The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 139 The Zhong Family's Purpose

Cancan smiled, and Wang Ye put away the phone.

"Then let's cooperate and save trouble. Don't worry, if you choose to leave afterwards, or commit suicide, I won't stop you."

After Wang Ye said, his expression gradually faded, and he asked in a deep voice, "Let’s introduce the Zhong family!"

Zhong Guangyi hesitated a little, but when he met Wang Ye's eyes, he knew that he had no choice.

"The Zhong family, located in the Zhongnan Mountain, is a family that inherits the ancients. But whether it is in Luochuan, or the capital and the magic capital, the Zhong family is scattered. They are incognito and are not known to the world. But the Zhong family's Strength is not something you can contend."

Seeing Cai Ying's solemn expression, Wang Ye knew that what Zhong Guangyi said was true.

Perhaps like the Zhong family, they can be regarded as the top family. Although they are not located in the city, but in the mountains, they control the economic lifeline of the city. I am afraid that they are the Zhong family.

Wang Ye nodded and asked again: "The Zhong family, why do you want to deal with Wang Ye?"

"It's very simple, kill you, cut off Su Xiaomo's thoughts, let her marry the Zhou family."

"Why? Su Xiaomo should also be a descendant of your Zhong family, how can you look at her and be sent into the fire pit." Wang Ye is really hard to understand.

Zhong Guangyi was shocked, but he didn't expect Wang Ye to know the identity of Su Xiaomo.

"Yes, dozens of years ago, Zhong Tianyu is what you call Su Tianyu, Su Xiaomo's father. When he was young, he was adopted by the Su family in an accident. The Zhong family had already abandoned him. But he has a daughter on his knees, but she looks beautiful..."

"Straightforwardly, what is the purpose of the Zhong family. Is it coerced by the Zhou family?" Wang Ye was impatient to listen to his story.

Su Tianyu was not the heir of the Su family. He had known about this a long time ago. What he cared about was why the Zhou family wanted to marry Su Xiaomo, and the Zhong family supported so much.

"Coercion?" Zhong Guangyi sneered disdainfully. "Why is the Zhou family scornful? The old family's matchmaker was just to get a baby from the Zhou family! But at my level, there is no way to know what it is. ."

"In order to protect itself, the Zhou family will not hesitate to take the lives of the entire clan. It is bound to coexist and die with the treasure. Therefore, in desperation, only marriage can dispel the Zhou family's concerns. Su Xiaomo is just a chess piece of the Zhong family."


Wang Ye let out a deep breath.

The Zhong family is vicious, far better than the Zhou family, but it is also far stronger than the Zhou family.

Rather than being an enemy, relying on the current self, whether it is financial or military, I am afraid that the difference is far away. Perhaps the only way at present is to take away what the Zhong family wants from the Zhou family. This is the only way to follow The bargaining chip of the Zhong family.

Thinking of this, Wang Ye waved to Cai Yingxin and released the rope on Zhong Guangyi.

As soon as the rope was untied, Zhong Guangyi knew he could not escape, so he squeezed his throat with one hand.

"Why rush to commit suicide? Isn't it good to be alive!" Wang Ye shook his head and said, "If you die, in Zhong's family, wouldn't your family be heartbroken."

Zhong Guangyi's hand was already in his throat, but he didn't exert any force, he stared at Wang Ye in a daze.

"Maybe things are not as endless as you think."

"There is no other way!" Zhong Guangyi's eyes were desperate, "There is nothing impossible for the old man to do."

"I agree with this point. He can make you succumb to the Su Family for more than ten years. The method can be imagined! But what he wants is nothing more than the thing in the hands of the Zhou Family, and he wants to sacrifice Su Xiaomo. Insignificant people in the Zhong family, come to stabilize the hearts of the Zhou family. Maybe I have a way, I can do it without this."

Zhong Guangyi's status is humble, and there is not much he can know. As for Su Xiaomo's multiple status in the eyes of the Zhong family, he is just guessing.

"In the ruined temple, that person's status in Zhong's family should not be low. Let's go back to Luochuan tomorrow, and the Yushan Lou will help me make an appointment with him tomorrow night. I have something to discuss with him. I think it's something simple, you It should be possible."

Seeing Zhong Guangyi's silence, Wang Ye turned around and walked out of the woods with Cai Yingxin.

He believed that Zhong Guangyi would do so, because this was the only way he could survive.

As he walked out of the woods, Wang Ye turned his head and said, "Master, you seemed shocked when Zhong Guangyi mentioned the Zhong family just now."

"If you know how strong the Zhong family is, you will be more shocked than me."

After Cai Yingxin said, she stared at Wang Ye with profound meaning, and for a long time she said, "However, you are doing it right. Instead of being an enemy of the Zhong family, it is better to try to take everything the Zhong family wants from the Zhou family. . Then avoid the Zhong family and focus on growing your career. When one day you can compete with the Zhong family, you will naturally know many things."

Wang Ye didn't think much about it, but silently nodded.

With the check-in system and the wealth rewarded every Monday and Tuesday, he can quickly rise in the business world; every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the rewarded peculiar medicine can quickly change and improve his physique and strength; those magic weapons every weekend , To ensure that he settles down.

As long as there is enough time to rise in Luochuan and even the entire China, it will be a matter of time.

"Back to Luochuan!"

Wang Ye gritted his teeth and made a decision.

Cai Yingxin nodded silently, but the look in his eyes was a bit special.

Outside the Wang’s court, almost all night long, Wang Ye took his mother the next morning and left Wang’s Village toward Luochuan.

Cai Yingxin drove, Wang Ye sat in the co-pilot, and her foster mother Yang Guifang sat in the back row, looking at Wang Ye and Cai Yingxin from time to time.

Finally, she couldn't bear it, and asked, "My son, Xiao Mo is really pregnant?"

"Mom, why did you suddenly ask about this?" Wang Ye turned his head and looked, and shook his head with a smile, "I dare not hide from you, Xiao Mo is not pregnant, but our wedding date is approaching. It's time for you to go to Luochuan and wait. After getting married, you won’t wait long to hold your grandson."

Yang Guifang's face was distressed.

"Mom, is there anything wrong?" Wang Ye asked in surprise.

"If Mom tells you, cancel the relationship with Xiao Mo..."

Yang Guifang originally planned to let Wang Ye cancel his marriage contract with Su Xiaomo and marry Cai Yingxin. After all, he and Cai Yingxin had a finger-to-finger marriage contract.

But before he finished speaking, Cai Yingxin gave a light cough.

"Auntie, Wang Ye and Su Xiaomolang are talented girls, so you don't need to worry about them. The relationship between them is good!"

"Yeah mom, Xiao Mo and I went through all kinds of things, and finally we came together. Nothing can separate us."

Listening to Wang Ye's words, Yang Guifang could only force a smile.

It was really hard for Cai Yingxin, the child, who could only watch and send his man into the arms of others.

Yang Guifang thought so in her heart, but the matter has come to this point, Cai Ying didn't want her to mention the marriage contract, and she could only temporarily suppress it in her heart.

At noon, the fifteenth knight had returned to Luochuan.

After setting up their mother, Wang Ye and the other two went to Nanshan first. The accident on the project was settled by Su Xiaomo and Jiang Mengdie.

After a brief explanation, Wang Ye and Cai Yingxin went to the Yushanlou, and specifically ordered that they would not be open today.