"The Zhou Group is mighty!"

"It deserves to be the old Zhou family, with such a rich background, it is jaw-dropping!"

"This Wang Ye should get out of the magic capital!"

After a long period of dead silence, there were loud discussions.

Everyone gloated at Wang Ye and looked at him in despair.

"Impossible!" Wang Ye suddenly stood up and shouted: "I have calculated it, it is impossible for your Zhou family to spend so much money!"

"Hahaha, how can you count the details of the Zhou family!"

Zhou Shangwu laughed, Huo Ran took out a real estate certificate from his bag and threw it on the table.

"This is the property of my Zhou family's old house, plus the cash in my hand, enough to pay!" He said, looking up at Liu Ruyan on the auction stage, and shouting: "What are you waiting for?"


With the hammer down, the last piece of land was sold to the Zhou Group at an astonishing price of 30 billion yuan.

With the property of Zhou's old house and the remaining assets, the property went to the auction table to complete the transaction.

Holding the Jiufen land deed, Zhou Shangwu finally breathed a sigh of relief, and he walked towards Wang Ye with a sneer on his face.

"Didn't you say that you want to take down these nine pieces of land? Now! Not a single piece of hair is taken, you still have the face to sit here? Get out of the magic city, and go back to Luochuan!"

"To tell you the truth! For these nine pieces of land, my Zhou family has long since found a buyer. Although the loss of this time is four hundred and three hundred million yuan, for my Zhou family, it can make you Wang Ye unable to raise your head. This little money does not count. what!"

He kept sarcasm, Wang Ye just closed his eyes slightly and leaned on the back of his chair.

In the eyes of others, he was almost desperate, but Wang Ye was really relieved.

When he yelled out two hundred and fifty hundred million, he was actually very guilty. If Zhou Shangwu did not bid, he would do all this with great effort, it would be meaningless!

But who would have thought that Zhou Shangwu and Zhou's family hated him Wang Ye so much that they would not hesitate to use Zhou's old house as a mortgage.

"Everyone, the auction is over! Next is the signing ceremony between Zhou Group and nine real estate developers."

Zhou Shangwu laughed loudly when he heard the words, turned and walked onto the high platform, and completed the land lease with the nine previously agreed upon.

Everyone looked at Wang Ye who closed his eyes, thinking that this expensive auction would be over.

Zhou Shangwu strode again, "Wang Ye, you are still too young! I don’t know the importance of the region! The Magic City is the commercial hub of the entire China. From now on, your Amano Group will have no chance to enter the Magic City. , How can anyone here dare to cooperate with you!"

After he finished speaking, he looked around, a group of business giants all dodged their eyes.

The Zhou family would rather lose four hundred and three hundred million, and have to expel Wang Ye. Who would dare to be the first bird and cooperate with the Amano Group, wouldn't it be setting fire to self-immolation.

Even these people are already looking at Bai Lingran with pity.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……"

Suddenly, Wang Ye opened his eyes and laughed.

"Laugh, you really should laugh, laugh at how stupid you are! If I were you, I would have jumped from here a long time ago, and there is no face to live!" Zhou Shangwu said sarcastically.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ruyan quickly walked off the auction stage.

At the auction, there are not a few people who are driven to death. As an auctioneer, she can understand the feelings of the losers at the moment.

"Wang Dong, loss is not necessarily a bad thing. You have to bear this..."

"What are you?" Zhou Shangwu grabbed Liu Ruyan's arm, pushed her aside, and scolded: "There's nothing about you here, get out!"

"Why is there nothing to do with me! Wang Dong is my immediate boss, and as a subordinate at this time, I have an obligation to relieve his worries." Liu Ruyan said neither humble nor arrogant.


Everyone was stunned when they heard that, many people knew that Liu Ruyan, she worked for Yuding Mansion, why Wang Ye became her immediate boss.

Could it be...

Suddenly, a terrible thought appeared in everyone's minds.

But in this scene, even Bai Lingran and Cai Yingxin were surprised. When did Yuding Building become Wang Ye's?

"Hey, Liu Ruyan, there is a clear distinction between public and private! Now, you are the host, not an employee of my Yuding Building." Wang Ye suddenly said cunningly.

Everyone was stunned, Zhou Shangwu's cheeks began to twist.

Wang Ye's words have already reached this point. If you can't hear it, you are a fool. The Yuding Building belongs to Wang Ye!

That being the case, he owns the iconic building of the magic city, why should he participate in the auction of these nine plots of land?

Wang Ye beckoned, Liu Ruyan walked quickly, "The third signing ceremony, your staff, should I tell you?"

"Temporary notice." Liu Ruyan nodded.

"Then start."

Under Wang Ye's orders, Liu Ruyan walked up to the high platform and opened the documents in front of him.

Everyone present was confused by Wang Ye and looked up at the high platform.

"Sorry, everyone, the auctioneer temporarily added an abnormal transfer ceremony. Nine entrepreneurs from Shicai, and Wang Ye, chairman of the Amano Group, are on stage!"

Wang Ye?!

Everyone faintly felt an ominous feeling. As for Zhou Shangwu's body, it was already trembling.

Soon, the previous nine people came on stage again, and after signing the contract in front of them, they handed over all the nine land deeds in their hands and the deeds of the Zhou family's old house to Wang Ye.

Wang Ye stood on the stage, staring at Zhou Shangwu with a smile, "Thank you for the Zhou family's support, I have made money from it without any effort, so I can make a profit of three hundred and three billion yuan. Tsk tsk, I am really sorry!"

"How is this going?"

"Why is Wang Ye the one who made profit in the end?"

A group of entrepreneurs were all confused.

Bai Lingran stood up and said with a smile: "You don't know, these nine pieces of land belonged to Wang Dong of the Amano Group before the auction! This auction is the title deed under his name. ! And these nine are Wang Dong’s partners."


After a brief silence, there was a deafening noise.

It turned out that this auction was written and directed by Wang Ye, with a pair of eyes looking at Zhou Shangwu pityingly.

He spent huge sums of money, tens of billions of huge sums of money to bid with Wang Ye, and the auction succeeded. It turned out to be Wang Ye's land deed, but when he sold it, the person who sold it was also Wang Ye's person.

Having said that, the nine plots of land turned around, and finally fell into Wang Ye's hands. Not only that, the price soared more than ten times.

"Gosh, I'm afraid the Zhou family is going crazy!"

Everyone looked at Zhou Shangwu with pity.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, "Zhou Shangwu, who is hitting whose face now? I said earlier that Wang Ye will take all the nine plots of land!"

Raising the land deed in his hand, Wang Ye asked, "Have I ever broke my promise?"

"You, how dare you yin me, you..."


Zhou Shangwu's face flushed with anger, a mouthful of old blood spurted out, and his whole body was wobbly. He suddenly fell on his back and fainted with black eyes.

In an auction, the Zhou family got nothing, instead they lost four hundred and three hundred million. Not only that, the Zhou family lost face, and even the Zhou family's old house fell into Wang Ye's hands.

A pair of hot eyes moved away from the fainted Zhou Shangwu and began to fall on Wang Ye.