Old man Zhou nodded when he heard the words, and then shook his head again, which made Zhou Shangwu wonder.

When the two of them were talking, in the seemingly empty corner of the study, there was one person hidden, it was Wang Ye wearing a cloak of invisibility.

Since Zhou Shangwu walked in, Wang Ye followed in.

"Father, what do you mean?" Zhou Shangwu asked tentatively.

"Two-pronged approach!" Elder Zhou slapped the table and said, "This time nine pieces of land, although you have contacted the buyer, even if my Zhou family left four pieces, the remaining five pieces of land lost about one billion yuan. ! And maybe because the bidding is higher, the loss is even more! And his Wang Ye, he just lost one chance, so it won't work!"

"My father is right. What Wang Ye can lose this time is just a chance to settle down in Demon Capital!" Zhou Shangwu sighed.

"So, at the auction site, you have to show the momentum of the Zhou family! Let Wang Ye lose his head in front of all business friends, break his trust and stand, as long as he loses his face, he will be called in the future. He doesn't dare to develop the magic capital anymore!"

"Murder and punish the heart! Father, he is really clever!"

Zhou Shangwu gave a thumbs up, and Mr. Zhou also laughed, as if he had seen Wang Ye's embarrassment.

Hidden in the corner, Wang Ye was secretly palpitating, Jiang was still hot, and Mr. Zhou’s remarks seemed meaningless, but if you think about it, you will be terrified!

Amano Group is preparing to participate in the Magic City auction to compete with the Zhou family for the nine plots of land. This matter began to spread yesterday.

Almost everyone in the business circle of the Magic City knows that even if the Zhou family won nine pieces of land, it would be just a missed opportunity for Wang Ye.

But if at the auction, the Zhou family released a ruthless remark, and announced in advance that the Amano Group would have no place in the magic city, and then bid for the nine plots of land, the meaning would be completely different.

Thinking about it, everyone in the business community will definitely think that Wang Ye will have no power to fight back in front of the Zhou family. Even after a period of time, two, three, or even three or five years, the Amano Group will not be accepted by the business community if it wants to develop again. .

In one fell swoop, the magic city will become a forbidden place for the Amano Group.

This trick is really vicious, but everyone does not know that after the mantis catches the cicada and the oriole, this auction has already been played in the hands of Wang Ye.

The more vicious the old man's strategy, the stronger the backlash will be, and the worse it will be for the Zhou family.

Seeing Zhou Shangwu leaving the study cheerfully, Wang Ye was also ready to follow.

But at this moment, his footsteps stopped.

"Blood Jade Pei! Humph, then Wang Ye might also be rushing to the Jade Pei when he went to the Su family! In that case, why don't my Zhou family come and count the golden cicada! Anyway, the world has never seen the Blazing Jade Pei. Can distinguish between true and false! By then, even if I give him a false one, as long as I insist on it and give him Wang Ye! When it is true or false, he will have to explain to him Wang Ye and the Zhong family old ghost!"

Old man Zhou muttered slyly.

Wang Ye laughed when he heard the words, and then quietly left the study.Now that he knows the tricks of Mr. Zhou, he will have his own way to deal with it by then.

Originally planning to leave Zhou's house, he could pass outside the house, and he stopped again.

In the room, there was the sound of ringing the bell and chanting Buddha, as well as the sound of Zhou Guangsheng.

"Mom, this time Zhou Guanghan's legs were scrapped. The doctor has already checked it. There is no chance of recovery. At most, I can only use artificial limbs in the future!"

"My son, this may not be a good thing for you."

A plainly dressed woman put down the wooden fish in her hand and looked at Zhou Guangsheng with some worry.

"From what you told me, I can hear that the one named Wang Ye is not an ordinary person! He is right. The Zhou family and the Su family are married. It is indeed that you are the backing. It’s insignificant, but at least it’s a stable life, but now the situation is very tense. My mother advises you, it’s better not to ask questions, even if the old man is preparing to inherit the Zhou family, you must not be greedy, and you must learn to refuse. !"

Zhou Guangsheng disagreed, "Mother, you have considered too much. Now, I am the only healthy grandson of the Zhou family. The Zhou family's heavy responsibility does not fall on me, but on whom!"

Wang Ye concealed from the side, tilting Zhou Guangsheng's mother, shaking her head helplessly, it made Wang Ye feel that this old woman was a sensible person.

"My aunt is right. Once the Zhou family retires and cannot be retired, they can only choose to abandon the car to protect the handsome. The new patriarch is behind the scenes in another way!"

Wang Ye took off his invisibility cloak and walked over, and the voice of his mouth shocked Zhou Guangsheng, mother and son.

"Wang, Wang Ye, why are you at Zhou's house." Zhou Guangsheng's expression changed drastically.

"Zhou family, I, Wang Ye, come as long as I want, and leave as long as I want. What's the fuss." Wang Ye finished his words, stepped forward and bowed to Zhou Guangsheng's mother, "Junior Wang Ye, see Auntie."

"Mr. Wang doesn't have to be polite. Since he showed up, he must have something to say, please sit down, please sit down and say." Zhou Guangsheng's mother, Liu, is a smart woman.

Wang Ye sat aside casually and glanced at Zhou Guangsheng, "I said, it will save your life and help you get the Zhou family! But the premise is that you have to curb your greed! If you have your mother ten One part of the wisdom will not be reduced to this!"

Zhou Guangsheng was said to have no place to show himself, but he dared not refute it.

"Thank you, Mr. Wang, for your help." Liu sighed, "Guang Sheng's father left early. Over the years, I have been reminding him to stay away from the Zhou family's property and disputes, otherwise his second uncle will probably attack him. Victory, you go out first and guard at the door. Others are coming in."

"Oh, good." Zhou Guangsheng replied suspiciously, then walked out of the room and closed the door.

The Liu family looked directly at Wang Ye, "Mr. Wang gave his full assistance, and the old man is grateful. I have also heard that Mr. Wang came for the bloody jade pendant. The old man knows a thing or two and can tell Mr. Wang."

Liu's is a very savvy person. She knows that there is no free lunch in the world, and the other party will spare no effort to help. There must be a plan. If so, why not make it in advance.

"When Guangsheng's father was still alive, the old man had the chance to witness the blazing blood jade pendant once. It was indeed a magical jade pendant, the size of a palm, the whole body was blood-red, and there seemed to be a layer of mist haunting it. Just take a look, as for where the old man in the bloody jade pendant is hiding, only he knows the entire Zhou family."

Wang Ye stood up and respectfully bowed to the Liu family.

"Auntie can tell this, the younger generation is already grateful, you can rest assured, Wang Ye will definitely take care of Zhou's safety and future prospects."

"So, thank you, Mr. Wang, thank you." Liu hurriedly got up and replied with a salute.

Wang Ye smiled and nodded, pulling on his cloak, and after putting it on his body, his figure disappeared suddenly.

Liu was really taken aback, but secretly thanked that her choice was correct.

If not, I am afraid that Zhou Guangsheng will become a victim in this conflict of interests.

Quietly returning to the villa, everything is under Wang Ye's control. The remaining few days are waiting for the auction to begin. A carefully planned conspiracy has already begun.