Early the next morning, Zhou Guangsheng, who was seeking self-protection, took his secretary He Ling and waited outside the villa early.

He Ling, who was taking Obedient Pills, was blowing pillow wind on the head of his bed. Today Zhou Guangsheng has determined that only Wang Ye went to the magic city to get it from the Zhou family, and he could avoid the bloody jade pendant that the Zhong family wanted. To die.

So now he is respectful and respectful of Wang Ye, as for Su Xiaomo, he has long since dared not have any illusions.

Watching Su Xiaomo and others send Wang Ye out of the villa, Zhou Guangsheng waited with his head down.

"Mr. Wang, I wish you a smooth journey."

Bai Guangcheng parked Su Xiaomo's Maybach outside, and said to Wang Ye with his hands.

"Uncle Bai, Xiao Mo will take care of you during my absence."

"Mr. Wang, please rest assured." Bai Guangcheng nodded heavily.

After saying goodbye to his mother, Cai Yingxin drove and the group headed out of Shuiyue Garden.

Looking at the Maybach who was slowly driving away, Yang Guifang's eyes saw two lines of tears falling.

Su Xiaomo stepped forward, took Yang Guifang's arm, and gently wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"Auntie, Wang Ye will be fine, so don't worry."

"Don't worry? Can you worry about it!" Yang Guifang finished speaking, withdrawing his arm, turned and walked towards the villa.

Seeing her rejection, Su Xiaomo was a little bit chilly.

"Uncle Bai."

"What's your order, Miss?" Bai Guangcheng stepped forward quickly.

"Since my father left, you have been following me all these years. Although you are from the Bai family, I treat you like an elder, like a father..."

When Bai Guangcheng heard this, he hurriedly bowed and said, "It is a great honor for Guangcheng to thank the young lady. Just tell me what the young lady has instructed, it really hurts me like this."

"Okay! Then I'll just say it straight." Su Xiaomo looked solemnly, "During this time, help me investigate Wang Ye's purpose of going to the Zhou Family of the Magic City, and why my Su Family is like a big enemy! You can start the investigation from Su Zhao!"

Seeing Bai Guangcheng's hesitation, Su Xiaomo said solemnly, "I must know the answer within ten days."

"Good lady." Bai Guangcheng sighed softly, then turned and left after bowing his hand in reply.

He and Su Xiaomo's father, Su Tianyu, were once partners and best friends. During this period, he knew a little bit. Although he didn't know all of them, he vaguely guessed that Su Xiaomo was not a descendant of the Su family.

Now, Su Xiaomo asked him to investigate, and he had to follow suit.

On the highway leading to the magic city, a Maybach is galloping, and there are few such luxury cars running at high speeds.

Except for car damage, fuel consumption is the most important thing. This luxury car is not as convenient as ordinary vehicles when running at high speeds. It consumes a lot of fuel. Basically, you have to stop and refuel every two service areas.

Driving this Maybach was also carefully considered by Wang Ye. Although the Knight XV had a bulletproof effect, its appearance was too dazzling.

Ferrari could only take two people, and Wang Ye had to explain something to Zhou Guangsheng along the way, so he finally decided to drive Su Xiaomo, a low-key luxury car.

Cai Yingxin and He Ling took turns driving, while Wang Ye and Zhou Guangsheng sat in the back row.

The magic capital is so far away. The car has been walking for a day and a night. Zhou Guangsheng, who was sitting in the back row, quietly looked at Wang Ye, who closed his eyes and looked at him. He seemed a little cautious.

So far, Wang Ye didn't say a word.

Seeing that this afternoon was about to arrive at the magic capital, Zhou Guangsheng couldn't help it, and coughed slightly.

"Ah, well, Mr. Wang will enter the Devil Metropolis in a few hours."

"Oh." Wang Ye closed his eyes and replied. After a while, he continued, "Are you asking Zhou family to pick you up, or Yang Xin to send you to Zhou's house?"

"Then you?"

"I'm going to meet an old friend for the time being." Wang Ye slowly opened his eyes and saw Zhou Guangsheng's melancholy look, with a smile poked at the corner of his mouth.

"Let's do it! When you enter the city later, you will put me down first and send Mr. Zhou to Zhou's house. Remember to send Mr. Zhou to the Zhou's villa before leaving."

"Understood." Cai Yingxin nodded.

Seeing Zhou Guangsheng still puzzled, Wang Ye explained: "You know the purpose of this trip. You don’t need to stray around when you return to Zhou’s house! She will accompany you back with confidence. She will inform you of this personally. I will be there when invited by Zhou’s house. Zhou family."

"Okay, well, then there is Mr. Lao Wang." When Wang Ye arranged for Cai Yingxin, he went to Zhou's house and told him that the purpose of coming was to get a blood jade pendant, Zhou Guangsheng secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

If I go back to Zhou's house and say this, I'm afraid the old man will be punished.

Moreover, the Zhou family has three sons. His father, Zhou Guangsheng, ranked third, but died early. Now there is only one mother in the Zhou family. He is weak in the Zhou family. Uncle, second uncle and cousin are all treated to him. Eyes up.

If this weren't the case, Zhou Guangsheng would have believed it so quickly that the Zhou family regarded it as a pawn.

In the evening, Maybach was driving on the bustling streets of Magic City.

With feasting, high-rise buildings, and the prosperity of the magic city, Luochuan cannot match it. When he first saw this metropolis, Wang Ye fell in love with it.

Xindao, walking out of Luochuan soon and stepping into the first stop of China, it is necessary to choose the magic city.

Not far from the Zhou family residence, Wang Ye opened the door and got off the bus.

"Hang Xin, go early and return early." Wang Ye leaned over in front of the cab window and cast a look.

Cai Ying understood and acted high-profile, which was what Wang Ye told her early in the morning.

Watching Maybach go into the distance, Wang Ye strolled on the street in a hurry. The trip Shui Yuexi had been arranged, but Wang Ye was not prepared. He went to the residence prepared for him by those people. But there is another brother.

"At the intersection of Guangyuan, Brother Wang, please be over there later, and I will pick you up in person." The man's voice on the phone was a little excited.

Wang Ye smiled as he walked, "Brother Bai, don't worry. It may take about an hour for my friend to do something."

"Oh, that's just right. I'll rush over when I finish the meeting."

"Well, the demons in this trip need to stay for a few days, and there is Brother Lao Bai."

"Brother Wang has seen you, you and I are righteous brothers, if you come to Demon City, then you are going back to your own home, so why be polite."

The person on the other end of the phone was Bai Lingran who was rescued by Wang Ye at Su's house.

The two did not know each other, and they were already worthy of brothers.

Hanging up, Wang Ye walked leisurely.

Suddenly, a beautiful shadow ran over quickly, panting, grabbing Wang Ye by the shoulder, leaning over and gasping for breath.

"To breathe, please help the telephone pole on the side!" Wang Ye stretched out his hand to block the woman's hand on his shoulder.

The woman raised her head and stared at him a little angrily, "Who are you, you don't understand at all."

At this time, Wang Ye could see clearly that the woman's forehead was oozing with beads of sweat and she had no makeup, but it highlighted her white skin and perfect facial features.

The woman is of very good figure, wearing a short shirt with a navel and a pair of shorts as short as the thigh.

"Stop, don't run, don't run..."

When the two of them looked at each other, a group of people in the distance, also panting, ran towards here while shouting weakly.