The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 154 Jade Ding Building

In recent days, I was bored and bored in the villa. Wang Ye has learned a lot from Cai Ying.

There is also a new understanding of ancient martial arts. The so-called ancient martial arts are actually traditional martial arts, plus the correct practice method.

Although there is not the power of calling the wind to call the rain and swallowing the mountains and rivers in the novel, he is also an eye-opener with the power of Guwu master.

It is said that even a look in a tough person can make a person's heart broken.

"Master, when will I be able to practice as good as you."

Looking at Wang Ye, who was still at the foundation stage of Zama Bulian, Cai Zhen couldn't help but sneer at his question.

"I have been practicing martial arts since I was a child, and I have been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years now. Guwu has never reached a peak! But your physical fitness is so fast that you should be able to catch up with me in three to five years."

"Three to five years." Wang Ye curled his lips. He couldn't wait for three to five years, it was too long.

"If you want to die, you won't be in a hurry!" Cai Ying waved his hand, "Come here today, and get up early tomorrow to participate in the auction!"

"Yeah." Wang Ye nodded, leaped and threw himself directly on the bed.

Seeing him as a young child, Cai Ying smiled knowingly and turned and walked out of the room.

Lying on the bed, unable to sleep, Wang Ye called out his cell phone. It was past early morning.

Habitually, he chose to check in.

[Congratulations to the host for the successful check-in and check-in, and the system reward: Yuding Building!

"Hi... Yuding Building!"

Wang Ye's eyes lit up and took a breath.

Yuding Building is one of the iconic buildings of the Magic City, with a total of 100 floors, and is the commercial core of the Magic City.

"Just this Yuding Building is worth tens of billions!" Wang Ye sighed in astonishment. This auction was held in Yuding Building.

And he also discovered that some rules of the check-in system, especially when the system rewards real estate or corporate assets, will reward items in the area based on his geographic environment.

Just like this Yuding Mansion, he is in the magic capital, and only when he signs up will he be rewarded for his property in the magic capital.

Looking at the black and thick mobile phone, Wang Ye faintly felt that this mobile phone seemed to know everything about the outside world. Sometimes he even wondered whether there was any artificial intelligence in the phone, when he needed something most. , The system will be rewarded according to his needs.

But for a while, he couldn't be sure of his guess, and Wang Ye was already used to the rewards of the system. He put away the phone and no longer thought about it, he just fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Bai Lingran went to the villa, and the three of them headed towards Yuding Building.

In the city center of the Magic City, a building with more than 100 floors is located here. From a distance, it looks like a treasure ding is located here, hence the name Yuding Building.

"Brother Wang, the auction will be held on the 98th floor."

At the elevator entrance, Bai Lingran made a please gesture.

Wang Ye walked into the elevator, but pressed the twenty-third floor.

"Brother Wang, that is the public area of ​​Yuding Building!" Bai Lingran asked in confusion.

"Well, I know, you go up first, and I'll be there later." Wang Ye said, and after the elevator stopped, he went down.

This is the office area of ​​Yuding Building. A staff member walked over and asked politely: "Mr. Who are you looking for?"

"Is the person in charge here? I have something to do with him?"

"You are looking for Mr. Liu, right?" The person said politely: "Mr. Liu is here, but he will be hosting an auction later, so it might be inconvenient. I don't know if you are looking for her."

"It's okay, it's just to get familiar with it first... I'll manage my work later."

The words in front of Wang Ye made the staff member shook his head with a smile, but his face changed when he heard the back.

Good management job?

Does that mean that the young man in front of him is their boss?!

"Xiao Wang, help me get the information about this auction." At this moment, a woman walked not far away.

Wang Ye looked up and saw that the woman was tall, with a head of nearly 1.9 meters, long wavy hair in a shawl, and was very delicately managed. This woman seemed to give a strong sense of professionalism.

"This is Mr. Liu." The clerk murmured, and then walked quickly, "Mr. Liu, this gentleman is looking for you."

Looking at Liu Ruyan's beautiful eyes, he nodded and smiled at Wang Ye, "Sir, are you looking for me? I don't know what I can help you."

Her attitude was very polite, and Wang Ye was also more easy-going.

Take out a copy of the information from the bag and hand it to Liu Ruyan, saying: "If you have any questions about work in the future, you can call me with my business card on it."

"Wang Ye...You are the new chairman, Wang Ye?"

Looking through the information, Liu Ruyan looked at Wang Ye in surprise. The man in front of him was only in his twenties, so he was so arrogant, he was so inhumane!

Yuding Building is one of the iconic buildings of the Magic City. The entire building cost tens of billions. As the general manager of the building, she received the notice early this morning that the building was acquired by Wang Ye.

She never expected that the other party was so young and handsome.

"Wang Dong, please follow me to the office so I can report to you." Liu Ruyan said after a long pause.

"No, just do what you did before and what you will do in the future. You should be busy for now." Wang Ye finished speaking and turned around to leave. "Right, I heard that you are here to host this auction?"

"Yes." Liu Ruyan was a little embarrassed, "My amateur career is an auctioneer. It happened that this auction was held in Yuding Building, so the auction chose to invite me to auction."

Wang Ye smiled and nodded, "See you at the auction later."

"Wang Dong, you also want to participate in the auction?"

Wang Ye nodded, "After the auction, there will be a signing ceremony, you know?"

"I know, it's about the signing of the monopoly of nine plots of land."

"Okay! To help you in this auction, everything goes smoothly." Wang Ye said, turning around and walking to the elevator.

Looking at his back, Liu Ruyan was amazed.

It's so rare to be so young, so rich, and so easy-going!

The elevator stopped on the ninety-eighth floor, and Wang Ye walked out slowly. A loud noise made his brows frowned.

"Isn't it an auction! Why, did I go to the wrong place?"

He turned his head and looked at it. It was indeed the ninety-eighth floor, but it looked like an auction scene, more like a high-end club with rich people.

Many people are wearing dresses, and there are bunny girls carrying wine trays. These people are the bosses of the magic city business community, listening to music, tasting wine, and negotiating with each other.

After talking and laughing, hundreds of millions of big business have been finalized.

"Brother Wang, you are here." Bai Lingran and Cai Yingxin walked over from the crowd.

"It's interesting, this auction is unique!" Wang Ye smiled faintly.

"The creativity is really good." Bai Lingran nodded: "I heard that it was proposed by an amateur auctioneer. However, this kind of auction situation can indeed attract more buyers, but it is a pity that this time I am afraid it is only us. Bidding with Zhou's family."

"Look, Shangwu had already come that week." Bai Lingran pointed to the crowd.

At a glance, Zhou Shangwu took four people, talking and laughing with his bosses.

"Let's say hello?" Wang Ye smiled teasingly. Seeing Bai Lingran nodded with a smile, the three walked towards Zhou Shangwu.