Zhou Shangwu was furious, and he was ready to gather funds to fight Wang Ye.

"Second Lord, would you be too arbitrary in doing this."

A figure came, and everyone looked at the voice compassionately. It was He Ling, Zhou Guangsheng's secretary.

Many people in the living room shook their heads secretly.

At this time, it was Zhou Shangwu's anger, and when he was most angry, there were people who dared to prevent him from taking revenge on Wang Ye. Moreover, he was just a little secretary.

Sure enough, Zhou Shangwu's eyes widened, and he scolded: "What are you, how can you speak here!"

He Ling didn't change her face, bowed and prepared to step forward, but Zhou Guangsheng hurriedly held her back.

"He Ling, why are you crazy, dare to question the second uncle's words!"

He glared at He Ling secretly. Now when the snipe and the clam are fighting for the fisherman's profit, Zhou Guangsheng is the biggest winner if he does not blend in. At this time, He Ling interrupts.

But He Ling, who took the Obedient Pill, did everything according to Wang Ye's account.

She threw away Zhou Guangsheng’s hand and walked slowly to the side of Zhou Shangwu, “Second Lord, when I was in Luochuan, I contacted Wang Ye and knew him well. He is arrogant and arrogant. It has changed. Since he wants to auction a piece of land in Demon Capital, he will definitely choose the best one."

"It's still up to you! Get out!" Zhou Shangwu scolded.

But He Ling didn't leave. Instead, she deceived herself and moved in and got close to Zhou Shangwu.

"Second Lord, I have a good idea. Make sure that this time, not only can Wang Ye be put to death, but also a lot of money."

As soon as he heard this, Zhou Shangwu's expression only eased a little.


He Ling pointed at those around her.

Zhou Shangwu waved his hand and said, "You all go down."

"Yes, second master!"

When everyone heard the words, Zhou Guangsheng also had a look of doubt. He glanced at He Ling and then turned and left the living room.

"Now here, only you and me are left! Let's talk if you have anything to say, but if you can't say why today, I'm getting angry, don't blame me for being polite!"

Zhou Shangwu gritted his teeth and endured the anger in his heart, waiting for He Ling's so-called trick.

He Ling calmly said: "The second master is going to have a big fight with Wang Ye. Think about it, if it is nine pieces of land, our Zhou family will take all of it, and Wang Ye will definitely bid at the auction. The price was high at that time. It will be beyond our expectations."

"It's also for you to say, my Zhou family's background is not vegetarian!"

"Second Lord, don't worry." He Ling smiled slyly, "Rather than taking such a big risk, why don't we have a golden cicada to escape."

"Jin Chan escaped?" Zhou Shangwu puzzled.

"The people who are coveting those plots of land are all real estate companies in the capital city. You know those bosses. Why don't we tell them before the auction! Set a good price with them in advance for each plot, such as the cost of our auction We can sign a contract with them in advance and sell it to them after the 800 million auction."

"Wouldn't it be a loss of 200 million for no reason!" Zhou Shangwu had a vicious look in his eyes and shouted, "You are not a spy sent by Wang Ye!"

"Second Master wish!" He Ling couldn't help shaking her head, and said, "Compared with the loss of a small amount of money relative to one piece of land, instead of holding all nine pieces of land in his hand and putting Zhou's family in danger of economic paralysis. , You weigh the weight. If the time comes, Wang Ye has not got what he wants, and then counterattack, how do we respond."

Hearing this, Zhou Shangwu's expression only eased a lot.

He pondered for a long time, and then smiled negatively.

"He Ling, right? Are you Zhou Guangsheng's secretary?"

"In response to the second master, I am the second master's secretary."

"In the future, you don't have to follow him, do it with me!" Zhou Shangwu laughed, "You have done a great job! In this way, you can ensure completeness! When Wang Ye is cleaned up this time, the second master will not treat you badly!"

Zhou Shangwu said, squeezing He Ling's chin with one hand, and laughed fascinated.

He Ling also smiled flatteringly, but what Zhou Shangwu didn't know was that all this was Wang Ye's plan.

At this moment, Wang Ye and Bai Lingran were holding their wine glasses in the box of Hai Rui Business Hotel and raised them at the nine people in front of them.

"You are all friends of Brother Bai, and friends of Shui Yuexi. That is also my friend of Wang Ye! After this cup, I wish us a win-win situation this time!"

"Wang Dong is bound to win this time, and I will naturally try to help!"

"Hahaha, Wang Dong's trick is to draw salary from the bottom of the pot. I am afraid that three days later, as soon as the auction ends, the Zhou family will be like ants on a hot pot!"

Everyone got up, laughed and picked up their wine glasses, clinking them and drank them.

Wang Ye had already arranged this reception. Nine companies and his Wang Ye joined forces to wait for the Zhou family to come to the door and sign the contract at the lowest price.

They are not at a loss anyway. The Zhou family came to the door and signed the land contract in advance. The price was much lower than the auction price. They made a steady profit without losing money. Moreover, if the Zhou family could not get the land, the penalty would be huge. Pen!

Returning to the villa, Bai Lingran stared at Wang Ye with adoring eyes.

"Brother Bai looked at me like this, I feel a little embarrassed." Wang Ye smiled faintly.

Bai Lingran shook his head, "Brother Wang is really a genius! This time, as long as the Zhou family signs a contract with those companies in advance, it is equivalent to embarking on a road of no return! At the auction, whether they can get nine dollars or not. The land will lose everything!"

Wang Ye put one hand on the table and tapped it gently.

After pondering for a while, he said: "Brother Bai, this matter is confidential, so we don't need to walk around for the remaining few days to prevent Zhou's suspicion! Only wait for the auction day."

"Okay! Don't worry, Brother Wang, those friends are my confidants and old friends of Chairman Shui Yue Xishui, and they won't make mistakes! But we must also be careful."

After some discussions, Bai Lingran returned to his residence, Wang Ye sitting in the living room, looked at the sky outside, and night had fallen.

"Master, you stay at home, I will go to Zhou's house."

"I'll go with you!" Cai Ying got up hurriedly, but saw Wang Ye smile and shook his head.

"I'm going to visit Zhou's house at night to see what's happening in Zhou's house recently. You don't have to follow me. Don't you worry about my concealed methods?"

Although I don't know what Wang Ye used to hide out of thin air, the method was indeed strange.

After a little consideration, Cai Yingxin nodded.

After leaving the villa, Wang Ye did not drive, but galloped towards Zhou's family with shadowless shoes.

Approaching the Zhou family villa, looking at the row of mansions, Wang Ye grinned, took out the invisibility cloak and put it on him, and then walked towards the Zhou family like a ghost.

In the Zhou family mansion, in a quaint study room, an elderly man with white beard sits on an imperial chair.

The old man was holding a book in his hand, and Zhou Shangwu stood respectfully in front of the desk.

"Father, I have already told you about the plan this time. You can help me with an idea." Zhou Shangwu said respectfully.

The old man is the Zhou old lady of the Zhou family.

He slowly put down the book, frowning his old eyebrows slightly, "That Wang Ye is indeed presumptuous, threatening to demand my Zhou family's blood jade pendant, and also abolished Guanghan's legs. If he does not let him pay the price, my Zhou family will be faceless! "

"Father, did you agree?" Zhou Shangwu smiled.