The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 143 Zhou Guangsheng was shaken

Zhou Guangsheng was paralyzed on the stool, Wang Ye was straightforward, and the knife was stabbed by the needle!

If he heard this, Zhou Guangsheng still couldn't understand it, that would be stupid.

This marriage seems like Su Xiaomo is a chess piece. Isn't he Zhou Guangsheng, and the degree of danger is far immeasurable.

After the marriage, if the Zhong family wanted to retaliate, Zhou Guangsheng would be the first to kill him. As long as her husband dies, Su Xiaomo will naturally become a widow. At that time, the Zhong family can act unscrupulously against the Zhou family.

"No!" Suddenly, Zhou Guangsheng shouted: "The Zhong family has been waiting for so many years. Once they get married, they will get the blood jade pendant and they will get what they want. Why should there be more trouble against my Zhou family! Wang Ye, you Don't want to scare me!"


Wang Ye exaggerated that all the coffee he had just drunk was sprayed out.

"Zhou Guangsheng, you are too deceiving yourself!" He wiped his mouth and said, "It's just that the Zhou family has been deadlocked until now. It's not because of the bloody jade pendant. Why don't you understand it! The Zhong family has succeeded in jade pendant, these years Bad breath, can you swallow it?"

"Fine, I am kind to save you, but you don't know what is good or bad, that's all, nothing!"

Wang Ye got up and walked outside the office, Cai Yingxin followed closely.

Zhou Guangsheng, sitting paralyzed at his desk, opened his mouth and stopped talking.

After leaving the Zhou Family Building, Cai Yingxin asked: "Shall we just leave?"

"How about it?"

"But Zhou Guangsheng was faltering, it's time for us to chase after victory!" She really couldn't understand Wang Ye's thoughts.

Under threats and lure, Zhou Guangsheng was already moved, but at this moment, Wang Ye chose to leave. Wouldn't it be a waste of all his previous work?

"Let's go home and clean up, I'm afraid we have to go to the magic city." Wang Ye smiled mysteriously.

"Mad City, Zhou Family?"

Seeing Wang Ye nodded, Cai Yingxin was even more confused. If he went to Zhou's house so hastily, wouldn't it be a stumbling block.

I got in the car and walked towards the Shuiyue Garden Villa. Seeing Cai Ying frowning, this was the explanation.

"Up until now, Zhou Guangsheng will realize the rest on her own! And He Ling is fanning the flames. If I didn't guess wrong, Zhou Guangsheng would definitely visit the house today! Going to the magic city is a must! After all, Chi The blood jade pendant is in the hands of the Zhou family, and Zhou Guangsheng is just an introduction!"

"He's not stupid, he understands the Zhou family's intentions, but just treats him as cannon fodder!"

Cai Ying doubted his conjecture.

But at this time, Zhou Guangsheng in the office was staring at He Ling coldly.

"Then what benefit did Wang Ye give you that you betrayed me!"


He slapped the table and stood up suddenly, his eyes were extremely cold.

He Ling hurriedly stepped forward and bowed and said, "Guangsheng, how could I betray you! From the Zhou family to the magic city, I have been with you for seven or eight years! I am so devoted to you, the sun and the moon can learn from you!"

"Then why do you have to be so respectful to Wang Ye! You know, I hate him so much that I can't wait for him to die!"

"He can't die." He Ling explained: "I only respect him because I know that only he can save you. He is right. You and Su Xiaomo are married. Once this marriage is done, but After the Zhong family's goals are achieved, they will definitely be the first to die for so many years of resentment. When you take that time, you are the first to die."

Seeing that she didn't seem to be lying, Zhou Guangsheng smashed the table depressedly.

"But I have no choice!"

"Yes, of course!" He Ling took Zhou Guangsheng's hand, "Do you know what Wang Ye said to me?"


"He told me that as long as the Zhou family handed over the Blazing Blood Jade Pendant, he would use the Blazing Blood Jade Pendant to deal with the Zhong Family..."

"Impossible!" Zhou Guangsheng shouted without thinking: "The Blazing Blood Jade Pendant is the treasure of my Zhou family's life, how can I give it to him!"

"Don't get angry, just listen to me. Once the Zhou family handed over the blood jade pendant to Wang Ye! That would be the grievance between Wang Ye and the Zhong family, so that Zhou family can get away without mixing up with the so-called Marriage will naturally not threaten your safety."

"At that time, Wang Ye will be ambitious and try to threaten the Zhong family with a bloody jade pendant! The game between the two of them, naturally our Zhou family will be able to retreat."

Hearing this, Zhou Guangsheng was finally moved.

The Fiery Blood Jade Pei is indeed a hot potato. If it is thrown to Wang Ye, the Zhou family can use this to retreat, and the Zhong family will have no spare time to deal with them.

As long as they don't marry, the Zhong family will not attack him.

"Then what shall we do now?" Zhou Guangsheng asked uncertainly, turning his head.

"Go to see Wang Ye! Go to Zhou's house in the magic city with him, and ask for the blood jade pendant!" He Ling said solemnly.

Clenching his fist, Zhou Guangsheng was silent for a long time, then nodded, and said, "Okay! Anyway, there is no way out this time! Can Wang Ye and Su Xiaomo's marriage be dead? My marriage with Su Xiaomo cannot escape. Yes, there is only one way to make my Zhou family retreat!"

"Call and ask Wang Ye to come back!"

He Ling shook her head, "Well, why don't you and I personally visit Wangye's residence, and after expressing your attitude, go to the magic capital together! When life and death are at stake, why bother to care about face and air, as long as you can live, then we will watch Zhong's house and It’s a good time between Wang and Ye."

"This is reasonable and reasonable."

Zhou Guangsheng kissed He Ling fiercely on the cheek, suppressing the mood for a long time, and finally got better at this moment.

He took He Ling and walked towards Shuiyue Garden.

As everyone knows, the pillow wind is the most terrifying, Wang Ye's going around, coupled with He Ling's instigation, he has already followed Wang Ye's way.

Now He Ling, under the influence of the Obedient Pill, completely obeyed Wang Ye's arrangement and acted according to his will.

When he returned home, the door bell rang before his butt was hot. Wang Ye grinned and signaled Cai Yingxin to open the door.

Sure enough, Zhou Guangsheng and He Ling were seen as soon as the door opened.

Not only that, what made Cai Yingxin even more surprised was that everything was exactly the same as Wang Ye said.

The two of Zhou Guangsheng came, first to apologize, and secondly to invite Wang Ye to go with him to Zhou's house in the magic city, trying to persuade Mrs. Zhou.

Everything is under Wang Ye's control. After the negotiation is made, it is decided to leave the magic capital tomorrow morning.

After leaving Zhou Guangsheng away, Cai Yingxin returned to the living room and sat beside Wang Ye staring at him.

"You are really there, everything is acting according to your wishes! I don't care why He Ling suddenly listened to your instructions. What I want to know is, what are your plans to go to the Magic City Zhou's house?"

"Be high-profile! In order to achieve the effect of knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger, so Zhou's trip depends on you!" Wang Ye smiled slyly.

"How to be a high-profile method?" Seeing Wang Ye's silence, she asked, "Will the Zhou family swear to the death, will they still be afraid that your threat will fail?"

"Hey, this is human nature!" Wang Ye smiled slyly: "When knowing that there is no hope, swearing to death is the last hope! But once I give them hope, they will definitely choose instead of burning jade and stone. Mingzhe protect yourself!"

"Oh, I roughly understand it." Cai Ying nodded his head seemingly, but he was still thinking.