order to save his mother's life, he stubbornly borrowed money from these relatives one by one, but none of them lent him a penny.

After seeing all this, Wang Ye didn't have a cold with these so-called relatives.

Soon, Cai Yingxin walked out of the house and shook his head at him.

"Mom, go, come in and talk."

Wang Ye supported his mother and walked towards the house.

"Yes, right, right, big guys don't stand at the door, come in and sit." The big aunt yelled unceremoniously.

The room was originally small, but soon it was overcrowded.

After finding an excuse, Cai Yingxin called Wang Ye out and walked under a big locust tree in the backyard.

"There is no ambush in the house, but it is certain that someone has indeed been here. Look at this word."

There is a word carved on the locust tree: death!

Judging from the color of the bark, it should have been carved last night.

"The mysterious Zhong family, do you want to threaten me?" Wang Ye muttered with a gloomy face, frowning.

"On that day, that person's skill should disdain to threaten things like this." Cai Yingxin said confidently.

Wang Ye nodded. Since the other party has already come one step ahead, why not do it? According to common sense, at least his mother should be taken away, and then threatened.

Could it be, just leave a word here.

"Tune the tiger away from the mountain?"

Wang Ye's expression sank, and he hurriedly took out his cell phone and called Su Xiaomo.

But what made him even more puzzled was that the situation in Luochuan City was calm and nothing happened.

Surrounding this big locust tree and staring at the word on it, Wang Ye became more confused.

"Fine! Take my mother to Luochuan today."

Yang Guifang has no children at his knees, only Wang Ye is an adopted son. If his mother is not used to living in the city, how can Wang Ye have the heart to let her old man live in her home alone?

"Girl, don't be stunned here!" The eldest mother walked quickly and took Cai Yingxin's hand. "Wang Ye, so does your kid. You don't even want to pour a glass of water for the girl, why did you come to this backyard."

"Walk around, sit in the house quickly."

The eldest mother stubbornly pulled Cai Yingxin towards the house, Wang Ye's eyes motioned her to go first, and he looked under the locust tree.

After turning around, walked to the fence, where there were some traces.

He squatted down and examined it carefully. From the traces, three people should have arrived. They entered over the wall, but the purpose was very clear. After going to the locust tree to engrave, he overcame the wall and left, even connecting the house. Did not enter.

"The soldiers are here to cover the water and earth! I want to see what tricks your Zhong family do and who they are working for!"

Regardless of whether it is Chen Bin or Han Guangyi, their real surname is Zhong. As for whether the Zhong family is the family of Su Xiaomo’s grandfather, Wang Ye is still unsure, and although their purpose is to successfully marry Su Xiaomo Zhou Guangsheng, but whether the Zhong family played for the Zhou family has not been confirmed.

After looking around again, he was sure that no one was hiding so far, he just turned around and entered the house.

As soon as he entered the room, Wang Ye frowned.

More and more people came here from Wangjiacun, and the halls were full of people. Seeing Wang Ye coming one by one, they all came forward to say hello flatteringly.

After finally squeezing into the bedroom, the adoptive mother's bedroom was also full of people, and the seven aunts and eight aunts ruled this place.

"Guifang, this girl is not Wang Ye's girlfriend?" The aunt kept holding Cai Yingxin's hand.

Yang Guifang glanced at Cai Yingxin quietly, saying that his son's woman is really good, whether it is Jiang Mengdie, Su Xiaomo or Na Shui Yuexi and others, they all look very watery.

"This Miss Cai should be Wang Ye's colleague..."

"Yeah, that's great." The elder mother interrupted her and asked with a smile on her face: "My child, don't you have a boyfriend? People in Wangjiacun are very sincere. Auntie will introduce you to a man. How about friends."

"The Ergou from my village is also working in the provincial capital. I heard that he is still an executive of an enterprise..."

Wang Ye stood outside the crowd with his hands behind him and did not speak. Cai Yingxin cast his eyes for help.

She is usually aloof and arrogant, like a fairy who has fallen into the mortal dust, but in the face of these uncles and aunts, she seems helpless.

"Everyone, I'm really sorry, I just went home, and I have some things to talk to my mother alone, another day, another day I will have a good dinner for you all."

Wang Ye squeezed over, and he was obviously chasing guests.

But these people obviously pretended not to understand, especially the eldest aunt, who said with envy.

"Wang Ye, you guys are really capable. I heard from Miss Cai just now that you are now in the provincial capital and you have opened a big company. You have a lot of money in your hands. Don't forget your dick brother. Bring him on this trip. After finally encountering this kind of opportunity, Wang Ye, you have to take care of our family first, and if the second egg does not listen to you, you will give me..."

"That's your old baby son, I dare not touch him." Wang Ye was expressionless, "Furthermore, I am not a big boss. Not a few months ago, I was still asking you folks to lend me money for treatment. I'm sick! It's just a pity that everyone will be tight, and I didn't even borrow a cent."

As soon as he said this, the noisy house suddenly became quiet.

The atmosphere was extremely embarrassing, and the eldest aunt stood up and smiled, “It’s all from the countryside, where is the spare money in your hand, don’t worry about the eldest nephew. Okay, just let him follow him when he comes back. His mother will talk a lot. Today at noon, your uncle will treat you, Wang Ye, you can come over for dinner."

With that said, she took the lead and blasted the people out of the house.

When everyone is gone, Yang Guifang is holding Wang Ye's hand, "You boy, how straightforward to say."

"Mom, if I were direct, I won't say that." Wang Yecancan smiled.

Yang Guifang patted his hand, "I know you are suffering. When I was hospitalized for surgery, none of the neighbors in the neighbourhood lent us money, but thinking about it, if it were us, how much could you lend to others? , Your mother and I are going through the door. If you die on the operating table, you have to count on you for the money you borrow. Who would believe you can afford it!"

"I really have to thank them." Wang Ye said, turning off the topic, "Mom, don't talk about them! I'm going to take you to Luochuan today and live with me. It's time to attend my wedding. Then help, take care of your grandson."

"Ah? Xiao Mo is pregnant?" Yang Guifang was overjoyed upon hearing this.