The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 135 The second aunt cried

Wang Ye and Cai Yingxin looked at each other, then smiled bitterly.

Although they will soon be married to Su Xiaomo, nothing happened between them.

But on second thoughts, this is the best way to fool your mother out of this hometown.

Wang Ye nodded hurriedly, "Yeah, Xiao Mo is pregnant! So you have to go to Luochuan with me so you can help take care of your grandson at that time."

"Okay, go, I will definitely go." Yang Guifang was full of joy when he heard it.

But Cai Yingxin stared at him staringly, looking very surprised.

Wang Ye winked a few times, and she was the one who reacted.

"Mom, let's leave today, there is nothing to clean up, I have everything."

Regarding Wang Ye's saying that wind is rain, Yang Guifang smiled and patted his hand, "Are you walking in such a hurry? At least you have to say something to the folks..."

"Mom, if you mention that group of people, you will be really angry."

"All right, don't mention them. But if you want to go, at least you have to go to a grave for your dad."

She knew that Wang Ye had no affection for these so-called folks at all, and she could understand the depression in her son's heart, so she didn't have to worry about this matter any more.

But now that his mother agreed and returned to Luochuan with him, Wang Ye was finally relieved.

Driving towards the outside of the village, Yang Guifang just not far away remembered that the door was still unlocked.

"I walked in a hurry, and I didn't lock it at all. I'll go back and lock the door."

"I'll go." Wang Ye motioned to her to sit in the car, opened the door and got out of the car and ran to the old house, simply locked the door, but ran all the way towards the fifteenth knight.

At this moment, a car drove oncoming, and the car stopped in front of Wang Ye.

"Wang Ye is back." The window glass of the co-pilot opened and a middle-aged woman poked her head out.

Wang Ye glanced at it and yelled casually, "Second Aunt."

"Look at you running sweaty, what are you doing?" As the second aunt spoke, the contempt in her eyes was clearly visible.

Their family is a relocated household, and is considered the richest in Wangjia Village. A few years ago, Wang Ye graduated from Wang Ye University. When he started his business in Luochuan, the second aunt planned to marry his daughter to Wang Ye.

But later I heard that Wang Ye was deceived by a woman, and the so-called marriage has never been mentioned since then.

Wang Ye didn't bother to pay attention to her. This sweat was obviously an injury on his butt, which hurts when he was running.

"Don't go in a hurry, please do me a favor." The second aunt stopped Wang Ye, who was about to leave, and flaunted: "You don't know yet, Xiao Cui has already found her boyfriend, who is the big boss in the county. That business is done..."

"Stop!" Wang Ye hurriedly waved his hand and glanced at the woman sitting in the cab. She was in her twenties and she was a sign of her appearance. It was the second aunt's daughter, Xiao Cui.

He simply asked Xiao Cui directly, "What can I do for you?"

Xiao Cui did not speak, and the second aunt of the co-pilot said triumphantly: "The TV set at home is too old. Today, my daughter took me into the city, and my uncle prospective bought a new one. Just so, you help me pack it in. , A large sixty-inch color TV, you have to be careful not to bump it later."

Seeing the second aunt is like that, he almost blows his uncle to the sky.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, and said, "I won't be able to bump into it, because I will have something to do and can't help you."

It wasn't that he hated the second aunt, the villain's face was not the snobbery of the second aunt who had never married Xiao Cui, but the pain on his butt was so hot that he really didn't have the energy to help her work.

The second aunt was startled, and immediately sneered: "Wang Ye, it's so delicious and lazy! Look at you, you're not too young, and it's not easy for your mother to be alone. I originally said that after you help, Let my uncle introduce you a job."

"Wang Ye, you are idle anyway, you can help me move in. Look at my age, my girl is fine-skinned and tender, it works."

Second aunt has an uncle on the left and an uncle on the right, Wang Ye is really angry.

He sneered: "A few months ago, the money in my second aunt's bank card was idle. Why didn't you tell me to lend it to me and let me treat my mother first?"

"How do you talk, you boy!"

"If you can talk to you well, you are considered to be worthy of you! Why, the use of people is not the first?"

Wang Ye's words were sharp and didn't leave her any affection. Even if this kind of person helped her move things, he would probably tell others that Wang Ye was trying to curry favor with Xiao Cui's uncle.

Wang Ye, who grew up in the village since childhood, knew his second aunt's mouth very well.

"Wang Ye! You don't know how to praise!"

The second aunt pushed the door and got out of the car, shaking with anger.

"Mom, why do you have general knowledge of him. Now Murakami, whoever sees him can't hide from far away." Xiao Cui came over and glanced at Wang Ye's back with contempt.

Immediately his eyes fell on the fifteenth knight in the distance.

"The car was parked at Ergou's house. It looks like Ergou's car. I heard that Ergou is also doing well in the city now."

"Not bad, how can I compare with our aunt." The second aunt looked disdainful.

"That car is called Cavaliers XV, and it's quite expensive."

Before Xiao Cui finished speaking, the second aunt deliberately raised her voice with her hands on her hips, and said, "Expensive, how expensive can it be? It will cost four to five million yuan to the sky! At that time, let our uncle buy you one too. ."

She was deliberately pointing at Wang Ye, who had not yet gone far, and told him to hear him.

"Four to five million? The minimum is more than five million! And looking at it like this, the entire car has been refitted, and it's at least tens of millions."

"Go, tens of millions... Is Ergou really rich?" The second aunt had a feeling that her intestines were all regretful, and she glared at Xiao Cui, "I told you before that Wang Ye's kid is not reliable. Although Ergou is a bit broken, but it will make money, you just won't listen."

When Xiao Cui heard nothing, he was obviously disappointed and missed the rich man Ergou.

Leaning on Wang Ye, walking towards the fifteenth knight, the second aunt spread the full of anger on Wang Ye.

"Look at that poor man. I must have seen a luxury car. I took pictures and posted it to Moments! The boss is not young, and now I am deceived of nothing. His mother was hospitalized and owed a debt. It is estimated that this life is over, let alone luxury cars. I’m afraid I can’t even afford a car wheel."

"Yeah, this kid is still getting started, if he touches it badly, he can pay..."

The second aunt's words came to an abrupt end, because she saw Wang Ye, pulled the car door and sat on it directly, while the car slowly drove out of the village.

Swallowing hard, the second aunt turned to look at Xiao Cui who was also dazed.

"Wang Ye?"

"Knight, Knight XV?"

"Go, tens of millions of cars?"

Xiao Cui looked regretful and nodded: "That must be Wang Ye's car..."

"Oh my god!" The second aunt slapped her thigh and glared at Xiao Cui and cursed, "You disobedient dead girl, when Wang Ye didn't graduate, I'll be a matchmaker for you and let you marry him. You have to Drag and drag, now it's alright, people drive tens of millions of cars."

"Just don't you still look down on him!" Xiao Cui looked depressed.

These words made the second aunt speechless.

"Later, I will go to Yang Guifang later and propose marriage with her again." The second aunt gritted her teeth, but she couldn't miss the rich man.

At this time, the fifteenth knight was already heading to the foot of the mountain outside the village, and Wang Ye and the three of them were going to sweep the tomb.